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  • World of Warcraft
  • 19 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.0.5
  • 1,802 Total Downloads
  • Updated 09/20/2012
  • Created 02/04/2012
  • 4 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: r6

About PicoMount

Summons a random mount and companion.

To use do the following:

Step 1: Go to the Game Menu/Interface/Addons/PicoMount, click the Configure button, and select the mounts you would like to be randomly summoned.
Step 2: Create a macro with the following command: /picomount mount
Step 3: Drag your macro to a slot on one of your bars and click it to summon a random mount and companion!


- Can select which mounts and companions to use
- Summons a mount suitable for your location
- Summons a random companion when you mount (I've disabled random companion summoning for the mean time. It's not working since 5.0.4)
- Dismiss your companion when stealthed
- Can summons a flying mount on the surface of water

9/20/2012 (r6)

- Fixed a nil reference when using the addon for the 1st time.

9/15/2012 (r5)

- The correct mount should now be summoned when switching to a cross-realm zone.
- Disabled the random companion summoning until I figure out the new Blizzard pet UI.

8/28/2012 (r4)

- Moved the PicoMount button (now called Configure) to the Interface/Addons panel
- The addon should load a little bit later and should no longer corrupt the lists

4/7/2012 (r3)

- Fix summoning of Blazing Drake and X-51 Nether-Rocket Extreme when submerged

2/12/2012 (r2)

- Added Subdued Seahorse and Riding Turtle to the aquatic lists
- Resorts the lists on login and when learning a new mount/companion

2/4/2012 (r1)

- Initial release

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  • #9

    Hi, is there anyway to force the addon to summon a groundmount when im in a flying allowed zone? is that something you would think of adding to the addon.

    Its just sometimes when i need to move a short distance or am in a small area i prefer to use groundmounts not a big drake etc. ATM i have jsut the 1 macro which will use a flyer always.

  • #7

    I received this error message.

    1x PicoMount\PicoMount-r5.lua:150: attempt to index global "PicoMountVars" (a nil value)
    PicoMount\PicoMount-r5.lua:150: in function "PMGetMounts"
    PicoMount\PicoMount-r5.lua:47: in function <PicoMount\PicoMount.lua:36>

    self = PicoMount {
    0 = <userdata>
    event = "PLAYER_LOGIN"
    arg1 = nil
    DBVersion = 1

    Last edited by Rustyboy on 9/20/2012 4:33:31 AM
  • #8


    Fixed in r6!! It should appear on curse in a few hours.

  • #6

    The UI is great but it would be even better if you could add these bindings :

    • Invoke Mount
    • Invoke Companion

    Indeed, I don't really like the fact to invoke mount AND companion at the same time.
    And by the way, to include the swim form of the druid.
    Thanks in advance.

  • #5

    Any chance that Druid Flight Forms and Travel Form will be made usable with this? It'd be quite nice to be able to use the same addon for all of my characters.

  • #4

    Really love your addon; no need to run two addons to get random mounts & companions anymore ^^ Thank you.

    I was wondering if there was a way to setup one macro so PicoMount only selects from your chosen random ground mounts say "/picomount ground" and another macro which only summons your chosen random flying mount "/picomount flying"?

  • #10

    /picomount mount
    is the generic and works as intended but I really appreciate if it will be possible to use also:

    /picomount ground
    /picomount flying
    /picomount repair



  • #1

    Since this latest patch (28 Feb 2012), it doesn't generate an error message, but also attempts to summon ALL mounts randomly, ignoring location or preference selections.

  • #2

    I've seen this bug myself 2 or 3 times so far. Relogging (not reload ui) seems to fix the problem. I don't know yet what is causing it.


  • #3

    I attempted relogging. Perhaps it's working for you, but not on my machine. Strange. I'm confident you'll figure it out though.

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