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  • Supports: 5.0.4
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  • Updated 09/03/2012
  • Created 12/29/2008
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  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 1.10

About Player Link Menu

This addon was written by Viper and published on WoWUI by the user Ryiort (probably Viper acting under a different name). On WoWInterface, Viper gave permission for adoption of his addons. I tried contacting him for three weeks, through WoWUI, WowInterface, and the mail address on his website. Since he never replied, I did a hostile takeover on WoWUI and am now publishing Player Link Menu on other addon sites.

This add-on allows you to open up a menu when clicking on a players name in chat. This will give you some basic options, for fast and easy access. So no more having to write when wanting to invite a player you're talking to or if you want to ignore that player.

It also extends the options available when clicking on a name. You can choose what actions should be performed when doing a normal click or while holding down Shift, Ctrl or Alt. It is all configurable from inside the game. Type /plm to view the options screen.

This add-on was developed before Blizzard added the same functionality to the defaul UI. However using PLM gives you a few more options to customize the menu and click behaviours to your liking.

  • Further fix for 5.0.4 problem as suggested by Spiderkeg.
  • Fix for 5.0.4 problem.
  • Update TOC file to 5.0.1.
  • Remove debugging AddMessage's.
  • Fix whisper function (3.3.5 chat changes broke it).
  • Fixes for changes in WoW 4.x.
  • Update TOC file to 4.0.0.
  • Changed: Update TOC file to 3.1.
  • Initial release on Curse.

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  • #19
    Re: Player Link Menu - Right Click Error

    I still use this addon, so I'd love to see an update.  With the 5.0.4 patch, this is the error I receive when I right click on someone's name in chat, expecting to get the right click menu.

    Message: ...e\AddOns\PlayerLinkMenu\PlayerLinkMenu_variables.lua:182: attempt to call global 'GetNumPartyMembers' (a nil value) Time: 08/29/12 04:35:45 Count: 1 Stack: ...e\AddOns\PlayerLinkMenu\PlayerLinkMenu_variables.lua:182: in function `condition' Interface\AddOns\PlayerLinkMenu\PlayerLinkMenu.lua:300: in function `PlayerLinkMenu_DoWindow' ...e\AddOns\PlayerLinkMenu\PlayerLinkMenu_variables.lua:98: in function `action' Interface\AddOns\PlayerLinkMenu\PlayerLinkMenu.lua:230: in function `ChatFrame_OnHyperlinkShow' [string "*:OnHyperlinkClick"]:1: in function <[string "*:OnHyperlinkClick"]:1>

    Locals: (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = "attempt to call global 'GetNumPartyMembers' (a nil value)"

  • #20

    A fix has been found, thanks in part to a heads up Aezay.

    "Replace GetNumPartyMembers() and GetNumRaidMembers() with GetNumGroupMembers()."

    I made this change and the right click menu is now working. I've tested all the options and haven't received any following errors.

    Last edited by Spiderkeg on 8/29/2012 9:32:02 AM
  • #21

    Actually, the right fix is to replace

    (GetNumPartyMembers()+GetNumRaidMembers() == 0)


    not IsInGroup().

    A fixed version is available.

    Last edited by ArtureLeCoiffeur on 9/3/2012 4:01:50 AM
  • #17
    Alt-Click invite on a RealID-Charname doesn't work, don't know if it since 4.2 or before.
  • #18
    The addon does not know anything about RealID and will not learn it, except when somebody sends me a patch.

    Sorry. No tuits, too much RL.
  • #11
    Could we have a 4.2 update ? Or anyone knows something similar ?
  • #12
    Please at least try to describe what it is that isn't working.

    Thnak you.
  • #13
    Oh I thought there is no one still here, last update was 9 month ago. The addon works in general, a few feature requests:

    - toc update
    - add "target" to the menu (it's on the screenshots but not in game)
    - add "focus"
    - add "trade"
    - add "main tank target"
    - add "give Raid Assistant"
    - fix for the addon "SpamBayes" ( names aren't clickable while it's enabled
    - classcolour the Charname in the menu
    - always room to optimize code^^

    great that you're still around and thanks a lot for the addon. If a addon hadn't had an update for almost a year, it could be broken at the next patch. And that's something I don't want.
  • #14
    You're welcome to send me patches. I don't have the time to do any enhancements, even bugs with complex fixes that occur rarely and have a workaround have to take a backseat to Real Life. (There is one like that in Basic Experience Bar.)

    I'll check SpamBayes and get back to you.

    And I'll update the screenshot.

    And I will look at incompatibilities with future Blizzard code when that is released.
  • #15
    The screenshot is now from the current version. The old one was just too old, it was from before Viper removed the "Target" command (probably in 1.5).

    Please explain the problem with SpamBayes in more datil. I installed it and it does not prevent PLM from displaying its menu when a character name in the chat is left- or rightclicked. Maybe you changed the behaviour of PLM in the PLM options?
  • #16
    It's not that SpamBayes blocks PLM, the menu still works. But if spam has been detected, SB stores them in a seperate window and the user has to choose between spam and no-spam by right-clicking the names in the SpamBayes window. This is what doesn't work.

    Not that important, there are more spam-addons to choose. The target-function would be much cooler^^
  • #10
    is there anything (eg other addons) known, that can block the display of "target"? If I click on a name, there is no command called "target". :(
  • #7

    Is it possible that "Whisper" go for /w command instead of tell (/t)? It seems that current /t doesnt activate my WIM, so i get normal chat tell instead of WIM window.

  • #8
    adinmat, sorry for taking so long to get back to you.

    This addon is not using slash commands. It uses an API function "ChatFrame_OpenChat()", which is probably the reason it circumvents your WIM. What *is* this WIM, anyway?
  • #9

    WIM =

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