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PetBattle Teams

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 9,915 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.1.0
  • 943,770 Total Downloads
  • Updated 05/14/2015
  • Created 07/27/2012
  • 1,074 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: 3.2.9

About PetBattle Teams



  • Create an unlimited teams of pets and quickly switch between them in the pet journal.
  • Reliable pet switching even when spammed with requests to change teams.
  • The skills in the tooltip are the saved skill selections
  • The frames location is now saved.
  • Pets are saved to your current team as you make changes, no more hitting save. (This behavior can be disabled by unchecking "Automatically save teams" in the options).
  • Teams can be named, deleted or locked by right clicking the team.
  • Additional options are available from Game Menu -> Interface -> AddOns -> PetBattleTeams

Main Frame:

  • Teams are displayed to the right of your pet journal in the pet battles team frame
  • The star denotes your active team.
  • Swap pets between teams by dragging and dropping! Add pets from the pet journal directly to teams, or swap within your own teams.
  • copy pets by holding shift while dragging the pet to copy it to another team.
  • reorder teams by control - dragging a pet.
  • Displays your pets levels, quality and health, icon at a glance
  • Each pet in a team can be moused over for additional information.
  • The active team is now displayed at the top of the frame.
  • Teams with gold borders are locked by the user.
  • Locked teams cannot be modified.

Slash Commands:

  • use "/pbt reset ui" to reset the UI and re-attach the frame to the pet journal
  • use "/pbt reset teams" to reset your teams
  • use "/pbt lock teams" to lock all existing teams
  • use "/pbt unlock teams" to unlock all existing teams
  • use "/pbt attach" to attach PetBattle Teams to the Pet Journal
  • use "/pbt detach" to detach PetBattle Teams to the Pet Journal
  • use "/pbt lock frame" to lock the PetBattle Teams frame
  • use "/pbt unlock frame" to unlock the PetBattle Teams frame


  • Click the pet battle icon in the upper right to access the lock and attachment options
  • Press the + button to create additional teams
  • Right click a team to delete|rename|lock it. There is a confirmation before deleting to prevent accidents.
  • Left click a pet in a pet battle teams frame to make that team the active team.

3.2.9 Just a bandaid to make it work in 6.1
3.2.8 invalid pets are now ignored always.

3.2.7 fixed issues preventing the addon from working
3.2.7  67     Please Load the Journal Using the Default Method

3.2.6 fixed wonky scroll bar
3.2.6 updated LibPetBreedInfo-1.0

3.2.5 re-added detach/attach

r37 intersect() now checks if both objects are tables.

3.2.4 disabled having the pbt window be detached due to various issues that were happening with it.
3.2.3 fixed several errors

r36 added a nil check before updating a team in TeamManager.UpdateCurrentTeam()

.2.1 added numerous checks when calling C_PetJournal.GetPetInfoByPetID in teamManager.lua
3.2.1 invalid/nil petID's should no longer throw errors.
3.2.1 51 - 3.2.0 lua errors

r35 FixTeams()  code clean up,  now runs in linear time
r34 FixTeams() is now restricted to invalid pets only

r33 added experimental fix for 5.3 petID's. Not guaranteed to restore all teams perfectly but it should be a good start.
r33 put    /run PetBattleTeams.modules.TeamManager:FixTeams()  into your chat bar and hit enter.

r32 each pet in a team is tagged with its speciesID
r32 if a petID is no longer valid then from the options menu you can select to reconstruct teams. For each invalid petID, PBT will find the highest level pet of the same species and add it to that team.
r32 removed Import Teams functionality as its no long relevant
r32 added Reconstruct teams option in the same location as Import teams
r32 note: this change is backwards compatible with previous versions if you need to downgrade
r32 note: this change will not restore previously lost pets

r31 left clicking the menu button now hides PBT's main frame and attaches the menu button to the pet journal near the close button in the upper right.
left clicking the menu button while its attached to the petjournal frame will reshow PBT's main frame.

r30 fixed some leaked global variables from 46 - global taints.

3.1.3 updated libbreedinfo to latest version

3.1.2 fixed team switching
3.1.2 updated libpetbreedinfo
3.1.2 updated toc

3.1.1 no changes from r29

r29 import teams no longer throws errors during the import

r28 Added deleting pets from teams.
r28 added not clearing pet battle slots when invalid or empty pets are on a team

r27 ticket 39, fixed the spelling of team.

r26 added option to enable mouse scrolling to change the selected team when used on the selected team frame

3.1.0 corrected variable name in createTeam
3.1.0 removed debug print statment

r25 updated to latest libpetbreedinfo
r25 reset the scroll bar when the roster frame is shown or hidden (post 328)
r25 moved controller code from view to controller. opps. scrolling while moving pets will now properly enable and disable pet unitframes (ticket 37)
r25 roster min size is now 2 entries or else onvertical scroll doesnt fire for the scroll frame, since the bobber doesnt move. future: implement onmousewheel back up  (post 328)

r24 added ability to toggle visiblity for selected team, roster and control buttons
r24 added config entries for component visiblity

r23 added menu addressing ticket 28
r23 added config option to hide breed info

r22 fixed gui initializing during combat at login

r21 Added breed info to tooltip pet names

3.0.5 addressed ticket 31, hope i nailed it as i couldn't reproduce it.

r20 mainframe no longer displays when attached after a reload during combat. pbt will restore itself after combat.

r19 Nuked release

r18 removed dependency on blizzard pet journal again, added more checks to make sure it loads properly
r18 fixed bandage again

r17 Moved printed text from TeamManager to calling functions
r17 added /pbt toggle to toggle the attach/detach state
r17 fixed printed text for lock and unlocking teams

3.0.4 fixed being unable to scroll to the last team when a user had 14 teams (and presumably other quantities as well)
3.0.4 changed pet bandage button to use itemID instead of enUS text
3.0.4 fixed some ability names being blank in the pet tooltip
3.0.4 fixed teams not switching

3.0.3 Changed vertical scrolling to only move one at a time
3.0.3 fixed /pbt reset teams

3.0.2 Added additional checks to make sure a petframe is set before trying to show a tooltip
3.0.2 Added enabled flag to freshly created teams
3.0.2 Added IsTeamLocked check to IsTeamEnabled (shouldnt have to ask twice to find out if its enabled)

3.0.1 team names are now colored yellow when locked to match the unit frame border
3.0.1 scrolling now correctly keeps disabled pets disabled
3.0.1 trying to swap from a locked team now automatically copies instead
3.0.1 locked teams no longer disable during a team move

3.0.0 added local _ and preferredIndex = STATICPOPUP_NUMDIALOGS, to reduce taint issues
3.0.0 removed tutorial.lua from the toc

r16 - moved team names up 2 px to prevent names being cut off by unit frames
r16 - newly created teams are now inserted directly after the team they were copied from
r16 - moved add team button over 3px to line up with unit frames
r16 - Increased hieght of team frame by 2px to remove overlap with unit frames

r15 - updated toc number
r15 - fixed teams remaining locked after a pet battle
r15 - teams no longer lock during a pet battle
r15 - pet bandage button now works
r15 - added import dialog for optionally importing pets from 2.4
r15 - added help text for /pbt

r14 - when a new team is created, that team is now selected
r14 - mainFrame no longer displays resizer and is no longer moveable after reloading (when attached)
r14 - fixed empty|invalid pets not showing up as locked when the team is locked

r13  - fixed invalid pets not reseting border color
r13  - added auto dismiss
r13  - fixed resizer showing while attached
r13  - fixed team names reseting when changing pet load out
r13  - fixed TeamManager:IsWorking to return the correct values when idle
r13  - fixed Swapping pets when both teams have an empty pet
r13  - fixed empty_pets not showing disabled when they are

r12 - fixed swaping to empty pet between teams
r12 - can no longer pick up empty or invalid pets
r12 - added description to a number of options
r12 - added helper text to pet tooltip
r12 - fixed bad petID issues with TeamManager:GetPetInfo
r12 - slash commands
r12 - implement hiding helper text

2.4.14 found a left over debug statement.

r11 added resetUI functionality. Added frame locking functionality, and frame state saving. creating new teams with automatically saving teams disabled now creates empty ??? teams

2.4.13 added conversion for petIDs

Going to beta, added new config placeholder options, fixed code for 5.1

Added support for 5.1
Add Importer for 2.4.11 teams
Added team names to main scroll frame
Made Moving teams more user friendly, hit escape to cancel move, or wait 15seconds
Rewrote scroll frame for the Nth time
Fixed reported bugs
Fixed lib dependencies issue
Added Todo.txt , see whats left to be done and suggest more.

r3 fixed frame issue with first initialization, added Old pbt settings to toc file they are not lost and allows me to write a migration function

r2 Alpha - Complete rewrite of PBT. Expect features to be missing, or broken.


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  • #218

    Is there any plans to add in the team name to the tool tip?

    They already are.

    Also with the new pets in the raid dungeons, are there any plans to add the pets to the map?  I'm sure it's on the list but I haven't seen the request noted anywhere. One final thought with the Map and nodes:  Can we get a filter option for that as well?  Something where we can click the "Pet Name" from the objective tracker, which will open the map of the current zone, and then only have that pet icon showing in its spawn zone.  That way when you are in the barrens looking looking for a beast type it doesn't get mixed with all the other beast types that you haven't captured yet. 

    Your confusing Pet Tracker with this addon. You should contact jailbroc over at his addon's page.

    Love locking the team.  Is there anyway to do something simple like the Team Name is red or gold when locked?

    Noted, good thought.

  • #226

    Is there any plans to add in the team name to the tool tip?

    They already are.

    I'm sorry I meant in the Pet Journal Area or somehow Flagged in the journal so when I'm going through to make a new team I can see if the one I'm seeing is already on a team without needing to look at the roster. 

  • #223

    ~Your confusing Pet Tracker with this addon. You should contact jailbroc over at his addon's page.

    Sorry about that.  Thanks..

  • #214

    Why was the ability removed to have the teams in a seperate detached window?!?  I loved having that ability!!

  • #215

    NVM, I found it, I had to go into config mode.

  • #219

    also /pbt detach and /pbt attach



  • #212

    great addon would be nice if you added titles maybe to the teams to identify groups for trainer dailes maybe and such. or numbered teams, overal though really impressed look forward to more updates :)

  • #213

    I'm guessing you didn't upgrade to the latest version.

  • #210

    So far beta version r16 seems to be pretty good. Have not put it through extensive testing, but the last few battles went good and the spacing on the names is better. Making a new team for leveling was a snap and I did not have to hunt for or move the team after creation. Bandages work and show the amount left, timer shows on the revive button, /pbt command works great for listing options. The only other thing (so far) that nags me is not having a "Compact" option to only show active team, despite that, this one is looking great. Now, if I could only get my helmet to add the extra 10% XP using outfitter and not have to put it on myself I would be all set but I guess that isa different story, hehe. Thanks for the updates and time spent on this, I am enjoying your work ;)

    Last edited by Tolerant on 12/12/2012 4:07:21 AM
  • #211

    Compactable fame in 3.1-3.2 ish, Going to allow you to turn off Add/revive/bandage group, roster , or selected team independantly and have the roster scale fill the gaps (if present)

  • #208

    Update: I see now that a feature to label/name pet teams is coming.  Excellent!  Thanks!  Notepad works fine for me in interim for sure.

    Original message: I've been using notepad to remind me of what each of my teams are for (like for battling one trainer vs another).  A cute feature might be to add team labeling.

    Last edited by scradam on 12/11/2012 7:50:12 PM
  • #209

    At this point the beta is pretty close to being release ready. Go ahead and give it a try.

    Edit: Unless I get bug reports from r16 then I'll be releasing at the end of the week.

    Last edited by Nullberri on 12/12/2012 3:11:56 AM
  • #203

    This is not likely to change, its purpose is for people with lots of pets or who use PBT detached and minimized as much as I've allowed it to be. Maybe in 3.1 ill add the option to hide it.

    Not so sure how having 5 teams showing is minimized much, it seems bigger then the release versions now. And I have the most pets (for alliance) on the Gorefiend server, lol. Was thinking more of being able to only show the selected team and how small that would make it visually taking up less screen space, or just not showing that (as an option) and then showing the roster with 3-4 teams, instead of all 5 blocks plus buttons and spacing. -- On another note, maybe its my fonts (I thought they were default), but the names are slightly cut off on the bottom.

  • #206

    Font issue is a bug. Font string bounding box is off by a few pixels. I think the thing it's anchored to is exceeding it's frame area. I was going to look at it later this week. 

    edit: r16 - moved team names up 2 px to prevent names being cut off by unit frames

    Last edited by Nullberri on 12/12/2012 2:59:54 AM
  • #205

    I have the most pets (for alliance) on the Gorefiend server,

    My highest level pet is 10, I've only killed 5 tamers, 165 Pet Battle achivement points and I've got 180 unique pets and I've probably killed more squirrels and rabbits than anyone else during the development of my pet addons.

    Last edited by Nullberri on 12/10/2012 11:14:15 PM
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