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PitBull Unit Frames 4.0

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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.0.3
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  • Updated 11/06/2014
  • Created 08/01/2008
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  • Release Type: Beta
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v4.0.0-beta54
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About PitBull Unit Frames 4.0

PitBull4 is a continuation of PitBull.

Differences from PitBull 3:

  • It's mostly done, but not entirely done thus why there are still only betas (despite this it is still very stable).
  • Documentation is written before functions
  • Much easier for third-party extensions.
  • Options will be much, much simpler. In 3.0, there's about 200 panels that you can mess with, it's overwhelming. I want to bring this down to somewhere around 10.
    • Layouts are defined deterministically and unit groups use the layout rather than ad-hoc layouts on a per-unit basis. This will make setting up your unit frames far, far easier.
    • Due to some decisions made, 4.0 is actually more configurable than 3.0. As a layout designer, you will have a lot more control over how things look. You can have different fonts on the same frame, different textures, more precise positioning, and a whole slough of other things.
  • CPU Efficiency will be taken much more seriously.
  • It uses Ace3 instead of Rock.



If you want to help localize PitBull in your language, go to

Forum thread:

tag v4.0.0-beta54
Kyle Buller <>
2014-11-06 03:04:47 -0600

Tagging as v4.0.0-beta54


Kyle Buller:
    - FaderModule: correct the Aura module check so the alpha is updated again
    - Anchor indicators to the bar directly unless there is an icon set, in which case anchor to the fg/bg texture as done previously. Also update the layout when setting an icon to make sure textures are corrected on always shown bars. Hopefully fixes #1076 once and for all.
    - Aura: update Priest filtered spell (Echo of Light, Power Infusion, Power Word: Solace, Spectral Guise, Void Tendril)
    - FaderModule: don't error if the Aura module isn't found and update comments to reference ticket 1084


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  • #972
    How do you change the color of non-player health bars (i.e. change it from the basic green)?

    Health Bar, and then just alter the 3 colors (max/mid/min hp), right? But that doesn't work for me.

    I have read the guide at + have had no trouble juggling 5 different layouts. But I can't figure out how to customize the non-player UF colors.
  • #973
    If you have NPCs set to color by hostility, which you probably do, then you're looking for Colors, Reaction. These same colors are also used for the reputation bar. Which is also colored by your hostility with the faction. Though I don't think Hostile and Civilian are used by anything other than the health bars. But that's where what you're looking for is.
  • #968
    I´m having difficulties setting up a frame for party targets. Either I have party members or they change to party targets but I cant get both to show at the same time like pitbull3 had.
  • #971
    You need to make a new group. Then set the Unit group dropdown for that group to Party targets. Right now it sounds like you're using the Unit group dropdown to switch to the group you want when you really want to use the Current group dropdown which is further up at the top. Note that you can make as many groups as you want and that we don't come with predefined groups for everything.
  • #966
    I posted a month ago and didn't receive a response, so I'll repost. Is there a way to mouse over target and group member buffs/ debuffs and see the buff name and/or time left on the buff. You can do this for the player buffs/ debuffs but I can't find a way to do this for any other frame. Thanks
  • #969
    Sounds like you have the Click-through option set on those other layouts. If we don't capture the mouse then we can't tell that the mouse is in the frame for tooltips. Sorry.
  • #965
    Currently I am using Pitbull4, bartender, and quartz. Is there a way to move the loot roll window? Currently it is at the bottom dead center of my screen, and of course I have all my buttons down there. It is a real inconvenience to say the least.

    Anyways... How do I move that sucker?
  • #967
    The loot window frame might be moveable with Bartender, but I'm not 100% sure on that. I do know it's moveable with Dominos, a bar mod similar to Bartender.
  • #964
    I am using this addon along with bartender and quartz. I am having an issue with the roll window popping up directly at the bottom middle of my screen.

    Of course I setup my buttons there and it is really aggravating not being able to see them every time someone battle loots.

    Anyone got any ideas?
  • #970
    We don't do anything to the roll window. It's got to be some other addon.
  • #960
    I switched from X-perl to Pitbull unit frames, i used hideblizzard addon to force remove the player and target frames.

    But after i installed pitbull, i have problems with removing the original player and target frame, it keeps popping back up each time i /reload or load to instaces. So i removed hideblizzard frame addon, and used the build-inn pitbull remove blizz frames, and still the player/target frame keeps showing up (each time i load). Any idea how to permanently remove the player and target frame?
  • #961
    Let me guess you use HealBot?

    From the FAQ linked above:
    I have the Blizzard Player and Target frames set to hide in PitBull4 but they keep turning back, how do I fix this?
    You're probably running HealBot or some other addon that is showing them again. You can configure HealBot to also hide them under Skins, General and have both the Hide party frames and Include player and target boxes checked. Incidentally, the HealBot author could keep track of which frames his addon hid and stop showing frames he didn't hide and thus stop overriding other addons settings.
  • #963
    Thank you, that did the trick!
  • #959
    Is there a way to set it up so the buffs/debuffs on the target frame are setup such that the buffs take up the whole bottom of the target of the frame (mutiple rows) and the debuffs then start a new row after the last row of buffs?

    I guess it would require an anchor spot on the "buff" frame so you could anchor to the buffs instead of the unit frame.
  • #962
    Not at this time.
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