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  • World of Warcraft
  • 85 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.0.4
  • 43,134 Total Downloads
  • Updated 08/28/2012
  • Created 03/13/2009
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: PetShop Final

About PetShop

Ever been somewhere and found a pet/companion you can buy, current toon already knows it but what about your alts?  Should you buy some extras for your alts?  If so, how many?  Up until know it was a guessing game.  Not anymore!  PetShop will let you know which alts already have it and which alts need it.

Final - There does not seem to be a need for PetShop anymore. :( I have removed all code and SavedVariables for people who do not uninstall the addon. It has been fun, hope to see you again soon with a more useful addon in the future.

20120828 - Updated ToC for 5.0.4 patch and added some new Mounts/Companions. File contains data for 297 Critters and 421 Mounts.

20120709 - Added some new Mounts/Companions. File contains data for 291 Critters and 417 Mounts.

20120418 - Added some new Mounts/Companions. File contains data for 274 Critters and 364 Mounts.

20111130 - Updated ToC for 4.3 patch and added some new Mounts/Companions. File contains data for 264 Critters and 338 Mounts.

20110719 - Added more Companions and Mounts. File contains data for 247 Critters and 331 Mounts.

20110628 - Updated TOC for 4.2 patch. Added more Companions and Mounts. File contains data for 240 Critters and 328 Mounts.

20110429 - Added more Companions and Mounts. File contains data for 240 Critters and 326 Mounts.

20110425 - Updated TOC for 4.1 patch.

20110321 - Added a bunch of new Companions and Mounts.

20101017 - Updated TOC and added a count to the number of toons that need the pet/mount.

20100914 - Stripped PetShop back down to it's simplist form. Sorry, been away from WoW doing Real Life programming. Hopefully I can get back into Wow a little more now!

3.3.0 - Added ChatThrottleLib to control the flow of Addon Message traffic.  Hopefully this should fix the disconnection problems. Rewrote the send message routines to be more efficient and reduce the amount of traffic generated.

3.2.4 - Cleaned the code and added localizations.  Should fully support guild members.

3.2.3 - Never released, internal guild testing ONLY!

3.2.2 - Now supports alts in opposite factions on the same server and guildmates who also run PetShop 3.2.2+  Due to a complete rewrite of the addon, AGAIN, it will automatically reset your Saved Variables when you first run the new version.  Use "/petshop" for a list of options available in the new version.  Next version will hopefully contain a GUI for config.

3.2.0 - Due to a complete rewrite you will need to type "/petshop reset" once to clear all the old data. Then just logon with each toon once to repopulate the database.

3.0.5 - Now has the ability to Ignore a toon.

3.0.4 - I sure hope all those bug I introduced in 3.0.3 have been removed!

3.0.3 - Hopefully removed a version compare bug in 3.0.2!

3.0.2 - Now has much cleaner code and a smaller footprint!

3.0.1 - Now works with the Companion Frame. Due to changes to the database upgrading from 3.0.0 to 3.0.1 will require a database reset. This is done automatically and only requires a reload of each toon to repopulate the database.

3.0.0 - Initial release


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  • #35

    I like the Idea of

    [19:43:23] Need to capture a [Forest Spiderling] battle pet for [World Safari]!
    [19:44:22] We are battling a [Uncommon Forest Spiderling] and a [Common Long-tailed Mole]!

    Tho i did modify it for the time being as i would like to see a on/off for it (Show it or NOT show it)

    Also look into maybe not notifying on Doubles or maybe put a cooldown on it to do it again for the same mob after a certain amount of time has passed(maybe make that time configurable)

    Last edited by DiggityMan on 10/7/2012 12:10:23 AM
  • #33

    I have an Alpha version of PetShop up if anyone wants to check it out.

    Does things like...

    [19:43:23] Need to capture a [Forest Spiderling] battle pet for [World Safari]!
    [19:44:22] We are battling a [Uncommon Forest Spiderling] and a [Common Long-tailed Mole]!

  • #34 great so far Smile

    Thank you very much!

  • #32

    Hello how nice it is having progress.

    Beware how you are building, see for example the Pet Counter ( it tests whether you have the pet based on NAME's pet if the player give a new name to the pet addon can no longer check whether you already have this pet.

    Pay attention to the comments below Nullberri in the page PetCounter, he identifies some errors that are occurring not construction of addons pets.

    I also suggest that accompany addons PetJournal Enhanced ('s own Nullberri which is very good and the addon PetJournalEx ( downloads/info21334-PetJournalEx.html) who seems to have a future, but still has some bugs, your addon and these 2 are completed, everyone has different functionality.

    good luck!

    Last edited by nomadbr on 9/10/2012 10:59:58 AM


  • #29

    so ... as we are?

    anything new?

    I would suggest that frees up access to translations of addon Portuguese (BR) and Spanish (which are too liguagens standards of wow).

    still waiting with much anxiety ... and is doing VERY lacking.

    even more!


  • #30

    If you have access to WoW Beta send me an E-Mail to [email protected] and I will E-Mail the beta version of PetShop. I am making good progress and should be ready to release the new PetShop before 9/25/2012.

    Rakreo of Duskwood

  • #31

    Great news - thanks, Rakreo!

  • #26

    If you could make thid addon say "Already known" if you know a pet but have less than three of  them that would be awesome

    Current wow UI only says already known if you have 3 of every pet, meanwhile it's not even possible to carry that many pets total.

    Or you could put "Already known (1, 2 or 3)" Loved this addon for ages now

  • #19
    PetShop is gone! :(

    PetShop seems to be dead. Now that pets/mounts are combined there does not seem to be a need for PetShop. It has been a good run. Thanks to all of the people who made PetShop fun to work on. Hope to see everyone soon with some other useful addon!

    Rakreo of Duskwood

  • #21

    No! It can still be useful! With the new system of pets you can have up to 3x the same pet BUT and if you want to have just one of each? how to control? when you hover the icon soure of consumable item there is no information that the pet has already been learned because you can learn it again, utter ~ the addon can be refurbished for this! Warn when the pet has already been learned, and how often you already have it. What do you think?


  • #28

    Please please please make this mod. It is very annoying not knowing whether you have a pet or not. This would become my new favorite mod

  • #27

    PRETTY GOOD! @.@ must need....


  • #25

    Wow, you had a great idea! My Beta account is still active so I started playing around today. Here is a rough draft of what I threw together before they shut the severs down for another patch.

    Screenshot 1

    Screenshot 2

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!  Thanks!

  • #24

    Please release soon, we need @. @

    Include only the following message: Own: X

    X = Number of  pets equals

    my suggestion :)


  • #23

    I totally aggree with Nomadbr!

    Please, a lot of the information given with the addon is better then what the game gives!

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