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PetTracker Broker

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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.2.0
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  • Updated 07/01/2015
  • Created 02/25/2013
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 6.2
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About PetTracker Broker


Displays your pet catching progress on a broker display (ex: Titan Panel). Shows you at a glance how many pets in you're missing, how many you're already own and their qualities.

Requires PetTracker.

Tested With

Unsupported By

The following are known not to comply to the broker specifications/standards, and hence may not work with PetTracker Broker:


  • For errors and feature requests, please post a ticket. You may post comments as well, but you will get our attention much faster there.
  • Visit me at
  • Updated for Fury of Hellfire
  • Updated for patch 6.1
  • Bugfixes! Everyone loves bugfixes!
  • Updated for The Iron Tide.
  • The mouseover tooltip now should work with almost any addon.
  • Updated for Siege of Ogrimmar.
  • Updated for patch Escalation.
  • Updated for latest PetTracker version
  • Updated for patch The Thunder King
  • Initial release

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  • #20

    I use Bazooka bar and while the numbers on the bar display properly the tooltip doesn't work. It shows the progress bar but all other information isn't there. The tooltip border looks like it's broken and going above the screen. 


    BTW the "Tickets" for this addon are not turned on so I can't leave one with a screenshot.

    Last edited by SilverShadow on 10/18/2014 11:44:15 AM
    SilverShadow Nightblade

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  • #22

    I'm getting the same thing but I'm using Titan Panel

  • #21

    I'm seeing the same tooltip drawing issue in Bazooka. I switched out to Chocolate Bar to test, since it was given the "ok" below, but there was no difference.

    Thanks for your work on these addons, Jaliborc!

  • #18

    Timeless Isle works fine now since the last update, however some of the other Pandaria areas are showing odd results on the bar (pet tracker broker) and on the map for example vale of eternal blossoms shows 6/11 although the drop down menu correctly shows that I have 6/7, and valley of the four winds shows 15/23, the drop down menu shows I have 15 pets, plus the tiny green carp which I haven't got, and then 2 icons without names against them, one looks like an imperial silkworm (which I have and is listed further down) and the other looks like some sort of chicken or turkey. On the map near farmer Nishi there is a flying icon and when you mouse over it it just says pet battle valley of the four winds. Not sure if the problem is the pet tracker update or the broker bar.

  • #19

    Same here, lots of odd numbers & gaps showing up in various zones not just ones in Pandaria.

    I clicked the ticket link above but it doesnt let me post a ticket for some reason.

    Hope to see a fix when the author has the time spare, excellent addons to make looking for missing pets much easier.

    Last edited by Reeb on 10/23/2013 6:30:47 AM
  • #15

    Since the latest update to pet tracker, this doesn't display properly on titan bar any more. The drop down menu works fine but the numbers on titan bar are wrong, eg it might show 0/7 no matter how many pets you have caught in the zone. It does seem to show some quest and vendor pets so some zones show 1/x (x being the total number of pets available in that zone).

  • #16

    To fix this issue open the BROKER.LUA file in the PetTracker_Broker addon folder and change line 69.


    owned = owned + #progress[i]


    owned = owned + progress[i].total

  • #17

    Thanks, that worked. I had to open it in Wordpad as Notepad wouldn't show it properly.

    Last edited by Kateuk on 8/14/2013 10:30:40 AM
  • #14

    Chocolate Bar now complies to the broker specifications, and hence now supports PetTracker Broker!

    Developer of addons such as Bagnon, OmniCC, PetTracker and Scrap.
    Visit me at

  • #11

    Latest update of PetTracker seems to not work with this anymore, when this is enable I don't see any pets on the map anymore like that addon does. Happen right after he updated his addon. So for now I have this one disable.

    Also love support for Elvui data text, it works and shows up, but when I mosue over it, list doesn't pop up so something between this addon and elvui is not working together.

  • #13

    Then ElvUI is not properly complying to the DataBroker standard. This is something to be fixed on the ElvUI side, not mine.

    Developer of addons such as Bagnon, OmniCC, PetTracker and Scrap.
    Visit me at

  • #10

    Could there be an option to only count the wild pets?  I use this to track what wild pets I'm missing and I don't care about the others while using this plugin.

    BTW, it works great with Bazooka.

  • #9

    Is ther a way to get it to work with

    Last edited by MartinL on 4/1/2013 12:22:51 PM
  • #12

     I do not understand your question. This is a broker plugin, and has nothing to do with the objectives tracker. What do you mean?

    Developer of addons such as Bagnon, OmniCC, PetTracker and Scrap.
    Visit me at

  • #8
    WorldMap Zone Change Issue

    Tried to post a ticket using the link above but recieved a permissions error.

    When viewing the main map the blips show properly for my current zone. However changing zones on the map does not refresh the blips and the ones from the current zone remain. Adding the following code back to the WorldMap.lua file appears to have fixed this for me.

     hooksecurefunc('WorldMapFrame_Update', function()   self:UpdateBlips()  end)

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