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  • Updated 12/05/2014
  • Created 10/28/2008
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  • Newest File: v2.0
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About PetOverlay

Allows you to create a shiny autocast overlay for macros that control a pet skill.

If you have any problem with PetOverlay, please post a comment or email me (my address can be found on the About Me page of my Curse profile).

To use, include the following in your macro:

   #pet skillname

Where 'skillname' is the name of a skill, such as:

   #pet Dash

This will add an autocast overlay showing you the status of the 'Dash' skill. To make a macro act like a normal pet skill button, be sure to include a /petautocasttoggle command on right click, such as:

   #showtooltip Dash
   #pet Dash
   /petautocasttoggle [button:2]Dash
   /cast [nobutton:2]Dash

The #pet command can accept macro modifiers like [mod:shift]. The following would allow you to control both Growl and Dash depending on whether or not you are holding shift:

   #pet [mod:shift]Dash;Growl
   /petautocasttoggle [button:2,mod:shift]Dash;[button:2]Growl
   /cast [button:1,mod:shift]Dash;[button:1]Growl

PetOverlay 2.0 now includes support for showing pet stance and pet movement buttons:

   #petstance Passive

Pet stance macros also support macro conditionals:

   #petstance [mod:ctrl]Follow;[mod:shift]Stay;Passive
   /petfollow [mod:ctrl]
   /petstay [mod:shift]
   /petpassive [nomod:shift]

A macro can contain either #pet or #petstance but not both.

r37 | cybermind | 2014-12-05 11:38:57 +0000 (Fri, 05 Dec 2014) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /tags/v2.0 (from /trunk:36)

tagging as v2.0
r36 | cybermind | 2014-12-05 11:38:28 +0000 (Fri, 05 Dec 2014) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/PetOverlay.lua
   M /trunk/PetOverlay.toc
   D /trunk/PetOverlay.xml

added support for pet stance overlay (thick yellow "active spell" border) in macros


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  • #23

    Is there some special trick to making Pet Stances glow for the active stance?  "#pet passive" doesn't seem to work, nor does "#pet passive(pet stance)".  Is this one of those strange protected frame features?

  • #25

    Try out version 2.0 which supports the #petstance tag. See the description above for help.

  • #21

    Just now getting back into WoW, I will work on this and update hopefully by the weekend.

  • #22

    Everything still worked, just gave it a TOC bump so it's not considered out of date

  • #17
    Is this going to get updated for 4.--- ??
  • #18
    1 - Download the addon;
    2 - Unpack it;
    3 - Open the file named PetOverlay.lua on wordpad, notepad, or anything similar;
    4 - replace 'GetSpellName' with 'GetSpellBookItemName'.

    It should work again.
  • #19
    I'm on a break from WoW, but I will try to get a new version out there.

    Can anyone else confirm that perera_eu's fix works with 4.x?
  • #20
    confirmed, with this, i got the yellow border back, and can turn it on/off again
  • #14
    I have released a beta that I think will support nUI (and will definitely support Bartender, thanks to stritzi). Let me know if you have any problems with these 2 addons specifically.
  • #16
    As another aside, any bar addon author can just call ActionButton_Update on its buttons everytime the PET_BAR_UPDATE event fires and it will automatically update the PetOverlay shine status (although it would probably be more resource-efficient to just include the entire functionality internally).
  • #15
    As an aside, there has been no change except for the support for the 2 bar addons, so you don't need to upgrade unless you use either of them or you want to stop having to check the "Load out of date addons" box.
  • #11
    this doesnt seem to work with nUI 4.20. the spell "shine" display correctly. doesnt toggle off for some spells, doesnt come on for some either. now all spells just get the yellow "using" outline around them when i toggle them, and it doesnt correctly show if theyre toggled on or not.

    no error messages.
  • #12
    the addon only contains an update-method for standart- and dominos-actionbars, for every other addon you have to add an own update-method
  • #10
    This has become one of the staple and most useful addon currently for hunters who have problems with the autocast Cower bug. This addon allows us to now monitor the autocast spells that come on unintentionally. I sincerely hope the author of this does continue with his work for 3.0.8 and so forth...
    Just edit the macro to suit you.
  • #9

    replace the old lua-file with this one and it should work
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