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  • Created 01/25/2009
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About PetLeash

PetLeash makes sure that you always have a non-combat pet summoned. It tries to only summon a pet when you are not busy, and can dismiss them when you go into stealth, camouflage or invisibility.


  • Automatically summon a pet when you are not busy.
  • Optionally summon a pet only under certain predefined conditions, or dismiss a pet under certain predefined conditions.
  • Allows you to configure which pets to use, including by location or with different weighting.
  • LibDataBroker launcher to quickly summon pets.
  • Randomly summon a different pet on a timer. (Note: This feature can potentially interfere with non-combat pets summoned via other means, such as using the Bloodsail Admiral's Hat)

/petleash enable : enable/disable auto-summoning
/petleash togglePet : summon or desummon pet (and switch auto-summoning)
/petleash resummon : summon a new pet
/petleash desummon : desummon pet
/petleash config : show configuration

PetLeash has several key bindings that can be set via the Blizzard Key Binding interface.

About 3.0 and newer

The way pets are handled has changed internally, so it has to upgrade the saved settings. There may be bugs with this. If you have issues with the alpha version, you can downgrade to the latest 2.x version and your old settings will still be available. However, also due to how this is done, if you reset a profile, it will re-upgrade settings from the 2.x version profile (if one exists). I plan to fix this, but for now it is convenient for causing an upgrade to occur again.

This also features a new trigger and filter system.

  • Filters let you select pets by some criteria. For a pet to be in a set, it must match any filter.
  • You can create additional sets of pets under Pet Triggers, and a set of pets is used when all triggers in that set is true.

You can build more complex conditions by adding (Or) and (And) groups. I intend to add some sort of help to the configuration UI to help explain this, but I haven't decided how I will do that yet. I also intend to add new triggers and filters, and any suggestions are welcome.

Update for patch.


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  • #145

    Nice!! I just posted about falling off mounts and deleted it because you already fixed it 50 minutes ago!

  • #139
    Hi there. Just wanted to add that, if possible, the new "Brewfest Keg Pony" needs to be added to the list of Special Items. It's a non-combat pet that once summoned, only lasts 3 minutes - and as soon as it is summoned, Petleash quickly replaces him with another pet, triggering the Keg Pony's 30 min cooldown.
  • #141

    Added, thanks

  • #138
    I got tired of falling off my mount across zone boundaries (after the 3rd death in stormwind) and narrowed it down to this addon trying to switch a pet without doing its safety check.

    Please check CanSummonPet() when crossing zone boundaries. I guess you would put it in OnZoneChanged(). I'm not sure why it's not checked in SummonPet() since that's the common leaf node for all pet summoning code, but the script seems to want to do these checks all over the place higher up the logic chain. I guess there must be some 'override' cases where you want to summon unconditionally - or something. :)
  • #142

    Fixed, thanks

  • #137
    Just wanted to say that this addon is great. Once in awhile it will summon a pet as I go into stealth (breaking stealth), but I think that only happens when I click stealth right as the summoning timer finishes, so it's probably unavoidable.

    I do have a question though- is there an addon like this (especially with the weighted probabilities) but for mounts? I've searched everywhere, but I can't find one. If not, you should seriously make one...something like Gogomount combined with this would be by far the best mount addon.
  • #136
    Had to Disable it. This addon kept dismounting me.
  • #134
    Hey! First I want to say thanks for the great addon. I have a small issue though. I have a [Fool's Gold] from iTCG which summons a Greedy Kobold pet. This pet is totally unknown to PetLeash since it's not added to your spellbook. (Pet that stay's with you untill dismissed "mined" from a placeable node with a 30 min cooldown see: Could you make a fix for it? Are you working on one already? Thanks!
  • #135
    Ugh. Forgot to mention the important part. PetLeash autosummons your checked pets when you have a Greedy Kobold out. So that's rather anoying. When I have a Kobold pet now I have to disable PetLeash.
  • #143

    I would have to think about how to fix this properly.

  • #133
    Could you add an option to not automatically enable auto-summon for every new pet you learn?
  • #130
    This is one of my favorite add-ons, thanks for creating it! Any chance of getting an option to only summon flying pets when you're flying?
  • #132
    You can't summon a pet when you're flying around on a mount, so not really.
  • #148

    However we could use a Macro to send a command to Petleash just before Mounting to summon a specific pet? This would allow you to add a flying pet's option? At least I hope it does as this addon is essential to me and this is my only issue with it.


    #showtooltip X-53
    /petleash SummonFlying
    /use X-53 

  • #140

    You can!  Turning on auto switch when changing maps = fall off your mount

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