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Paw Power

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 31 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 4.2
  • 4,964 Total Downloads
  • Updated 06/28/2011
  • Created 08/08/2009
  • 9 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: v2.06

About Paw Power

Provides a graphical interface to managing combat resses between multiple druids in a res.

A list of all druids show up and their combat res timers. The raid leader can then click or drag to indicate which druid should res which target.

A "next available druid" mode also works to quickly indicate res without doing a special assignment.

Updated for 4.2

Added binding to hide, show or toggle the window

Updated for 4.1
DK's and warlocks are now tracked (although some UI issues arround innervates)
Comms works now (but may need later testing)

Updated for 4.1
Added in DK's and Warlocks
Added tracking for DK's (untested)
Warlock tracking still pending
Updated to reflect new comm API (pending testing)

Changed bres back to 10 minutes

Compatible with 4.0.1
Changed bres timer to 30 minutes

Added mouseover tooltip information for res times and last actions
The messages sent to raid, druids and dead folk are now configurable
Output of announcements (deaths, resses and innervates) are now toggleable
Should cut down some errors when not in a raid group

Added a text display for the amount of time remaining on the bres cooldown

Changed bres cooldown to 10 minutes

Cleaned up TOC and .pkgmeta. No user-noticeable changes

Added a res arrow to point the druid in the right direction

Changed default options to be friendlier
Fixed another bug with cooldown information being preserved across UI reloads if a user rebooted.

Fixed a bug where cooldown information was being preserved across UI reloads

Fixed a bug where it would spam "can now innervate" or the innervate bar would flicker red.  

Fixed a bug with a nil table argument causing lua errors in some corner cases

Release version. No major bugs/stability issues remaining

Upcoming features:
  - customize messages/output options
  - change textures/colors
  - allow targeting from the frames
  - keybinds since clickers are bad
  - frame reuse to optimize memory/gc

Cooldown information is now preserved between sessions.

Order of druids is now preserved between sessions

Minor changes to wording of announcements

Fixed bug where reses weren't detecting the target of the res


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  • #32
    Updated for 4.1 to track DK's and locks as well.

    And finally added an option to allow you to hide the window. Look in your key bindings
  • #30
    Another request for you. Any possibility for making it so anyone with Assist in the raid can use it to assign BRs also? Maybe a way to assign innervates as well like a hold the left click and drag to a person for a BR, hold and drag the right to assign an innervate? Just a few things I've been thinking of for you. Thanks again for the addon though! Love it!
  • #31
    Anyone with assist should be able to assign BR's and change the ordering of the druids. If that isn't working let me know and I'll fix it.

    I've been thinking of setting up a way to assign innervates just wasn't sure if there was enough demand. Shouldn't be too hard to do that (right-click = innervate, left = res).
  • #23
    any update on the functionality of being able to click the dead people that pop up on the list and have rebirth start casting on them if you are in range? (with the possibility of a rangefinder function?)
  • #25
    As an update from some brief testing. I'm pretty sure what you want is possible. (the rangefinder probably is though). Apart from having all the raid members always visible like grid or similar I don't think I can dynamically set a person to res in combat.
  • #26
    why not just a list that populates with people as they die?
  • #27
    I will look into it more but I know the order of the list can't be changed in combat.

    I'm pretty sure the visibility of the list can't be changed either.

  • #28
    just wondering how the opacity setting can be changed in combat then for out of range indicators then.
  • #29
    (this is my supposition - I'm not an expert on secure frames):

    I believe that the opacity is part of a separate frame object that just happens to take the same place as the actual clickable frame. I should be able to make flames that have opacity or some text change. But fully hidden/visible or their position changing I'm not sure about.
  • #24
    It's the next thing I want to add. Just haven't had time to start on it.. Too many alts and icc has enough content to take up time now.
  • #22
    Another request, any chance of having it explicitly announce people who CR without being assigned to do so, or announcing to custom channels?
  • #17
    v1.08 adds some configurability

    - messages are now configurable
    - mouse over tooltip for druids now display detailed information on res state
    - hovering over the boxes in the PawPower frame now show a tooltip for that unit. Not clickable yet, but that will likely come soon.
    - local messages for deaths, resses and innervates are now toggleable
  • #16
    Sorry bout the slow responses.

    Amurayi - it might be a localization issue. I've been (bad/lazy/sloppy) and use English locales so might not be realizing that a player is a druid. It also only shows druids in groups 1-2 (if set to 10-man) or 1-5 (for 25-man).

    Exefactor - i've been meaning to make the messages configurable. I'll do that shortly.

    Leandriell - you can reassign a res once its been done. Either drag the new druid over the target or double-clicking the dead body should assign a new druid to that person. It also will timeout after 1 minute if the meter-whoring (err. distracted?) druid doesn't respond.
  • #15
    This addon doesn't seem to work for me. I'm the raidleader tho not a druid. The left window always stays blank for me. I dont see a single druid of our raids in there. I do however see the minibuttons of dead players on the right.

    This seems to be a very nice tool for raidleaders so I want it to work. ^^
    Any suggestions?
  • #14
    Great addon, but I'd like it to be a little more customizable. Maybe changing the messages that both people recieve and changing the RW, or easier ways to scale and move both sides (Druid and dead people columns. Thanks for the addon!
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