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  • Updated 02/24/2015
  • Created 01/25/2009
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About PetLeash

PetLeash makes sure that you always have a non-combat pet summoned. It tries to only summon a pet when you are not busy, and can dismiss them when you go into stealth, camouflage or invisibility.


  • Automatically summon a pet when you are not busy.
  • Optionally summon a pet only under certain predefined conditions, or dismiss a pet under certain predefined conditions.
  • Allows you to configure which pets to use, including by location or with different weighting.
  • LibDataBroker launcher to quickly summon pets.
  • Randomly summon a different pet on a timer. (Note: This feature can potentially interfere with non-combat pets summoned via other means, such as using the Bloodsail Admiral's Hat)

/petleash enable : enable/disable auto-summoning
/petleash togglePet : summon or desummon pet (and switch auto-summoning)
/petleash resummon : summon a new pet
/petleash desummon : desummon pet
/petleash config : show configuration

PetLeash has several key bindings that can be set via the Blizzard Key Binding interface.

About 3.0 and newer

The way pets are handled has changed internally, so it has to upgrade the saved settings. There may be bugs with this. If you have issues with the alpha version, you can downgrade to the latest 2.x version and your old settings will still be available. However, also due to how this is done, if you reset a profile, it will re-upgrade settings from the 2.x version profile (if one exists). I plan to fix this, but for now it is convenient for causing an upgrade to occur again.

This also features a new trigger and filter system.

  • Filters let you select pets by some criteria. For a pet to be in a set, it must match any filter.
  • You can create additional sets of pets under Pet Triggers, and a set of pets is used when all triggers in that set is true.

You can build more complex conditions by adding (Or) and (And) groups. I intend to add some sort of help to the configuration UI to help explain this, but I haven't decided how I will do that yet. I also intend to add new triggers and filters, and any suggestions are welcome.

Update for patch.


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  • #117
    Just came here to post the same problem.
    Please add Camouflage to act as "stealthed", just died because of this. :x
  • #114
    Found another quest where having a pet out interferes with the mechanics of the quest.
  • #113
    This is more of a quest than it is an item, but PetLeash needs to deactivate while you're doing this quest. It blocks the quest from being completed. As soon as the quest is over it can be turned back on again.
  • #112
    So I'm just wondering if perhaps this addon works in resummoning the Rocket Chicken if it self destructs? I've got a code for the pet, and I'd just like to make sure that the pet works properly with this addon.
  • #111
    I noticed that the Weighted Pets option did not seem to be having any effect. I thought perhaps I was just having weird RNG luck, but after further investigation it seems that your PickPet method is always calling pick_flat, regardless of the actual value of the setting.

    I tried adding a "print(self.db.weightedPets)" line and got a nil value error. So it seems that weightedPets is never being set to true or false, and is always nil. I didn't do further digging to find the cause of that, though, and just changed PickPet to always call pick_weighted.

    Just a heads up.
  • #110
    um... How about Haunted Memento? Can it be added so it won't replace the ghost with pets with this item in bags?
  • #109
    Been awhile since I found another item that conflicts with companion pets. Please add this item to the list.
  • #108
    On my toons with only a few pets, I love this addon. On my toon with 30+ pets this addon does not work! I get the same pets over and over even using weighted. I have even disabled some of the pets completely and they're still being summoned. Looks like I'm going to have to check out the code and see if I can get to be true random or at least only summon the enabled pets.
  • #106
    It does not seem to automaticly summon Mini Thor, wich comes with the StarCraft II Collector's Edition.

    Hope it's going to be updated...seeing it been 8 months ago :S
  • #107
    Nvm the Update, already found a replacement addon.
  • #105
    Do you think you could add in a little button on the pet menu in the character menu? that would open options for petleash.
  • #104
    This IS the absolute best companion add-on. THanks

    I hope it stays updated.
  • #103
    I thought of an option I would like. You currently have dismiss while stealthed/invisible, which is quite handy. But can we have a sub-option of only doing that if I'm pvp flagged, otherwise keep my pet out regardless? That would be nice.
  • #102
    My husband and I both use this addon. We both have lots of pets and alts with pets, it's nice to have them out without thinking about it. I really love the fact that you can disable them in instances, since they can get in the way.
    PS I agree with ozzfeast, I got rid of my leash because I kept forgetting to use it.
    Thanks Again.
  • #101
    Would it be possible to have an addon similar to this one that automatically leashes your pet with the Pet Leash? That would be awesome if you ever implemented an option to do that.
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