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PitBull Unit Frames 4.0

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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.1.0
  • 3,825,300 Total Downloads
  • Updated 03/03/2015
  • Created 08/01/2008
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  • Release Type: Beta
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v4.0.0-beta55
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About PitBull Unit Frames 4.0

PitBull4 is a continuation of PitBull.

Differences from PitBull 3:

  • It's mostly done, but not entirely done thus why there are still only betas (despite this it is still very stable).
  • Documentation is written before functions
  • Much easier for third-party extensions.
  • Options will be much, much simpler. In 3.0, there's about 200 panels that you can mess with, it's overwhelming. I want to bring this down to somewhere around 10.
    • Layouts are defined deterministically and unit groups use the layout rather than ad-hoc layouts on a per-unit basis. This will make setting up your unit frames far, far easier.
    • Due to some decisions made, 4.0 is actually more configurable than 3.0. As a layout designer, you will have a lot more control over how things look. You can have different fonts on the same frame, different textures, more precise positioning, and a whole slough of other things.
  • CPU Efficiency will be taken much more seriously.
  • It uses Ace3 instead of Rock.



If you want to help localize PitBull in your language, go to

Forum thread:

tag v4.0.0-beta55
Benjamin Staneck <>
2015-03-03 22:02:03 +0100


Kyle Buller:
    - Update Priest and Warlock aura filters
    - Add "Boss debuff" aura filter
    - disable word wrapping on font string controls (6.1 fix)
    - disable word wrapping on font string controls (6.1 fix)
Benjamin Staneck:
    - Alabaster Shield was removed in 6.1
    - Update TOC for Patch 6.1
    - Add Clarity of Will to Priest friend buff filter.
    - Fix arrow/diamond graphic on the Eclipse indicator.
    - Eclipse: Fix icons for lunar/solar peaks, Blizzard changed the spell ids and then didn't bother to update their own constants.
    - Fix weapon enchant display in Aura module (mostly fishing lures now).
Kyle Buller:
    - Remove the promoted restriction for Ready Check Icon
    - Auras: update Paladin filters
    - Aura: update Death Knight filters
    - Aura: update Warrior filters
    - Aura: update Mage filters
    - Aura: update Hunter filters
    - Aura: update Death Knight in "My class can purge" meta
    - Aura: add Death Knight and Warrior purge checks and fix Druid dispel checks
    - Aura: add Rejuvenation (Germination) to Druid friend buffs
    - Chi: increase max possible chi to 6
    - make sure BarModule:UpdateFrame is only returning a boolean
    - Aura: set the swipe color on update to also update the effective alpha
    - Aura: readd the unchanged check before setting the cooldown to minimize flickering


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  • #2729
    Can you add more options for customizing the eclipse bar, holy power bar?
    So you can customize e.g. width and height.

    Would love to could make them look like the Tukui bars.
    Which do not take away a percentage of the player frame in height but attach to direct above or below the player frame.
  • #2734
    I went to the TukUI website... couldn't find any screenshots with their eclipse bar or their holy power bar. I am not going to dl a UI replacement just to figure out what something looks like... so if you want to link to a screenshot of what you like that you see... that would be helpful.

    PB4 does allow you to resize the indicators. You can also not use "Position as bar" and have it above or below the player frame. (Or on the left side or right side vertically)

    All bars that you position as a bar are sized in relation to each other... so if you want a bar that's 1 high you set it to 1 and if you want a bar that is twice as big you set it to 2, 4 times as big set it to 4. If you want a larger player frame (which would in turn make all the bars themselves larger then resize the whole frame.
  • #2775
    Sorry, I should have added a screenshot in the beginning.
    So here it is:

    If you position the eclipse bar as a bar and set the size correctly, you get pretty much the same result.
    But the problem is if I switch into a state where the eclipse bar is not displayed (cat form, bear form), I have a bigger health and power bar, because they fill the empty place of the ecplise bar.

    So it would be better to set the height/width in pixel instead the size to each other.
  • #2787
    In furtherance of my earlier comments, I spoke to Shefki about this tonight over dinner. (yes we really are that interesting of dinner companions) and he mentioned there were some limitations with using indicators not as bar as far as sizing goes.

    However... that being said... the unnamed development plan that I thought would be a good solution for you.... he confirmed would indeed work as I thought which will give you the flexibility you are looking for.

    So check back in a Blizzard Soon!
  • #2784
    Thanks for the image. It helped.

    I can see where you are interested in more flexibility with the sizing as you want to actually grow the frame size by adding it, instead of keeping frame size the same, which is more what the non-position as bar option is more about, but that section tends to be more scaling not just scaling one way which is more what you are after.

    I think one of the current development plans will be the solution you are looking for... its just not ready for deployment yet. And yes that's as frustrating an answer as a Blizzard soon(tm), but its the best I can offer today.
  • #2728
    Can you please, please add a underwater Breath indicator, been waiting forever!
  • #2733
    If you really, really want to get an enhancement you should comment on and vote up the ticket requesting it on wowace. (Same Login and PW as here).

    As far as priorities go... we tend to fix bugs first and if we are working on a feature that will fix multiple requests at once... those tend to move up the line. (ie, this solution will solve the ticket requests of 10 different tickets!) So we aren't ignoring requests... it just takes time to get to all of them.

    Remember that addons fall into the "hobby" category for the majority of authors. Real Life jobs have to come first. (I know its not visible but, Shefki does put a huge amount of effort into PB4. We haven't been out to a movie in months!)

    So I know you don't want to hear it... but please be patient. :)
  • #2735
    Ok, I upvoted and commented!
  • #2723
    Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans... if responses are slow its because I'm making turkey dinner today! :D
  • #2720
    Is it possible to detach items like indicators, portraits, text from a frame, like the playerframe? And place them whereever on the screen?
  • #2722
    Not at this time. It is a feature we would like to implement but its not currently available.
  • #2718
    Pitbull is hijacking my buffs/debuffs. I can't see my standard blizzard UI buffs/debuffs with it on or even with another addon. Is there anyway to fix this?
  • #2719
    Hide Blizzard Frames and uncheck "Buffs/Debuffs"

    (PS this info is in the FAQ)
  • #2716
    I've been having a bit of a problem with party and raid frames. I am currently updated to the beta19.

    The main problem seems to be Pitbull not recognizing players, or associating the wrong name with players. For example: one name displayed multiple times, or in some cases a "party/raid member #2" displays in place of a player's name.

    Also, is it possible to make the aggro/debuff border "glow" instead of just replacing the border's color? To make it more easily noticeable.

  • #2721
    Please add any steps you take that will replicate this issue. It was noticed in version 16, we put in a fix for version 19 but it seems there are still a few reports of it still occurring... any assistance you can give on when you see the issue would be appreciated. We are trying to track this down.

    There are a few different options on the border, thick, thin, etc, as well has design choices. You might want to try a different option to see if it achieves the look you are going for.
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