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PitBull Unit Frames 4.0

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 37,579 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.2.0
  • 3,886,828 Total Downloads
  • Updated 06/25/2015
  • Created 08/01/2008
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  • Release Type: Beta
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v4.0.0-beta56
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About PitBull Unit Frames 4.0

PitBull4 is a continuation of PitBull.

Differences from PitBull 3:

  • It's mostly done, but not entirely done thus why there are still only betas (despite this it is still very stable).
  • Documentation is written before functions
  • Much easier for third-party extensions.
  • Options will be much, much simpler. In 3.0, there's about 200 panels that you can mess with, it's overwhelming. I want to bring this down to somewhere around 10.
    • Layouts are defined deterministically and unit groups use the layout rather than ad-hoc layouts on a per-unit basis. This will make setting up your unit frames far, far easier.
    • Due to some decisions made, 4.0 is actually more configurable than 3.0. As a layout designer, you will have a lot more control over how things look. You can have different fonts on the same frame, different textures, more precise positioning, and a whole slough of other things.
  • CPU Efficiency will be taken much more seriously.
  • It uses Ace3 instead of Rock.



If you want to help localize PitBull in your language, go to

Forum thread:

tag v4.0.0-beta56
Benjamin Staneck <>
2015-06-25 23:46:11 +0200


Benjamin Staneck:
    - remove Aspect of the Fox and Amplify Magic from aura filters. They are gone. RIP.
    - Update TOC for Patch 6.2
Kyle Buller:
    - remove cooldown alpha hooks, was fixed in 6.1
Benjamin Staneck:
    - more indentation fixes
Kyle Buller:
    - add WordWrap() for LuaText to enable multi-line texts
Benjamin Staneck:
    - fix indenting
    - add Hand of Gul'dan back to Warlock debuffs


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  • #4576

    hello. i have been using pitbull since ~BC  and i like the flexibility of it. The most annoying problem i have with it,  is...  that sometimes it is very hard to leave a raid :) the way i usually do it is right click (mine set to ctrl+alt+shift+right) to my player frame and choose leave raid.  but when the raid composition changes, the dropdown menu disappears. that means if players keep leaving or joining rapidly,  like in lfr, or these new Tanaan rare groupss. i try to click the leave raid option before the dropdown menu disappears for like a minute,  then i am fed up, and just paste /script LeaveParty(); in my chat :)

  • #4574

    After saying that I finally hcange curse to upload beta >.< loooks like that fixed my font problome now I just need to find out why it have MT on my water pet.

  • #4575

    Blame Blizzard for the MT on the Water Elemental.  I have no idea why but the UnitCreatureFamily("pet") returns "MT - Water Elemental".  You can see this for yourself:

    /dump UnitCreatureFamily("pet")

  • #4570

    Went to try out frost and my pet has MT - Water Elemental on the mana bar I know it normaly says just Water Elemental but since the last last patch messing up the text and name and still doing that the MT part is now messing up everyone and I don't see how you can turn that off if even can. It shows up on the pet, target and tool tip so I can't think it just this add on but it does take up like most of the mana and still goes out of the bar.

  • #4571

    THen again pitbull 4 has been in "beta" forever mayhbe that whys it's no longer working right.

  • #4572

    ANd it is pitbull i turn every other mod off but PT4 and there is my pet with bis giant MT on it

  • #4569

    Hello, i was wondering if i could get some help making a code for my PitBull UnitFrame, I've been trying to figure out how i can get the health to be 286560 (Current) insted of 286560/286560 (Max) and the mana to be 32000 (Current) insted of 32000/32000 (Max)

    I want the Mana and Health Under eachotther as you can se below here, here you see whatt i have and whatt i want.

    <WHATT I WANT> "Below"


    286560 - Health Bar Color
    32000 - Power Bar Color

    <WHATT I HAVE> "Below"


    32000/32000 286560/286560

    "btw if you didn't know whatt this box thing is "below"

    It's just a model to explain 
    to you where my Health/Mana bars 
    are nothing else so don't get comfused.

    Last edited by Fendoran93 on 6/9/2015 8:38:04 PM
  • #4568

    Is anyone still working on this addon? No comments or ticket updates that I can see.

  • #4573

    NOpe looks like we have another dead one

  • #4567

    I cannot figure out for the life of me how to enable the assist icon. I have leader icon selected, and it shows who has leader, but nothing for assist. Someone please help. =D

  • #4566

    In configuration mode, when i choose Raid, it also shows Party. But when i try to configure Party it only shows Party. I'm actually a bit afraid of trying it out in raids if it will also show party frame in there.

    Also, I cannot change the width and hight of my party and raid frames. They don't appear under Units.

    Last edited by Coffeegirl on 5/18/2015 6:02:41 PM
  • #4565

    Hey im heaving a problem with my Totem display. When i want to dismiss my totem by rightklicking blizzard wont let me to this blocked function bla bla whatever, we all know this. I tried a script macro to destroy my totem "  /script DestroyTotem(1);  " it won't let me do this either. script is blocking bla bla blizzard ui only.... bullsh't. So i wanted to disable the totems and now i have no display of my totems at all. Do i oversee an option where i can enable the blizzard totembar after disabled the pitbull one?

    Or a suggestion for another addon that let me destroy/dismiss my totem?

    thanks a lot,

    Evânna EU-Ulduar/Gilneas

  • #4564

    I'm having two issues:
    I can't uncheck gaps for missing pets for party and raid pets.
    Whenever I switch the strata to either background or low, my buffs won't stop blinking. Disabling weapon enchants under aura -> display seems to alleviate the problem, but they still blink when a buff goes away or a new one appears—not all the time like before.

    Last edited by Miro78 on 4/25/2015 4:40:21 AM
  • #4563

    So this has been happening for a while, apologies in advance for not posting as soon as it started so that it would be easy to figure out exactly which version "broke" it. =(

    I have my buffs/debuffs showing on my player portrait, and now whenever I log in or /reloadui with existing buffs the little spiral cooldown timer doesn't work or show up. For example, Mark of the Wild on my Druid. If I log in with this buff already on, it'll show up with an accurate duration, but the faded pie timer thing just won't appear or start counting down. If I cancel the buff and reapply it, or simply cast it again to refresh it, the pie timer fader thingie will appear and start counting down as expected, but that's the only way to make it work.

    This happens on every single alt, for every single buff that has a timer. Mark on my Druid, Poisons on my Rogue, Shouts on my Warrior, etc.

  • #4562

    Does anyone know if it's possible to detach bars from the unit frames? I keep my player UF in the top left corner of the screen, and I'd like my cast bar to be centered and a lot larger. If not, is it possible to keep dual unit frames? If it is, I guess I could just keep two separate player frames, one in the top left corner and without a cast bar, and one centered and click-through that is ONLY the cast bar.

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