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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.0.2
  • 76,834 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/17/2014
  • Created 04/22/2009
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: MIT License
  • Newest File: 0.56
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About PitBull4_AuraBar

This is a continuation of PitBull_LifebloomBar, but more flexible, to use with ckknight's new PitBull4. Since botch AuraBar and PitBull4 are still beta, do not expect everything to work all the time.

AuraBar allows for additional bars to be displayed, each tracking the duration of your buff on the unit, to allow you to quickly assess the status of your hots/dots.

-Watching all of your buffs and debuffs on all units PB4 provides
-Limit the timer bars lenght, to have all hots/dots an the same timescale
-Choose a custom bar color, or have it green/yellow/red depending on time remaining!

Feedback of any kind is very welcome!
-Vaeyl of Nozdormu

2014-10-17  Vaeyl of Nozdormu  <Vaeyl of Nozdormu>

[b93869c158b0] [0.56]
* PitBull4_AuraBar.lua PitBull4_AuraBar.toc

Bumped toc, removed check for PB4


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  • #39

    Project shows up as inactive.

    This needs a simple TOC update and the removal of the first line from LUA code to be compatible with 6.0.2


    Any chance of an official update vaeyl?

  • #40

    That I can do. I cannot test it myself at the moment, though, so if something breaks, you're on your own until WoD =)

  • #41

    Thanks for the prompt response.

    Mine has been working fine, did a few raids last night plus heroics with several different setups for AuraBar and everything worked perfectly. I manually changed my LUA and TOC.

    Last edited by Extortion on 10/17/2014 9:02:38 PM
  • #34
    Hey! I'm using this addon quite a while but now it's outdated for two patches already. Will it ever be updated again or should I look for another addon? =(
  • #35
    There you are. Toc bump only, though. After all, it works fine at the moment. If you miss features, please ask for them! =)
  • #38

    Tried to fix this, try it now, please.

  • #37

    Hmm.. it works on my machine. Are you sure that this addon is the culprit? It really does not do anything funky.

  • #36

    So, yeah it worked fine but now it doesn't anymore =(

    When I try to put a glyph into the glyph book, it says that aura bar causes an error and must be disabled.

    It would be really nice if you could update it, because I love this addon and I can't imagine playing without it :/

  • #33
    It would be useful if I could copy a bar from unit layout to unit layout. Atm I'm re-creating three bars for each layout I use.
  • #31

    I've been wanting a tracker like this for some time now, and even after trying at least 3 other unitframe addons, I always came back to Pitbull4 because I just prefer it so much. Now that I have this, Pitbull4 is perfect. Please never let this die! lol it's so extremely useful.
  • #32
    Also! I see that this has been out quite awhile. But my discovery of it came today. /cry for my slowness in discovering it.
  • #29
    As of 4.06, this addon appears to do nothing, no matter which Pitbull layout I apply aura bars to or how I configure the bars. I get no lua errors during configuration or use, otherwise I would try to do some debugging.
  • #30
    Sorry to hear that. Even if thats something you hear from programmers every day, but: It works on my machine. =)
    Anybody else have this problem?
  • #27
    It seems I can't get this to work.. Is there any way to test if this addon actually does something?

  • #28
    You need PitBull4 as a prerequisite, Once both are installed, you can use the Pitbull configuration mode to add aura bars to any window.
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