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Prat 3.0

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 159,577 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.2.2
  • 10,183,156 Total Downloads
  • Updated 09/27/2015
  • Created 07/28/2008
  • 10,502 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: 3.5.20
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About Prat 3.0

Prat-3.0 is a chat enhancement addon for world of warcraft 3.0.

It is made up of 30+ smaller "modules" which each provide additional functionality, and can be enabled or disabled individually.

In game, type /prat for a menu.

Bug reports:

Forum thread:

Prat has just about every feature you can think of, and then some. Really. When I get some more time, I'll try and put together a full list (Even I have lost count)

(Thanks to Dreamsight for this partial list)

  • Change arrows, buttons, mouse scroll for chat scroll, scroll speed
  • you can add color per channel, color per lvl, color per class
  • timestamps
  • timestamp color
  • whether to show timestamp (what format the timestamp should be in)
  • whether to show players lvl
  • you can select the option for channel "stickys" (last channel you used you auto use when hitting enter, that sort of thing – or last thing someone said)
  • change the looks of the chat's editbox - as well as where it appears (you can even undock it and move it to where you'd like it to be)
  • chat fading, fading delay
  • You can change the font to a list of fonts, add an outline to it, monochrome it (if you don’t mind messing with files a bit you could prolly even add other fonts to that list)
  • change the chat frame/chat box appearance
  • set Chat history
  • set channel abbreviations
  • set brackets and color(or something instead of brackets)round player/lvl
  • alt invite option (press keyboard “alt” button and click on the player’s name to auto inv them)
  • raid icon
  • invite links
  • info keeping
  • url copying
  • full chat copying + options (html,bbcode, plain, forum) + copy button
  • allows pop-up msgs
  • enables tell target /tt
  • Alias options
  • altnames options
  • you can enable/disable all prat modules - dont have to have the ones you dont use running
  • change chat sounds (incoming and outgoing as well as per channel)

Its predecessor, Prat-2.0 has been around since the TBC release in 2006. This new version seeks to improve upon some aspects such as memory use, but still do so without creating 30+ small folders in your addon directory that you have to manage.

While trying to reduce resource utilization, it is also important to note that some people prefer the features, and don't care that an addon uses 500k more. I have been trying to isolate the most resource intensive functionality into the Prat_HighCPUUSageModules folder. You can enable or disable it per your preference.

2015-09-27  sylvanaar  <>

[9d3c90c9bbef] [3.5.20]
* modules/ChannelSticky.lua

Missing commit


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  • #3005
    Oops, ignore me. This is already in place.
    The preview buttons for the sounds play through the Sound Effects channel, but when they're triggered by actual messages, they play through Master.
  • #3003
    If you would like to see what I'm talking about from my other post I have posted 2 pics showing the chat frame hidden and shown.

  • #3002
    Was wondering if there could be an option that could hide the chat frame completely. I currently use a mod called "Hide Chat Button" that does this. But unfortunately it looks like it has been abandoned. You can find it on WOWinterface. Its a nice feature and saves me screen space. Since I have "I hear you all" I know when someone chats to me and I just show the chat, see who's talking, respond and hide the entire frame again. Would also be nice if there could be a keybind option for quick hiding and unhiding. Not sure how many other ppl would find this useful or even if you want to do it. But I think it would be a great feature. Thanks for an already great chat mod.
  • #3006
    Look into Kong Automatic UI Hider. I personally use it to hide my Guild Chat frame when I'm in combat and my Party frame when I'm solo. It displays both when I mouse over them.

    No element-specific keybinding for that, though, unless you ONLY use Kong to hide the chat, and mind a macro containing /kong toggle.
  • #3007
  • #3001
    Is it possible to have the chat frame fade to about 50% opacity after a while? Sort of like the fading module, except instead of completely fading away all the text, is there a way I can make it so it only fades to 50% opacity? Is there a place I can edit it in the lua?
  • #3000
    Anyone know how to copy chat window size and position from another toon?
  • #2999
    I posted this on bubblicious as well. But this is also part of this addon so Im adding it here too.

    I am making use of this and love it. The only HUGE problem I find is that you can't change the padding of the chat bubble. I run wow across 3 monitors and the problem is that the chat bubbles are HUGE because of this. So I started using this addon in the hopes that it fixed this problem. What the addon now does, it reduces the font size of the chat bubble but the padding is still enormous. It would be nice if you could add a feature to control the padding. :) If you like, I can mail you a snapshot.
  • #2998
    how do I move the scroll-arrows from left to right - like in your screenshot Color Names Everywhere / Channel Nicknames - and doing it so that the arrows do not cover the text.
    also - i want to have the blizz social icon move same place (to the right)
  • #2997
    Thank you for this fantastic AddOn, I've been using it for years. No problems for me with 4.0.6 yet :) I hope you continue to maintain this and develop new features for more years to come!
  • #2996
    How can I prevent prat from colouring a SPECIFIC name? As an RPer I once came across a toon named 'land' in a pug and since then Prat keeps colouring the phrase in DK colour which eventually drive me mad. I'm VERY unlikely to see this toon again and I want to know how I can stop prat colouring specific names.
  • #2995
    Is there a way to outline the text in the editbox?
  • #2993
    does prat show level of ALL players ?

    i see only in guild chat but not in /4 /2
    i want to see level of ALL people in the channels, like class color.
    (or see only not 85 lvl)

    how to do it?
  • #2994
    like on 5th screenshot "Colorful Text" - Spititout and Wutzi in 2nd channel are WITHOUT lvl. i want to see it. how?
  • #2992
    $.0.6 has introduced the ability to open whispers automatically in a new window, but those are not being recognised by the addon with modules not recognising them.
    The Editbox positioning being at the bottom irrespective of the setting, and the scrolling buttons on the side are both appearing when one of those whisper tabs have the focus, but not when static chat frames do.
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