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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.0.2
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  • Updated 10/18/2014
  • Created 01/14/2008
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0
  • Newest File: 1.9.2
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About Pawn

Pawn calculates scores for items to help you easily find upgrades for your gear. It's completely customizable, and applicable to any class and situation: for example, it can help you decide whether to equip the ring with a higher item level but one stat you don't want (say, strength for shamans), or the ring with the lower item level but all good stats. It's that level of customization that makes it very different from more general mods like GearScore and more specialized mods like TankPoints.

Pawn can be used by new players right off the bat without needing to change any options, or by advanced players who plan out their gear upgrades, build Excel spreadsheets, install Rawr, and read Elitist Jerks.

Language support

Pawn works with English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, and Simplified Chinese, and includes an untested translation into Traditional Chinese. Unlike most addons, it's NOT possible to use the English version on a language that it doesn't support. (If you're interested in helping translate Pawn into other languages, let me know!)

Staying in touch

Become a fan of Vger on Facebook and get updates of new versions and stuff like that. You can also leave questions or comments there if you don't have an account on this site.

Prerelease alpha versions of Pawn are occasionally available on CurseForge.

Getting started

Pawn will automatically set itself up to work with your characters, but there's a lot that you can do to customize it. See the readme file included with Pawn for more information on getting the most out of Pawn.

Version 1.9.2

    Continued changes to the starter scales and translations.

Version 1.9.1

    Bonus armor is now listed as a separate stat from base armor and can be given a value independently.
    Significantly increased the value of armor and bonus armor in the tank starter scales.
    Fixed a harmless error where a message about #(Item1.UnknownLines could appear in the chat log when using the Compare tab.
    Fixed a harmless error where a message about being unable to parse the item link could appear in the chat log when hovering over a caged battle pet.

Version 1.9

    Updated for WoW 6.0 and Warlords of Draenor.  Many features have changed in some way as a result of item changes in patch 6.0.
    I updated the visuals for the Pawn UI to be a little more warlordy.
    A new set of starter scales have been added for all classes and specs.  You can use these scales as you would the old Wowhead scales, and you can also customize them to your heart's content.
    The Wowhead scales have been disabled since they haven't been updated for patch 6.0 and would do more harm than good.
    The values of Pawn's default scale have changed to be a more appropriate starting point for WoW 6.0.
    New stats are recognized and can be assigned values on the Values tab: Bonus Armor, Multistrike, Versatility, Movement Speed, Leech, Avoidance, Indestructible.
    Obsolete stats (hit, etc.) are removed from your scales upon logging in, and have been removed from the UI.
    All of the new Taladite gems in Warlords of Draenor are now in Pawn's database.
    The changes to stats on pre-Draenor gems in Pawn's database have been taken into account for purposes of gem recommendations.  (I anticipate that I'll need to do another update of gem stats before the expansion hits.)
    A new option has been added, on by default: "Ignore sockets on low-level items."  When this option is enabled, Pawn will ignore sockets when calculating values of low-level items (currently, any item below level 463), so they won't have inflated values when Pawn determines upgrades.
    Pawn's calculations for item values no longer take reforging potential into account since that feature is gone from the game.
    All code for Pawn's Reforge Advisor feature has been removed.
    Changed the way that information about your best items for purposes of determining upgrades is stored and processed.  (I now use item links instead of item IDs, since in Warlords of Draenor, a mythic version of one item and the raid finder version of the same item might have the same ID but a different bonus suffix.)


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  • #2351

    Very new to Pawn here, so sorry if this is obvious.

    1) Why is there no tooltip info on blue items, only on epics? I got some nice blue items from the Blasted Lands questline, but Pawn didn't show the comparison tooltip for the equipped items (the blues were actually better). Haven't seen any problems with epics though.

    2) How do you change the gems Pawn is using for comparison? RIght now it is using the WoD ones, but I really want it to use the current gems instead until WoD is released.

  • #2352

    Hi!  Pawn definitely supports all rarities of items, not just epics.  I got Pawn annotations on my tooltips for those Blasted Lands blues, as well as the blues in UBRS, and also saw them on roll windows too, so they should be working.  Can you explain what you mean about the "comparison tooltip"?  Pawn adds new information to the bottom of tooltips but doesn't add any new tooltips; maybe you're thinking of a different addon for that feature.

    When calculating values for items, Pawn actually won't use those WoD gems on items below level 600; it'll use MoP blues.  You can see suggestions for lower-level gems by typing an item level (599 is fine) into the Gems window.  If you're socketing an item, there's a little Pawn button in the upper-right corner of the socketing window that opens the Gems window and copies that item's level over so that you can see the specific gem suggestions for the item you're socketing.  When you do that for anything in MoP except for the legendary cloaks, you should see MoP gems suggested.

  • #2360

    You can use it in the way that you want; you just need to adopt my weird definition of "best."  :)  The advantage of the way that Pawn works today is that if you have multiple equipment sets, one with healing gear and one with DPS gear, for example, then Pawn will track the best items for each set individually, and show you items that are an upgrade to either.  When determining upgrades, Pawn checks your equipment sets plus your currently equipped items, and also a one recently-equipped item for each slot.

    At one point I was considering having "X% upgrade" be "X% upgrade from current best" or "X% upgrade from Wrathful Gladiator's War Axe" or so on, but I didn't like how wordy that looked.  Do you think that would have been easier to understand?

  • #2359


    Okay, I sort of understand how Pawn works now. To be honest, as a new user it is pretty confusing.

    I understand that many probably want it the way it is now. What I was looking for was something that simply just showed me if an item in my bags was an upgrade to my current equipped item or not. Like a green arrow with "+% upgrade" if it was better (like now) and then maybe a red arrow with "-% downgrade" if the item was a downgrade.

    Personally I would prefer the simple tooltip as described above instead of a tooltip that changes depending on whether the item has been equipped before or not. Maybe it's just me, but I just want to see if an item in my bags is an upgrade or not, like I could in the now dead RatingBuster addon :)

    All that being said, Pawn looks like an awesome addon with the built in support for all specs :)

  • #2357

    I'm sorry for the confusion; it sounds like Pawn is actually behaving the way that it's supposed to, though I definitely see why it might seem broken.  The one marked "best" is your old best-in-slot.  The one marked with an upgrade percentage is an item that you don't have yet (or haven't equipped yet) that's better than your current best.  After you equip it, it becomes your best, so it's marked that way, and the other one is a downgrade so it's not interesting anymore.

    I think that the main confusion is that Pawn didn't immediately pick up the new item as your "best" when you looted it.  I've shied away from that (1) for speed, so it doesn't have to constantly scan your bags, and (2) for cases where loot is traded during raids, and you might get an "upgrade" and then trade it away a moment later.  But it's a good argument on why Pawn maybe should change.

  • #2356


    I know that ilvl isn't everything. The point is that the Pawn tooltip on the same item keeps changing from best to not best to no info at all, when I move the item from bags to equipped and back.

    Last edited by painstorm on 10/19/2014 12:47:24 PM
  • #2355


    Item level isn't everything, man. Sometimes, that 502 is better.

    Depending on what you have in your socket, and if Pawn is taking Versatility in to account yet - the 502 is better.

  • #2353

    What I mean by the comparison tooltip is that I see some weirdness with the tooltip. Example:

    My hunter got the 515 blue Wildfire Windcloak equipped and the old 502 epic Pinionfeather Greatclok in his bags. On the 515 item the tooltip says "your best" and on the 502 item the tooltip says "+4% upgrade", so which one is actually better.

    If I then switch the cloaks, the equipped 502 cloak now shows "your best" in the tooltip and the 515 cloak in the bag shows no Pawn tooltip info at all.

    Switching the once again to the original setup (515 equipped and 502 in bag) does not bring back the original tooltips. The 515 still shows nothing and 502 shows "your best".

    Last edited by painstorm on 10/19/2014 10:02:38 AM
  • #2345

    Firstly, thanks for your work on this addon, been using it for years.

    So prior to 1.9.1 (and game patch 6.0.2) the behavior of Pawn for comparing items was to use the baseline item stats, without upgrades; this was useful in comparing un-upgraded drops with equipped, upgraded items.

    The current behavior compares the current value of items, including upgrades, making it more difficult to determine if an item is an upgrade when comparing non-upgraded vs. upgraded items. 

    In particular I use the default bracket keys to compare items and check stats.

    I tried the 'show baseline and current' values option but I still only see the one comparison, whether in tooltips or not. 

    Am I doing something wrong?  Or can we get another option for comparing items to make gauging drops a little easier?

  • #2346

    Hi!  The only thing that should have changed about Pawn's comparison for items is the upgrade level; it still ignores gems and enchantments.  I changed that because in Warlords of Draenor content, unlike in Mists of Pandaria content, you'll find pre-upgraded items in dungeons and raids, and it uses the same system as is used for spending charms to upgrade Mists items today.  Unfortunately that does mean that during these last few weeks of Mists content, it is a little harder to check upgrades for items.versus the ones that you've upgraded already.  I figured that was fine since it was just for a few weeks, and probably a lot of people won't even bother upgrading items that they get at this point at all.

    Sorry for the trouble!  I hope that explains things.

  • #2349

    Thanks for taking the time to explain.  It doesn't compare gems, it just uses the upgraded stats of an item for comparison if you use the ethereal '50 lesser charms' per upgrade level guy. 

    At least it is cheap to upgrade an item and then compare.  With reforging gone getting different items with different stats is our only way of changing our character's stats, outside of gems.

    I'm looking forward to WoD and glad you have your addon up for the future item levels and options.  Thanks!

  • #2343

    Is it possible to make Pawn show the +/- of each individual stat (like when you press Shift over a new item) or can Pawn only show the calculated scale percentage at the bottom?

    Was looking for something similar to the old RatingBuster.

  • #2347

    Pawn's Compare window might be what you're looking for.  By default it's the right bracket ] key, or you can open Pawn's UI directly and drag and drop an item into the empty slot in the upper-right, or you can right-click on an item that you're rolling for in a raid.  That'll show you a stat breakdown versus an item of your choice (by default, your current item in that slot).

  • #2350

    Thanks, but I was just looking for a quick tooltip info when something drops. The compare window is very nice, just a bit more cumbersome to use.

  • #2340

    Hi, think I've found a bug. When I click on a quest item button in the quest tracker, I get an error: "Pawn has been blocked from an action only available to the Blizzard UI. You can disable this addon and reload the UI."

    Right-clicking the quest items in inventory doesn't cause an error, just clicking on them in the quest tracker frame.

    I don't have any quest tracking addons installed, this is the default UI. With Pawn disabled, clicking quest item buttons works fine.

    Last edited by Ziana on 10/16/2014 9:41:58 AM
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