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Player Notes

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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 4.0.3a
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  • Updated 01/05/2011
  • Created 12/17/2006
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: BSD License
  • Newest File: 1.7.3

About Player Notes


Why it's good: Unobtrusive, minimalist, realm based system with simple interface including reputation setting.

What it does: Allows you to create and store notes about players and set a reputation level regarding how you feel about them. This will display next to their portrait when targeted and in other useful places. A list is also available in the social window under Notes tab (this tab is added next to friends and ignore).

Current Features:

  • Notes and reputation can be set and edited entirely though player target icon (left click cycles reputation, right click opens note edit box).
  • Notes are stored on a realm wide basis (your alts can see and set notes too).
  • Note list available in social window, notes can be created/viewed/edited/removed though this interface and listing can be sorted alphabetically or by reputation.
  • Short note and reputation displayed on target mouse over tooltip.
  • Note and reputation displayed in raid window with edit functionality.
  • Options to control what contexts the notes display in

Planned Features:

  • Note viewing added to right click context menu on players name in chat windows.
  • Ability to send and receive notes from other players.
  • Addition of user created fields notes can be sorted into (e.g. clan/horde/alliance/etc).

PlayerNotes v1.7.3

  • Fixed a number of bugs when editing/adding notes via the social panel.

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  • #54

    I'm trying out Player Notes to remind me of arena opponents I've met and quick notes about successful tactics. Quite a few opponents come from different realms.

    Apparently the list in my Friends frame should display both players from my own realm and from other realms. However, I can only ever see players from my realm.

    To edit an arena opponent's note once the match is over I have to manually change the PlayerNotes.lua SavedVariables file for that player. Is this intended behavior? From what I've read in the comments below the list should display all names and simply add an asterisk to players from other realms, like Playername (*). Which would be perfectly fine; this way I could change the notes even after the arena match.

    All the best
  • #52
    Bug: Note appears in tooltip even when option is off multiple times when using HealBot during a battle. Thus a tooltip will spam your rating each time you touch a player's name in HealBot, leading to a long list of "Neutral" (or whatever rating you have) on screen. You have to wait for the tooltip to disappear before spam will reset.
  • #53
    I have the same problem! Disabling PlayerNotes does indeed fix the problem.
  • #55
    I'm having the same problem when using Vuh'do - I really love this addon and don't want to have to get rid of it, but it's very distracting when trying to heal in raids :(
  • #51
    Is there option to get note shown when /who:ing player? Atleast i couldn't find one but it would be super to have.
  • #50
    Will NotesUNeed support cross realm? I know it's not a huge deal as you may not ever group with those folks again but sometimes you do and it's nice to be able to track the idiots.
  • #49
    I wonder if there might be any chance of making it possible to import notes from ?
  • #48
    Sorry there is a bug in 1.7 which prevents the raid tab notes from displaying, it is fixed in 1.7.1.
  • #46
    Options panel has been added along with better cross realm note support. Version 1.7 is now available for download.
  • #44
    I would need to see how NUN actually stores its notes etc, but sure, importing them shouldn't be terribly difficult..
    Scatmanicus, no there is no way to add notes for guild members using the guild tab, you would need to target them, be in a raid with them or add them directly using the notes the tab in social. Adding an interface to do this in the guild tab does sound like a useful option however, so I might add that.

    How ever the current priority is adding an options panel to enable/disable the various features and add realm tracking to notes to support the new cross-realm grouping system (currently players from other realms show up in the notes list as 'name*' which is okay, unless there are players on different realms with the same name, in which case they would share the note).

    If someone could make available to me their NUN notes data file (if it has one?), then I could look at adding an import option for that..
  • #45
    It looks like someone has taken over maintaining of NUN, so you probably will want to go back to that any way :p
  • #43
    I would love it if I could import notes from notes you need as well. Another orphan I am.
  • #41
    I'm one of the many orphans that NotesUNeed left :(
    It would be great if you're addon could import that notes from NuN
  • #39
    I used NotedUNeed Until Patch 3.3 and now its broken... I think this mod is a nice replacement :) It is possible to convert old NuN-Notices zo this mod?
  • #40
    Yeah i had been using NUN also. but the author has retired and is longer updating any of his addons. he will be missed. i used a few of his addons. but i have the same question as you also. if there might be in a future release an option to import from other note addons at all or something along that lines.
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