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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.0.3
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  • Updated 10/29/2014
  • Created 01/14/2008
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0
  • Newest File: 1.9.3
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About Pawn

Pawn calculates scores for items to help you easily find upgrades for your gear. It's completely customizable, and applicable to any class and situation: for example, it can help you decide whether to equip the ring with a higher item level but one stat you don't want (say, strength for shamans), or the ring with the lower item level but all good stats. It's that level of customization that makes it very different from more general mods like GearScore and more specialized mods like TankPoints.

Pawn can be used by new players right off the bat without needing to change any options, or by advanced players who plan out their gear upgrades, build Excel spreadsheets, install Rawr, and read Elitist Jerks.

Language support

Pawn works with English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, and Simplified Chinese, and includes an untested translation into Traditional Chinese. Unlike most addons, it's NOT possible to use the English version on a language that it doesn't support. (If you're interested in helping translate Pawn into other languages, let me know!)

Staying in touch

Become a fan of Vger on Facebook and get updates of new versions and stuff like that. You can also leave questions or comments there if you don't have an account on this site.

Prerelease alpha versions of Pawn are occasionally available on CurseForge.

Getting started

Pawn will automatically set itself up to work with your characters, but there's a lot that you can do to customize it. See the readme file included with Pawn for more information on getting the most out of Pawn.

Version 1.9.3

    Changed the way that Pawn uses item tooltips, in the hopes that it will prevent issues where the game blocks certain buttons and actions due to "taint."
    Fixed a bug where a few settings wouldn't be saved when logging out, including Pawn's list of your best items used for determining upgrades.
    Included new French translations.

Version 1.9.2

    Continued changes to the starter scales and translations.

Version 1.9.1

    Bonus armor is now listed as a separate stat from base armor and can be given a value independently.
    Significantly increased the value of armor and bonus armor in the tank starter scales.
    Fixed a harmless error where a message about #(Item1.UnknownLines could appear in the chat log when using the Compare tab.
    Fixed a harmless error where a message about being unable to parse the item link could appear in the chat log when hovering over a caged battle pet.

Version 1.9

    Updated for WoW 6.0 and Warlords of Draenor.  Many features have changed in some way as a result of item changes in patch 6.0.
    I updated the visuals for the Pawn UI to be a little more warlordy.
    A new set of starter scales have been added for all classes and specs.  You can use these scales as you would the old Wowhead scales, and you can also customize them to your heart's content.
    The Wowhead scales have been disabled since they haven't been updated for patch 6.0 and would do more harm than good.
    The values of Pawn's default scale have changed to be a more appropriate starting point for WoW 6.0.
    New stats are recognized and can be assigned values on the Values tab: Bonus Armor, Multistrike, Versatility, Movement Speed, Leech, Avoidance, Indestructible.
    Obsolete stats (hit, etc.) are removed from your scales upon logging in, and have been removed from the UI.
    All of the new Taladite gems in Warlords of Draenor are now in Pawn's database.
    The changes to stats on pre-Draenor gems in Pawn's database have been taken into account for purposes of gem recommendations.  (I anticipate that I'll need to do another update of gem stats before the expansion hits.)
    A new option has been added, on by default: "Ignore sockets on low-level items."  When this option is enabled, Pawn will ignore sockets when calculating values of low-level items (currently, any item below level 463), so they won't have inflated values when Pawn determines upgrades.
    Pawn's calculations for item values no longer take reforging potential into account since that feature is gone from the game.
    All code for Pawn's Reforge Advisor feature has been removed.
    Changed the way that information about your best items for purposes of determining upgrades is stored and processed.  (I now use item links instead of item IDs, since in Warlords of Draenor, a mythic version of one item and the raid finder version of the same item might have the same ID but a different bonus suffix.)


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  • #807
    I can't even get it started lol, can anyone explain where to get it started at? I mean I downloaded it but cant activate it.
  • #809
    Once Pawn is installed (you install it like other WoW mods; using something like the Curse Client can make this easier), it'll go to work right away by putting an extra Pawn number at the bottom of your tooltips. You can see the Pawn UI by opening up your character sheet and clicking the Pawn button in the lower-right of that window. From there, you can customize the numbers that Pawn uses to calculate values for your items, compare items, and so on. You'll want to customize those numbers at some point, because they're uselessly general to start. Find a good set of stat weights for your class and spec, and plug those into Pawn to get going. The Readme file that comes with Pawn explains in more detail how to use it.
  • #806
    I'm wondering if there would be a chance to add the ability to compare items that are currently not in your inventory or quest frame. Speaking from AtlasLoot, I would like to be able to compare items that drop off various bosses but drag and drop is not supported in AL. Perhaps adding the ability to enter custom item IDs or names would be possible?

  • #808
    You have several options. Anytime you have a linked loot window open (as in you clicked a link and now have a window with an X button), you can right-click it to stick it in the Pawn Compare window. More importantly, you can set up keybinds so that anytime you hover over an item anywhere (including AtlasLoot) that gives you an item tooltip, you can compare it in Pawn. By default, these are the square bracket keys ] and [, but you can customize them in the normal Key Bindings interface. You can really quickly hover over one item, press the left bracket, and then another item, and press the right bracket, and Pawn will let you instantly compare the two.
  • #804
    This is a great addon, thanks for what must have been alot of hard work! I am wondering if there is a way to remove Item Level as a value when using the Compare feature. I find that even when I'm absolutely sure I've selected my weight scale (using the drop down menu), the Item Level still appears, which throws everything off. I honestly don't care, basically, if the gear is Item Level 30, as long as it has higher spellpower, haste, etc then whatever I'm comparing it to. I read the Readme File but didn't find an answer. Thanks in advance!
  • #805
    In Pawn 1.3, the item level will only appear on the Compare tab if you've also got it enabled for item tooltips. (That's been the intent all along, actually, but I had a typo.) Just so it's clear, though, the item level is ignored during the actual Pawn item value calculations; it's not HURTING anything being there, other than being annoying clutter if it's not information you care about.
  • #802
    Any chance of updating TOC for WoW Patch 3.3? It is still considered 'Out of Date'
  • #803
    It works fine with the checkbox checked.
  • #799
    Hey can some one tell me where to enter haste for a shadow priest. buggered if i can find it
  • #801
    If you're a Shadowpriest and don't know about, you should reroll. Otherwise, do a Google search for "simulationcraft" and you could use the numbers from the SampleOutput. Better yet, download Simulationcraft and import your own character to find the more exact values for yourself.
  • #800
    Haste is "Haste rating" under the "Hybrid ratings" category... but if you're looking for good numbers to use, I'm afraid I can't help ya there.
  • #795
    Appears to be broken after patch. No values show up, buttons does not show up on character box. When I debug to chat, I get lines of:
    (*) Didn't understand "etc" for every line of stats.
  • #796
    It's definitely not related to the patch, unless perhaps you're using a particularly ancient version or a non-English version of WoW. What happens when you run Pawn without any other addons enabled?
  • #797
    Must have been something corrupted in the wtf file, I deleted it and all is working fine now :) Thanks for the thought. I should have tried that first.
  • #798
    No problem; glad you got things working. Let me know if you run into any issues down the line.
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