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Perl Classic Unit Frames

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 1,318 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 535,097 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/22/2014
  • Created 09/25/2005
  • 3,866 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: 6.02
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About Perl Classic Unit Frames

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What is Perl Classic?
Perl Classic Unit Frames are a complete rewrite of the original mods by Perl. They replace the default Player, Pet, Target, Target of Target, Party, and Party Pet frames and add dedicated frames for many other units (Focus, Focus Target, Party Target, Target of Target of Target). It has been a high priority to maintain the look and feel or the original Perl mods while expanding functionality. The mod has been recoded for performance and is built around the Blizzard UI usage of events.

Slash Commands

Known Issues

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Q: I'm seeing double party buffs for some reason, what gives?
A: 99% of the time this is caused by CT_PartyBuffs. Simply remove the mod and you will return to having one set of party buffs.

Q: I am having massive dead spots for clicking on some of the unit frames, what's wrong?
A: This can be caused by a number of mods, but the most common seems to be CT_MovableParty. Please remove this mod as Perl can be moved without the use of this mod.

Q: The default party frames are showing up with red lightning bolts. What's going on?
A: As of version 1.503 of CT_RaidAssist this should no longer be caused by CTRA. The settings for this are now located in the WoW settings under Interface Options -> Basic -> Raid -> Hide Party Interface.

Q: Do you support ArcaneBar?
A: Yes, it is included in your download of Perl Classic.

Q: Will you be bringing back support for Perl_PlayerBuff?
A: No, there are far better mods for both features and performance.

Q: Where are the raid frames?
A: As of 2.0 I no longer code raid frames for Perl Classic. Luckily, X-Perl's raid frames work great alongside Perl Classic. X-Perl's raid frames (and the unit frames themselves) can be found here:

Q: The scaling is all messed up! What do i do?
A: I recommend setting the scale to that of the UI if you are having issues. Open the options menu via "/perl" or the Black Pearl icon on the minimap and set the scale accordingly under the "All" tab.

Q: I am having an issue not listed in this FAQ, what can I do?
A: First, update *every* mod. I do not support ancient outdated and unmaintained mods. If you have double checked that everything is up to date, post on any of the Perl Classic mod pages and I'll be glad to help you narrow down the issue or give suggestions to help find a solution.

Q: Can you add this feature?
A: I'm sure it's possible, but the primary purpose of this mod is to 'modernize' the original Perl mod so that it doesn't slow your game down.

Dependency Notes
Mods that Perl Classic will take advantage of:
Clique -
myAddOns -

Mods that take advantage of Perl Classic:
BeneCaster -

6.02 - November 22, 2014
- All: Changed more instances of 1/nil to true/false
- CombatDisplay: The Click Through Frames option now function correctly
- Focus/Party/PartyPet/Pet/Player/Target: Changed all 3D portraits from SetCamera to SetPortraitZoom

6.01 - October 15, 2014
- All: Updated TOC Interface version to 60000
- Config: Converted many instances of 1/nil to true/false
- Focus/Party/PartyPet/PartyTarget/Target/ToT: Fixed an error related to UnitFrame_OnLeave requiring an argument
- Player: The experience bar now maxes out at Level 100


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  • #1376

    Ooh... good catch there... it appears that Perl_Party_Pet is the cluprit... I had both Party and Party_Pet enabled at the same time. Disabling one or the other will fix the problem... having both enabled at the same time reproduces the error. The "Arghh" error is shown in the code on line 52, for the zoning updates, if that's any help to anyone.

  • #1377

    Yup, same problem with the new Party_Pet. Is this some debug message or something?

  • #1378

    @lichee: Last I heard, someone is working on a mod that will let you set any text to any position in PCUF. It's probably best to either wait for that or send me a PM asking for some tweaks you can do on your end.

    @Dryness & Palorne7 & Dryness: I just uploaded a new version of Perl_Party_Pet. I was using that as a way to test if my event unregistering was working and I it looks like I forgot about it! Anyway, new version will be up as soon as Curse decides to let it public.

  • #1379

    Sure is. Working on 10 parts of the mod using lots of small debug things like this, I'm amazed that's the only one that slipped throught honestly!

  • #1380

    Awesome ^^ Great job on the mod, and thanks for the quick updates :)

  • #1381

    I have had a persistent problem with PCUF for the few months I have been using it. When I am in a raid some of the health bars seem to be bugged. Say I am in a 40-man raid and have all 40 health bars on my screen, when I try and click Person A in group 2 it does not set him as my target, I have to move around his name and click either a little lower, higher, left, right, etc. This is seemingly random, I haven't found specific groups and positions that are always bugged in the same way. This bug is particulary bothersome as I am a healer and it SUCKS when I click someone and cast flash heals and wonder why they aren't hitting that person. Please help, if this is a known bug or common one I'd appreciate a quick and simple way to solve it, if it's something new or unique to me... I dunno lol. Thanx!

  • #1382

    This might be a bit off topic but could i ask you what panel addon you are using? It looks like Titan panel, but still it seems like a different one.

    And thanks for the best unitframes addon out there - it just works and its beautiful.

  • #1383

    @Xantheris: Are you using any click casting addons? Or maybe anything like MoveAnything or Visor? I've had some random click issues reported like this in the past and I have never been able to recreate it on my end (mostly because I've never been given enough information). If you can narrow it down to a mod then the next course of action would be to talk to the author of the other mod and myself depending on which mod is causing it. I don't think I do anything illegal or in bad logical sense on my end, but with no recreatable steps there's not much I can do to improve compatibility.

    @nocture: I am a FuBar convert :)

  • #1384

    now that the player buufs option has been removed from the gui how do i resize or eliminate the buff icons from below the player frame?

  • #1385

    You delete the addon and go download Satrina Buff Frame. It does everything that Perl's did and so much more. It really felt like punishment for me even letting you guys use the Perl version of it. You can find Satrina's here:

  • #1386

    Yes, you want to use this instead of the betas.

  • #1387

    Here i am again with an off topic question -_-, im just in love with your UI due to its nice overview.

    I've been scanning through all the pages here and can't seem to find anyone asking for it before. What have you used for the minimap to make it more simple, as well as what addon have you used for the actionbar?

    Thanks in advance, remember, taurens spread the love in azeroth

  • #1388

    I just turn off all of the minimap icons except IFrameManager (since I can't and wouldn't if I could) and Opium. Hotbars are CT which lag the least imo. I manage a full and a raid pack for my guild. Don't bother asking me to add anything to them because I won't =P My guild is far too lazy to keep up with mods so I do it for them and release new ones when I feel either enough has updated or something critical is fixed. My packs can be found at the following locations.

    Full: Raid:

  • #1389

    Many thanks for your quick replies, I think theres several good reasons your addon is so popular in the world :-)

  • #1390

    what do i do with the party target if there's a party pet? @.@? or are these addons not suppose to work simultaneously? It's not really a bug and im just asking for opinions and feedback from what other ppl have done to work their way around the overlap.

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