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  • Supports: 6.1.0
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  • Updated 03/10/2015
  • Created 04/01/2008
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 6.1.1

About Poisoner

Quick discription

Poisoner allows you to


via 2 different possiblities:

  • PoisonMenu
  • QuickButton (=> configuration menu)


  • LEFT mouse button to apply it to your main hand weapon
  • RIGHT mouse button to apply it to your offhand weapon
  • MIDDLE mouse button (scroll wheel) to apply it to your throw weapon


a choosen amount of poisons via confirmation or automation on vendor visit


  • warns when your poisons are about to expire
  • warns when your low on poisons and need to restock

Current dev status:

active - semi-active - pending - inactive

  • enhanced timer dependencies (Party/Raid, flying/mounted ...)
  • reworking options


  • TWO Minimap buttons with a automatically updating menu with buttons for your poisons, weightstones/sharpening stones and mana/wizard oil.
    • You can choose which button you want to show/hide and want the PoisonerMenu anchored to.
    • The Poisoner_FreeButton can be dragged in the whole UI.
  • a 'Quick Button' to empoison your weapons via user defined presets with just 1 click.
  • Poison expiration warning via
    • Audio
    • Chat
    • ErrorFrame
    • AuraFrame
  • Warning when you are running out of poisons and need to restock. (TimerWarning is deactivated when resting)
  • AutoBuy to buy choosen amounts of poisons on vendor visit with 1 or without any click.
  • You can set the scale and alpha of nearly every button/menu and the AuraFrame to fit Poisoner to your UI.

Poisoner_Masque (ButtonFacade)

If you have Masque (aka ButtonFacade) activated, Poisoner_Masque let you skin the MenuButtons and the QuickButton via Masque. Download Masque



If you
LEFT-click the button, a menu is created dynamically depending on the items in your inventory.
RIGHT-click the button, the Poisoner configuration menu will show up.

! The FreeButton CAN toggle all Poisoner menus while in combat !


If you
LEFT-click the button while out of combat, a menu is created dynamically depending on the items in your inventory.
RIGHT-click the button while out of combat, the Poisoner configuration menu will show up.

! The MinimapButton can NOT toggle the menu or the config while in combat. To toggle the menu while in combat, click the FreeButton or use the Hotkeys. !


Click on a poison button with the following mouse buttons to apply it to the according weapon:
LEFT-click => Mainhand
RIGHT-click => Offhand
Middle-click => Throw weapon


Enbale AutoBuy via the checkbox on top. If you do not want to have to confirm buying, check the second option.

To setup the amount to buy simply move the slider of the corresponding poison and click on the 'Save' button.

The next time you visit a poison vendor, Poisoner will restock your poisons to the choosen amount.


If a standard poison set is choosen, PoisonerQuickButton is shown.

The choosen poisons can be applied with the corresponding modifiers (none/SHIFT/CTRL/ALT) and mouse button 1/2/3

Slash commands


  • enable - Enable Poisoner.
  • disable - Disable Poisoner.
  • config - Open the configuration menu.

/poisoner freebutton / fb

  • show - Show the Poisoner Minimap button.
  • hide - Prevent the Poisoner Minimap button from being shown.
  • lock - Prevent the poisoner button from being dragged.
  • unlock - Allow the poisoner button to be dragged.
  • reset - Reset the position of the poisoner button.
  • scale # - (Enter a number for #. min:0.1, max:2)
  • alpha # - (Enter a number for #. min:0.1, max:1)

/poisoner menu

  • parent
    • own - Set Poisoner_FreeButton as parent
    • minimap - Set MinimapButton as parent (the Poisoner Minimap button can be dragged depending on/according to the Minimap)
  • position - Set on which side of the choosen button the menu appears.
    • top
    • topleft
    • topright
    • left
    • right
    • bottom
    • bottomleft - This is the classic position.
    • bottomright
  • scale {0.1 - 2} - Set the scale of the poisoner menu (value of 1 = no change, less than 1 = shrink, larger than 1 = enlarge).
  • overwrite - Set this to 1 or true to enable updating of the QuickButton whren applying poisons via the menu (Presets will be reset to the choosen ones on next reload or login).
  • reset - Reset the menu to its defaults.

/poisoner tooltip / tt

  • name - Name-only tooltips
  • full - full item tooltip

/poisoner postpoison - Should choosen (clicked) poisons be posted in the Chatframe?

  • Yes: 'true' or 1
  • No: 'false' or 0

/poisoner timer

  • enable
  • disable
  • warningthreshold # or wt # - (Enter a number for #. min:1, max:25)
  • output
    • mainhand - check mainhand weapon
    • On: 'true' or 1
    • Off: 'false' or 0

    • offhand - check offhand weapon
    • On: 'true' or 1
    • Off: 'false' or 0

    • throwweapon - check throw weapon
    • On: 'true' or 1
    • Off: 'false' or 0

    • audio - give acoustic warning
    • On: 'true' or 1
    • Off: 'false' or 0

    • chat - print warning into Chat
    • On: 'true' or 1
    • Off: 'false' or 0

    • error - print warning into UIErrorsFrame
    • On: 'true' or 1
    • Off: 'false' or 0

    • aura - show the aura frame ("weapon icons")
    • On: 'true' or 1
    • Off: 'false' or 0

  • aura
    • lock
    • unlock
    • scale # - (Enter a number for #. min:0.1, max:2)
    • alpha # - (Enter a number for #. min:0.1, max:1)

/poisoner autobuy

  • enable - Enables automatic purchasing of the choosen poisons on vendor visit.
  • disable - Disables automatic purchasing of the choosen poisons on vendor visit.
  • confirm - A PopUp will be shown if there are poisons to buy.
  • auto - Poisoner will buy choosen poisons automatically without confirmation.
  • check - Should Poisoner inform you via Chat if your poisons are below 10% stock? 'true' or 1 'false' or 0
  • cp # - Set the amount of poisons to restock to. (Enter a number for #. min:1, max:25)
  • dp #
  • ip #
  • mp #
  • wp #

/poisoner presets

  • reset

/poisoner quickbutton

  • lock - Prevent the PoisonerQuickButton from being dragged.
  • unlock - Allow the PoisonerQuickButton to be dragged.
  • reset - Resets the QuickButton to its default position. ("Only seeable if presets are correct.")
  • scale # - (Enter a number for #. min:0.1, max:2)
  • alpha # - (Enter a number for #. min:0.1, max:1)

/poisoner thanks

  • Prints a lists off all important people who distributed to and tested Poisoner 4.


The Poisoner Minimap Menu can be toggled while inCombat.

To do so, you have to click the FreeButton or use the keybinding which can be set via the WoW keybinging menu.

The MinimapButton (LDBIcon) can NOT toggle the Menu while in combat.

Poisoner is enabled by default for Rogues, and disabled by default for all other classes.

Credits to Karrion of Terenas for the original Poisoner

r35 | humfras | 2015-03-10 19:01:09 +0000 (Tue, 10 Mar 2015) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /tags/6.1.1 (from /trunk:34)

Tagging as 6.1.1
r34 | humfras | 2015-03-10 18:59:28 +0000 (Tue, 10 Mar 2015) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Poisoner.lua
   M /trunk/Poisoner.toc

some more fixes
r32 | humfras | 2015-02-25 00:47:39 +0000 (Wed, 25 Feb 2015) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Poisoner.lua
   M /trunk/Poisoner.toc

* update for 6.1
* fixed some bugs


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  • #39
    just a refresher: poisoner is called "Posioner 3" on wowinterface
  • #38
    KhumbuRi - the problem you have is most likely caused by another addon, Poisoner is very sensitive to addons that try to control the minimap buttons eg spartanui, minimapbuttonbag (aka mbb). I know thats not an ideal answer, but in the absense of mass reports and that i myself use the english client with no problems, that suggest that the problem is external to both the client and poisoner thus another addon.

    Westsidempvp - that reply below should have had the following info:

    russian client = 100% use of russian language only = poisoner just needs localising to russian.

    go into poisoner's directory and make a copy of the file "localisation.lua" and rename the copy accordingly (you can see other language files present).

    edit your new file with any text editor - you're looking for all the words inside the speech marks only, you must not translate the LUA code itself.

    additionally do not change some of the symbology withint the speech marks such as %w+ or .* or ^(%d+) and finally %s*([IVX]*).

    please note that the string field %s*([IVX]*) is purely the roman numeral system it recognizes those, if in russian they are different then please modify the characters inside the sqr brackets accordingly (the I V X).

    once happy, save all changes and edit poisoner.xml.

    At the top you can see several script file=blah blah lines, the last of those has file="poisoner.lua", you want to include your file before the poisoner.lua line, simply copy-paste one of the others and modify it accordingly, save that and try it out.

    if it works (which it should), drop me a line on wowinterface and i'll get the localization file off you and incorporate or you can add it there as an optional file and i'll throw up a quick DIY guide for it.
  • #43
    Thanks SilentDave, Its working now. Unloaded ALL other addons and it still did not work. Deleted the saved variables and it still did not work. Deleted the addon completely and reinstalled - WORKED. Must have been some rubbish in the addon folder I guess. Thanks for your prompt responses.
  • #40
    not working(((

    my localisation_ru.lua file

    -- Regular expressions to match poison names
    Poisoner_Patterns = {
    "%w+ точило",
    "%w+ грузило",
    ".*масло маны",
    ".*волшебное масло",
    "Масло льда",
    "Масло Тьмы",

    -- Other internal strings

    -- the pattern to search for in a tooltip for the number of charges
    -- remaining on an expendable item
    POISONER_PATTERN_CHARGES = "^(%d+) Charges$";

    -- Display strings

    -- tooltip strings
    -- error messages
    POISONER_COMMANDERROR = "Unknown poisoner command: ";
    POISONER_DRAGERROR = "Error dragging poisoner button";
    POISONER_POSITIONERROR = "Unknown position option";

    Has made everything as you have told,


  • #33
    try to explain. when i click on poisoner button, does not appear what menu with poisons. just nothing. ive used this addon on english version before, and know how its work, but here not working. And where is no any errors or something.
  • #41
    the line
    [code]POISONER_PATTERN_CHARGES = "^(%d+) Charges$"; [/code]

    you will most likely need the "Charges" word translating also, the way the scanning works is it first attempts to identify valid items in yer bag eg Instant Poison VII when it finds a valid item, it will then scan the item's tooltip and look for the word "Charges", once it finds that it then parses that line for a number which is the actual quantity that you have, rinse n repeat, it then returns all that info, now, button "showing" is done dependant on quantity (no point in showing a zero quantity item), however if the tooltip scanner fails to find the word "Charges" then it returns a zero quantity for that item thus the button is not shown. That is what seems to be the remaining problem.

    also, in Poisoner.lua, right at the bottom you'll see -
    function PoisonerDebug(message)
    if (false) then
    if (message == nil) then
    message = "";
    change the "(false)" to "(true)". run the game and click the minimap icon a few times and watch for debug spam in your chat window, after a couple of minimap button clicks you should start seeing a line like "children of poisoner:" and another line that shows a value of more than "0". if that value stays as zero then that indicates that the item scanning is not working as per localisation. in the event of that being the issue, drop me a pm on wowinterface and we'll take it from there.

    1 final thing: localisation.lua is the default locale to use (on the euor and us client this defaults to english), it is entirely possible that the russian client may require the russian translation file to be called localisation.lua as opposed to localisation_ru.lua as the default locale is russian (just a quick thing thats easily checkable from your end).
  • #35
    I have the same problem in the English Client. Clicking on the minimap icon shows NO slideout poison list.
  • #42
    This word "Charge" has some terminations, for example
    1 Charge = 1 Заряд
    2 Charges = 2 Заряда
    5 Charges = 5 Зарядов

    It matters?
  • #36
    KhumbuRi - thats extremely strange, the english client is what i'm using, it is possible that another addon is causing a conflict (wouldn't be the 1st time for such a thing) that would certainly explain the english client issue you're having. I know thats not an ideal answer but in the absense of alot of other users having issues it seems its localized to your setup. Any addon that messes around with the minimap buttons can potentially break poisoner, even though it IS a minimap button its not a normal one and that causes some conflicts and issues with certain other addons that assume its a normal one and try to adopt/change its properties.

    Westsidempvp - I presume the russian client only uses russian language, so its simply a localization issue (feel free to copy/edit one of the existing localization files - LUA code mustn't be translated but the string pattern fields need translating -

    here's an exerpt from localisation.lua (the english string patterns)

    [code]Poisoner_Patterns = {
    "%w+ Sharpening Stone",
    "%w+ Weightstone",
    ".*Mana Oil",
    ".*Wizard Oil",
    "Frost Oil",
    "Shadow Oil",

    thats not the only thing that needs translations, assuming the above is true regarding language then simply make a copy of that file, translate the relevent parts accordingly, save it then edit the poisoner.xml file and near the top you can see the following -



    the above is how the localisation files are loaded along with the main code for the addon, simply add your file before the line in the above.

    so to recap.
    copy "localisation.lua"
    translate accordingly and save
    edit poisoner.xml and insert a new script line before the poisoner.lua line with your new russian localisation file.
    save all changes
    reload the game and keep yer fingers crossed ;)
  • #34
    just had a look at that screenshot, thats certainly very strange indeed, I have an idea what may be the cause of that, although it would seem very very strange to think that blizz would operate 2 versions of the client to such extremes - it looks like the russian client is 100% exclusively using 3.0 code and does not recognize anything from pre-3.0

    I do have a rewrite planned and started, my big problem atm is finding a decent amount of time to sit down and get it done.
  • #37
    hmm nice that the reply above didn't post correctly :S
  • #32
    Westsidempvp - if you could get a bug report (if any) of what is happening i can then have a look at what maybe causing it, also any addons that you are using as poisoner does have some compatibility issues with certain other addons.
  • #31
    yes, the default toolip is name only. if you type "/poisoner full" then you'll get the full tooltip when you mouse over any poison. that tooltip setting is saved for each character also.

    I never actually used poisonmenu but from what i have been told, the tooltips were the only difference, so i figured have the option of both that way everyone feels at home.
  • #29
    not work on russian clients
  • #28
    That worked Silentdave, thanks!
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