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PetJournal Enhanced

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 5,471 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.1
  • 1,085,009 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/13/2013
  • Created 07/30/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 2.9.10

About PetJournal Enhanced


  • Hide pets by right clicking on their entry in the Pet Scroll List and select Hide/Show. A red circle with a slash thru it will appear over the pet.
  • To hide these pets, uncheck 'show user hidden pets' in the miscellaneous filter menu.
  • Pets now show the their predicted Level 25 stats in the pet card.
  • For both breed information and level 25 stat prediction; Grey text indicates a low confidence in the prediction. Gold text indicates strong confidence
  • Pet names are colored by their rarity.
  • Shows each pets rarity in its border in the pet journal list for non wild pets.
  • Shows each pets specialization is the pet journal list as an icon showing their highest stat. Now you know at a glance if your pet is tanky, speedy, or powerful.


  • Localized to enUS, deDE, ruRU, zhTW, esMX, zhCN, frFR,koKR
  • Troubleshooting localization: If you run into trouble with any of the localizations please take a screen shot of the issue and submit a ticket. You can safely delete your local-xxXX.lua files to return to English. Where xxXX is your language code such as deDE.
  • Note: do not delete local-enUS.lua


  • Note: The available breeds are stored and updated by LibPetBreedInfo and will not show for new pets after a patch. However a pets breed is determined accurately, even without the available breed information.


  • Sort Pets by level, alphabetical, pet type, rarity, pet specialization, Breed
  • Sort ascending or descending.

Filter pets by...

  • Show user hidden pets.
  • Can Trade
  • Can't Trade
  • Can Battle
  • Can't Battle
  • Quantity Owned
  • Quality
  • Specialization (Speedy, Resilient, Powerful)
  • Zones which the pet can be obtained from
  • Ability Types
  • Breed
  • Level Range (1,2-10,11-20,21-24,25)

Please report any lua errors, inconsistent or weird behavior by using the ticketing system on the projects site.

2.9.10 untested -- will promote to release tonight after i can test it.
2.9.10 updated libPetBreedInfo
2.9.10 updated staticdata.lua

2.9.9 updated libPetBreedInfo
2.9.9 updated staticdata.lua

2.9.8 updated libPetBreedInfo

2.9.7 updated libPetBreedInfo

2.9.6 corrected zone data for new pets in 5.3

2.9.5 90 - CPU spike on zone changes, with fix
2.9.5 changed interface number to 50300
2.9.5 updated LibPetBreedInfo to 1.0.10
2.9.5 refreshed deDE localization

r66 updated LibPetBreedInfo to 1.0.9
r65 updated LibPetBreedInfo to 1.0.8

r64 Summon button is now disabled during combat.

2.9.4 unknown zone filter is now localization independent (before it only worked for enUS)
2.9.4 zone filtering once again acts as expected
2.9.4 added zone to species ID mapping for 5.3 pets, and previous pets which were missed or were later given zone locations
2.9.4 added developer functions for creating speciesID to zone map for future pet additions
2.9.4 removed zoneIDs.lua as it was replaced by staticData.lua

2.9.3 bumped toc

r63 added koKR
r63 refreshed all other langauges

r62 pet list now resorts after combat if PJ is open.
r62 updated libpetjournal-2.0
r62 changed the way level filtering is done

r61 rarity is no longer nilled out during a pet update
r60 rarity is now updated every sort.

2.9.2 pet loadout now updates properly
2.9.2 commented out a debug statment
2.9.2 added ptbr

Localizations will be refreshed at release.

r59 can trade and cant trade are now filtering properly

2.9.1 pet list now updates after combat / pet healing

2.9.0 refreshed localization
2.9.0 bumped toc

r58 disabled pet card right click menu.

r57 added localization for esMX, zhCH
r57 added a right click option in the pet list to hide / show species
r57 when a species is hidden a red circle with a slash thru it will be shown if "Show player hidden pets" is enabled, the pet will be hidden otherwise.
r57 added "Show player hidden pets" and "Reset player hidden pets" to miscellaneous menu
r57 added 85 - Missed localization

r56 fixed right click pet menu to target correct pet.

r55 84 "Pets by current zone" no longer functions
r55 83 - "level" spam in chat

r54 commented out debug print for active filters
r54 added preliminary pet hiding. its functional but there's currently no way to add pets to hide yet in the UI.

r53 81 - fix pet max stat icon
r53 80 - enable sorting favorites to top
r53 added additional ruRu translations
r53 added zhTW localization

r52 altered level filter to be 1,2-10,11-20,21-24,25
r52 rewrote sorting system , increased speed by 2-4x
r52 fixed 76 - Pet ability not localized

r51 moved filtering reset code to sorting lua from config lua. (82 - r50 nil errors)

r50 major internal rewrite to stop tainting blizzards functions and UI elements related to the pet journal
r50 disabled sorting favorites to top for now
r50 fixed an issue where predicted stats could be repeatedly displayed IE 17 (1380)(1380)(1380)
r50 disabled pet max stat icon for now as its original implementation causes issues with the new scroll frame.

r49 certian pets with no abilities are no longer filtered out by the ability filter.

2.8.0 updated toc.

r48 breed no longer repeats in the sort menu after repeatedly opening the menu.
r47 added ruRU
r47 fixed deDE

r46 added deDe localization (90.3%)
r45 added support for localization

2.7.0 changed toc to reflect the release number

r44 added ability type filtering
r44 added level bracket filtering
r44 moved can battle, cant battle, can trade, cant trade to new "miscellaneous" menu

r43 fixed long standing bug with zone filtering and users with UI scale set with a higher value then I developed with.
r43 Continents with more than 16 entries are now split into 2 entries ContinentName and ContinentName Cont.
r42 fixed a leaked global variable.

2.6.6 release.

r41 updated libpetbreedinfo
r40 added data from 73 - Add zone mappings for new pets/zones from 5.2

2.6.5 fixed issue with no breed info in petloadout

2.6.4 added several nil checks for using getpetInfo and getpetstats
2.6.4 updated libpetbreedinfo lib
2.6.4 updated toc file

2.6.3 Unknown zone is now toggled by uncheck/check all in the zone filtering menu
2.6.3 zone filtering is now reset by using the  reset filters button

2.6.2 max stat icons are now parented to the right frame (should work for elvui and not be semi greyed out on stock uis)

r39 fixed ticket 65 - Enabled breed option hides some pets in the journal
r39 addressed ticket 64 - Create Pet thory incompatibility warning
r39 addressed ticket 60 - Investigate elvui conflict

r38 redid zonefiltering to be more non enUS friendly. Hopefully fixed all langauges.

r37 changed highstat to be a child of hooked instead of the button list so when people use pet thoery it will at least not error out.
r37 fixed ticket 58 - lua error on login

2.6.1 change toc to release number

r36 fixed an errant space and formatted the available breeds better for long strings.
r35 converted all concatenations to string.format
r35 re-wrote pet card function

Created a pet breed info library and then updated PJE to use it

r32-2 Re-upped r32
Improved no dependency usage
let me know in PJE doesn't load.
fixed breed filter reseting

2.6.0 - changed to release


r30 fixed breed bugs from r29, added configuration options for breed ID and stat extrapolation. Breed ID is initially set to not be displayed.
Grey indicates low confidence in our prediction for breedID and lvl 25 stats, gold text indicates strong confidence.

r29 added BreedID and stat projection to lvl 25 in pet card. Todo: Remove max stat concept, add filtering & sorting for breedID's, redo config menu

r28 removed localization code, unused code in zonefiltering, and petjournalenhanced.lua Changed quantity filter back to 1-3, fixed issue with unowned pets. fixed issue with quantity owned not updating.

r27 removed need for localization in zone filtering, added zone ID usage for current zone filter

r26 fixed filter reset , added filter for 0 quantity.

r25 added Quantity filter.

2.5.2 added support for 5.1

2.5.1 fixed a bug where using the filter reset didn't fully reset zone filtering

r24 Added new LibPetJournal-2.0 r79 alpha to PJE, this should take care of an incompatability with pet battle count and other libpetjournal mods.

2.5.0 added reset to sort menu

r23 changed sorting options names to better indicate what they do, changed defualt setting to show the most pets possible.

r22 Fixed taint issue with glyph UI.

Added Debug code for people experiencing missing pets.

Procedure: Cut and paste /run PetJournalEnhanced:Debug("albino snack") into your chat box and change "albino snack" to the missing pet (remember to include qoutes around the name).

/run PetJournalEnhanced:Debug("albino snack")

This Should always fail as their is no pet named albino snack

/run PetJournalEnhanced:Debug("yellow moth")

This should succeed in finding the yellow moth in the sorted data (it will choose the owned one over the unowned one)

to find a particular pet use /run PetJournalEnhanced:Debug("") put the pets name (its case insensitive) between the qoute markings. spelling and punctuation matter, do not use a spell link.

If the search fails, take a screen shot of the outputed text and a screenshot of the pet in your journal and selected with PJE disabled.

r21 Fixed zoneFiltering, Added all remaining langauges for zone filtering

r20 Added support for ptBR zone filtering, more languages to follow.

2.4.5 fixed an issue where newly caught pets would show the incorrect rarity
2.4.4 fixed petcard bug and optimized sorting with zone filters
2.4.3 hopefully fixed a number of errors and crashes

2.4.1 fixed memory issue, should consume near static amounts of memory now. the GC wasn't really aggressive enough to handle aggressive searrching.

2.4.1 fixed a crash bug i hope, fixed issues with the favorite sort option

2.4.0 fixed minor bugs, bumped toc to release number

r19 added filter by not tradable this is the RC for 2.4.0
r18 Major refactoring of the project.

r16 reworked zone filtering to work with non us clients, split large continents into separate lists to prevent the list from going off screen. Sorted the zones as well.

r15 restricted zone corrections for pets to enUS clients only.

r14 added zone filtering

fixed numerous bugs related to r12

Added filter by quality
Added filter by specialization
Added Sort favorites to top to sort menu
Moved specialization indicator to the right of the pet's name so as to show more of the pets icon

2.3.3 release

r11 fixed toc, removed alpha code, moving to beta with minor fixes.

r10 added ace gui to addon

r8 fixed "Script takes to long issue" i hope

2.3.1 changed the way i listen for extra pet updates that are unexpected

2.3.0 Fixed loadout pets not having their names being colored, changed the wording on several options.

r6 added coloring to pet names , broke down additional pet info into multiple options.

r5 fixed display issue with config options appearing to be linked

r4 added an integrity check to functions which iterate on the internal pet mapping.

r3 non pet battle pets now always filter to the bottom of the list when sorting by level, rarity and maxstat, pettype.
Removed sort by added to pet journal, petID is not a reliable indicator of order.

r2 fixed a sorting bug when you had filters active and then learned | caged | released a pet

r1 I'm labeling betas by release number, starting with 1.
moved Show additional pet information to the options menu.

2.2.0 Pets are now sorted by favorites first. pets which cant battle are now considered level 0 for sorting purposes.
Added Unique pet count (togglable from the wow addons option menu)

2.1.6 Fixed a bug in checking for version 1.4.5-1.4.6, fixed toc entry to add libstub and callbackhandler

2.1.5  added a check for having 1.4.5 installed at the same time as 2.1.5

2.1.5 b2 fixed bugs in petcard_findindex and bugs introduced in b1

2.1.5 b1 Rewired addon to no longer use petjounral list update event unless a new pet is added or lost

2.1.4 rolled back more tooltip stuff

2.1.3 rolling back item tooltips

2.1.2 forgot to add item tooltips in as well, and itemreftooltip

2.1.1 added pet battle tooltips

2.1.0 added pet owned and quality to tooltips,

2.0.0 reworked PJE to no longer overwrite the C_PetJournal API for info by index. Added framework for reimplementing PJEX

1.4.7 fixed memory footprint
1.4.6 fixed more compatibility issues.
disabled filter by zone

1.4.5 fixed compatibility issues with a number of mods. removed debug line.

1.4.4 fixed an initialization error with pet mapping

1.4.3 changed the way pet num is calculated to match blizzards changes.

1.4.2 fixed an issue with the inital use of PJE and changed the way i used string.find to match zones

1.4.1 fixed a rounding issue with pet specializations

1.4.0 Added Filter by zone.

1.3.1 re did the sort menus to be easier to work with.

1.30 Added sort by pet id, changed sort function handling

1.2.2 Fixed version to better fit how I'm doing releases now

1.0.10: turns out blizzard doesn't nill check =/. wrapped my call in a pcall to prevent errors for calls that don't matter.

1.0.9: fixed an issue with checking for nils

1.0.8: added sort by rarity, highest stat

1.0.8: fixed a bug where pets balanced pets were considered specialized

1.0.7: Added sort by pet type.

1.0.7: Sorting is now done by isOwned then Selected Sort then name and or level where appropriate.

1.0.6: Unowned pets now always appear after owned pets.


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  • #147

    And I assume they come back when you turn PJE off?

    Edit: Im pretty close to releasing a new beta, could you check if the issue is resolved in r17+ when it becomes available.

    edit2: So far ive only seen it happen once and re-logging fixed it. I'm not sure if its my addon thats causing this or if theres a slim chance that it just happens no matter what. There doesnt seem to be any way to reliably cuase the issue.

    Last edited by Nullberri on 10/10/2012 11:42:13 PM
  • #146

    I redownloaded the addon from curse. I had deleted the folder and the wtf directory previously.  I disabled all addons except PJE and logged in. My  achievements were again 0/what ever. even my exploration achievements are blank. Not sure if there is a way to get a debug report for you.




    The other day I had to turn it off and relog to get it to fix. yesterday I was able to just disable the addon in game and I was able to fix it. I will definatly give  the beta a try.

    Last edited by felorah on 10/11/2012 11:14:10 AM
  • #133

    You're right!  Pet Theory didnt play nice with PJE.  After I disabled it, the list works fine.  TY

    Just an idea I've been thinking for a while, would it be possible to show/tell the team a pet belongs to?  It may need to check if PBT is also installed for that to activate.  Maybe a tooltip or somewhere on the top right frame that shows details of the currently highlighted pet.  Or maybe just have it in PBT too but would check if PJE is installed 1st before activating.

  • #136

    I'll keep that in mind for after I finish the current rewrite of PBT. (This should not be construed as a promise)

    Last edited by Nullberri on 10/9/2012 2:29:47 PM
  • #132

    Would it be possible to add a filter for cageable pets?

  • #135

    Sure thats an easy one, I'll get it in for the 2.4.0 release.

    Edit: I assume you mean a filter that hides uncageable pets so when you unceck the box, non-cageable pets disapear.

    Last edited by Nullberri on 10/9/2012 2:31:40 PM
  • #131

    Great Add-On..few bugs here and there like wrong pets in wrong areas or not all pet in the right areas. But all in all great. HIGHLY recommend. 1 suggestion: could we add the spawn area for pets on the map? Just a thought

    Last edited by Sethoris on 10/9/2012 3:44:41 AM
  • #134

    Any incorrect pets are due to blizzard mislabeling them or its correct in the most technical sense. Such as super rare spawns or the fact the stormwind is in elywn forest etc. or they mis-named some zones on some pets (which I corrected in enUS clients for beta r16+)

    As for your suggestion, that might be better suited to another addon, that could iterface with the world map.

    Last edited by Nullberri on 10/9/2012 2:27:33 PM
  • #128

    Help!  I'm getting weird results.  To recreate:PJE List

    - Install PJE

    - Open PetJournal

    - Since order has been reset by the install, set sort to order by level.  Dont type anything in the filter

    - Click on a pet on the list.  The Info it will display on the top right is not the pet you just clicked or for any pet on the list for that matter :(

    Last edited by qxishtori on 10/8/2012 10:23:52 PM
  • #129

    Pet theory it not compatible with PJE.

    Last edited by Nullberri on 10/8/2012 12:56:30 PM
  • #122

    Is anyone else using this addon, other battle pet addons, or no battle pet or pet journal addons at all seeing a problem when you are up around 498 or 499 pets in the journal?

    The problem I am having is the pet battle Capture button stays disable with a tooltip on it saying you have too many pets of that type [has happened to me when I have 2, 1, or even 0 of current type] or that the pet journal is full [498 was less than 500 last time I looked].

    This seems to happen after I have tried one or more times in previous battles, not the current one, to capture the current kind of pet.  At that point, one knows this means the failed capture did not give me one or more of that type of pet, nor did it invisibly eat up a space in my Pet Journal which still shows in the count that there are only 498 or 499 pets in it.

    However, I am thinking some kind of a leak in a collection data structure contents, or a counter somewhere, is making the logic for the Capture button not work right.  I suppose, since this thing is clearly not written with MVC architecture, that something is brute force misinforming the capture button that some battle pet head count has gone up when it fact it has not.

    It seems like an obvious bug to me but it seems less than obvious

    It has happened to me a lot.  When you are using one level 17 pet and two level 16 pets and you can successfully capture a rare (blue quality) level 17 item, but the button is disabled then it really aggravates you a lot.

    This weekend I missed out on captures of at least 2-3 blues this way.  Today alone, I missed out on captures of 2 or 3 greens and blues that were very difficult to and I had so much health left that a capture was certain.

    I like my successes to be deternined by my skill and effort, not presence or absence of software flaws.  I really do not feel strongly at all that the root cause is in this particular addon.  But I think it is probably caused by one or more of the following:

    • errors in other addons aborting normal processing perhaps by silently tainting something or not
    • some battle pet/journal related addon flaw
    • something wrong with the pet battle UI or mechanics in general that is directly misinforming the Capture button to be disabled with the reason being that vague/incorrect you-cannot-have-more error message

    The pet related addons I use are:

    • PetJournal Enhanced 2.3.3 (which I really like/admire)
    • BattlePetQualityNotifier 1.2.1 (tells you quality of each of the 1, 2, or 3 pets you are up against at start)
    • PetBattleMaster 1.1.4 (provides some nice touches)

    Hoping that someone else hitting this same failure can mention what pet battle/journal related addons they are using, or that they are not using, in a reply to this message so the root cause can be cornered through process of elimination.

  • #126

    My best recomendation is to turn off all your pet addons and see if the behavior persists. I don't think many of us are so close to the cap for others (and myself) to really test the limits of the sytem. If once you turn off all your addons if the issue continues my best suggestion is to cage your pets and release as many as you can that you dont need.

  • #119

    great addon! everything is working fine!

    one suggestion from me: you have already implemented the "sort by zone" filter, but how about another criteria that only show you the pets, if you are in the zone with the highest level of it. 

    that way you don't have to make the effort (like i do :D) to catch every pet in the current zone as a low-level rare, when you can find them again in some higher zone and have to catch it again (if you don't want to level the pet). that would be a really good time saver :)

  • #118

    sory, but i dont undersant "Pet Higest Stat"... example:

    2 pets lv 14 iquals (minfernal):

    whith option "Sort Ascending":

    first: Common, H: 716, P: 137, S: 137.

    second: Uncommon, H: 814, P: 143, S: 148.

    change for "Descending" and surprise !

    first: Common(lv 14), H: 716, P: 137, S: 137.

    second: Uncommon(lv 14), H: 814, P: 143, S: 148.


    i think this "Uncommon, H: 814, P: 143, S: 148." is more powerfull and any stats... but...

    explain plz

    Last edited by nomadbr on 10/7/2012 9:39:01 AM


  • #120

    The comparison is not between the actual stats but weather or not the pet is balanced, resilient , powerful, or fast.

    So first we calculate each pets specialization. In this case both of your mini infernals are balanced.
    So what sort ascending and descending are changing is the order between balanced, fast, powerful, tanky to tanky, powerful, fast, balanced. However as a fall back sort when pets are equal (ie 2 pets are balanced) we fall back to their level then the name.

    Pet highest stat is not a comparison between pets, becuase such a comparison is meaningless. In reality you should only be looking at pet highest stat when you have duplicate pets or pets that depend on its stats, such as pets with tailsweep, alpha strike, or health % based effects like beast enrage, or flyer speed. Other wise its a useless metric.

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