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Prayer of Mending Tracker

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 457 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.2.0
  • 294,962 Total Downloads
  • Updated 06/27/2015
  • Created 02/03/2007
  • 868 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: PoM Tracker 3.44

About Prayer of Mending Tracker

A mod that tracks who Prayer of Mending is jumping to and how many charges you have left. Displaying it in a small movable window frame.

/pom for all command line options

New version 3.43:

Newest features include...
* Fixed issue with sounds that apparently hasn't worked for years.

* /pom options
- Lock Position: Hides the Title Bar and anchors the window in place<br />
- Fade When Not Active: When you don't have a PoM going, the frame fades out<br />
- Enable Sound: Makes a sound when your PoM dies<br />
- Reset Healing Each Cast: Healing is Reset to 0 every time you cast PoM<br />
- Enable Healing Totals: Displays the healing totals frame<br />
- Hide on Shadowform: Hides the mod while in Shadowform<br />
- Scale: Scaled the Mod in Size to your own personal preference.

If you are upgrading from an older version and having issues, try deleting the saved variables file in your WTF\Account\username\server\playername\Saved Variables\PoMtracker.lua

3.44 - June 27, 2015
* Updated TOC for 6.2

3.43 - May 29, 2015
* Fixed the soundfile syntax so the sound effects actually work again.

3.42 - February 27, 2015
* Changed tracking mechanisim to work better with talents and tier bonuses.

3.41 - February 25, 2015
* Upped ToC for 6.1

3.4 - October 14, 2014
* Upped ToC for 6.0

3.34 - July 17, 2014
* Cleaned up for 5.4.8

3.33 - March 24, 2014
* Cleaned up some code
* Updated Localization for esMX, itIT, ptPT and ptBR

3.32 - September 13, 2013
* Updated Toc for version 5.4.0

3.31 - August 2, 2013
* Updated Toc for version 5.3.0

3.3 - March 8, 2013
* Now detects Prayer of Mending Glyph which now decreases charges from 5 to 4.
* Updated Toc for version 5.2.0

3.2 - November 23, 2012
* New Feature, Divine Insight Talent Detection - Flashes Frame and plays an audio effect
* Fixed a bug that would prevent the frame from showing if it was faded when you manualy typed the fade off slash command.

3.13 - October 10, 2012
* added failsafe for the class color function when it messes up and throws a nil
* Disabled addon for non priests

3.12 - October 9, 2012
* Removed the Shift Right Click as it was problematic, will revist it later

3.11 - October 9, 2012
* Removed some debug code I accidently left.
* Fixed Issue where Mod Showed up for non priests
* Changed right click for options to Shift+Right Click

3.1 - October 6, 2012
* Removed Tier 7 Bonus Option
* Added Hide on Shadow Form Option
* Fixed a bug that would throw errors until the scale slider was moved.

3.01 - October 6, 2012
* Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the class color to not update properly

3.0 - October 5, 2012
* Finalized the MoP code
* Overhauled the UI
* You can now Right Click the frame to get the options menu
* Mod is now Scalable
* PoM Background color matches the class that's currently targeted.

2.77 - August 4, 2012
* Toc Update for MoP Beta

2.76 - November 29, 2011
* TOC update to 4.3.

2.75 - June 28, 2011
* TOC update to 4.2.
* Updated event log parser for new 4.2 changes.

2.74 - April 26, 2011
* TOC update to 4.1.
* Updated event log parser for new 4.1 changes.

2.73 - February 16, 2011
* Fixed the Nil issue
* Corrected an issue that sometimes caused the frame to not fade when it was done.

2.72 - February 10, 2011
* Adjusted tracking code to make up for 4.0.6 Event Parsing wackiness.

2.71 - October 13, 2010
* Using SpellIDs instead of Spell Names so the mod should function in any localization finally
* Fixed a typo that didn't properly take into account if another priest overwrote your PoM
* Corrected the issue that caused the addon loaded message to pop up everytime you zoned.
* Removed the focus code, it's a pretty useless feature that most people hardly noticed due to click casting and used a lot of memory.
* Added an additional sound alert to go off when PoM is off cooldown when sound is enabled.
* Sound effects will still work even if the GUI is hidden.

2.70 - October 12, 2010
* Converted mod over to 4.0.0 Cataclysm API changes to get it working again.

2.63 - August 18, 2009
* Fixed Problem with the Fading Option in the /pom options
* Fixed Problem with the healing reset option in the /pom options

2.62 - August 06, 2009
* Updated TOC for 3.2

2.61 - April 15, 2009
* Updated TOC for 3.1
* Added Spanish Support

2.6 - March 09, 2009
* Added support for Divine Providence talent to correctly display PoM cooldown

2.51 - December 18, 2008
* Fixed a bug with saved variables
* Added a T7 tracking mode you can turn on in /pom options - will look into auto detection in the future but it's all I can do for now since I don't have T7

2.5 - October 14, 2008
* Finalized release for Patch 3.0

2.5b2 - September 04, 2008
* Corrected the long standing frames issue
* Corrected the focus bug
* Rewrote the tracking mechanic to take advantage of new features in WotLK to make it completely accurate.
* Stripped out a lot of the bulk, cleaned up the code.

2.5b1 - August 22, 2008
* Updated for WotLK compatability
* Added ability to reset the mod
* Added Options to disable "total healing" frame.

2.1.1 - March 28, 2008
* Since 2.1 was released as developmental, this release just finalizes the changes I made.
* fixed the glitches that were found in 2.1

2.1 - March 27, 2008
* 2.0 was more of a conversion to WoW 2.4, but this version has a lot of improvments
* Went line by line down the code to optimize it for better perfomance
* Recoded the tracking system to be faster and more accurate
* New accuracy features such as Overwrite detection
* Added frame highlights to your targets (similar to focus) when they have PoM on them

2.0 - March 23,2008
* Updated for 2.4 compatibility
* Added clear button for healing tracker
* Added config Menu with /pom options

1.9.1 - November 20, 2007
* Fixed bug that caused the healing total to not always activate
* Updated Toc for patch 2.3 compatibility

1.9 - September 27, 2007
* Added an option to prevent healing done to reset after each recast via /pom total on/off
* Updated for patch 2.2 compatibility
* Fixed the problem where Cross realm Players in Battlegrounds wouldn't register properly.

1.85 - March 16, 2007
* Changed way the mod tracks for PoM
* Fixed a problem where the frame would not fade away if charges reached 0
* Added a sound alert when the buff fades

1.81 - March 13, 2007
* Optimized the code to use less memory and run faster

1.8 - March 6, 2007
* Fixed a bug where the frame wouldnt come back if you used /pom fade off
* Reworked the name verification code.
* Tracker only activates if PoM Succedded
* Added cooldown color - status bar will be blue while PoM is on cooldown.
* Tweaked code a bit to try and resolve the french localization issues
* The "No Target" Display will now display in the proper language

1.73b - Feb 29, 2007
* Reworked some of the code to make non english localizations work better

1.72 - Feb 26, 2007
* Fixed another issue with the fading where it would fade out prematurely

1.71 - Feb 26, 2007
* Fixed a problem with the fading
* Adjusted default values to make the mod more user friendly for first time users

1.7 - Feb 25, 2007
* Corrected a problem where it would put "1" instead of a targets name.
* Added a fade option to fade out PoM Tracker when there isn't a PoM cast /pom fade on/off

1.65 - Feb 25, 2007
* Corrected the problem with reading horde events, mod now checks against party/raid member names
* Cleanded up the XML code a bit - only dragable by title now
* Added /pom gui lock/unlock - locking the gui will hide the title bar.
* Corrected a German localization issue

1.64 - Feb 23, 2007
* Fixed problem with tracking another priests PoM.
* Fixed problem where it tried checking buffs of horde players

1.63 - Feb 23, 2007
* Using a new event to properly target things. Should work perfectly now.

1.62 - Feb 23, 2007
* Removed Targeting system and based targets off of event log.
* Updated the localizations a bit

1.61b - Feb 19, 2007
* Added German Translations
* Updated French Localizations

1.6 - Feb 18, 2007
* Complete re-write of code.
* Better tracking in raids
* Better targeting
* Checks against UnitBuff() to auto correct itself if chat events misfire
* No longer checks fade event unless there has been no PoM activity in the last 1 second
* Fixed spelling for "Amount"

1.53 - Feb 16, 2007
* Added events tracking for raids
* Fixed the raid member and pet targeting issues - should help with the mouseover targeting as well
* Added Debugging events for the targeting function

1.5 - Feb 15, 2007
* Mod will no longer display if you log in a different class
* Added a progress bar for the duration of the buff.
* Buff will clear to no target if 30 seconds go by regardless of event - just in case they are out of range and you miss the event.

1.45 - Feb 14, 2007
* Removed old alert system since it was getting too complicated to make the mod work both ways
* Fixed a bug with the mod setting charges to 0 prematurely - rarely happened, but it did nonetheless
* Added more comment lines so people understand the method of my madness when trying to help debug my code
* Added the debug mode to /pom options
* Fixed issue where it would stop tracking if it jumped to pet
* Added pet buff event so just in case it ever jumps to a shadowfiend it wont cause the same problem :)

1.4 - Feb 14, 2007
* Changed the fade tracking. It will now properly reset target if you click off the buff or if the buff died because nobody was in range for it to jump.
* Fixed target logic order so that it won't take the mouseover target first
* Corrected issue with the mod displaying it's loading message 3 times.
* Corrected the error that would occur when trying to run the /pom gui show
* Hopefully corrected the issue with the person healed and last target not matching. - (All my testing seems to work)
* Added debug mode with /pom debug on/off
* Added a heal ammount counter

1.3.1 - Feb 13, 2007
* Seems I accidently pasted a function of another one of my mods into here - It's corrected.
* Made the PoM version frame hide along with the main frame if you /pom gui hide

1.3 - Feb 13, 2007
* Added the new PoM Box that shows you your target
* Add slash commands to enable and disable the box.
* Now added "Mouseover" targets to be accepted for initial cast.
* The old Alert system will now only activate if the gui is hidden
* Added French localization to be tested

1.2 - Feb 12, 2007
* It will now alert you that PoM has run its course if the final charge has been used
* Added a timer check to track time between bounces and properly stop tracking if PoM fades
* Fixed proper displaying of alerts if you have an NPC or hostile player targeted
* Reworked the code again for multi-priest environment (tracking the actual heal now instead of the fade - should be much more accurate)
* Cleaned up the code.
* Added support for localization file so I can add in other languages as I get the strings.

1.1 - Feb 11, 2007
* Rewrote the code structure to easily add new features
* Now Displays Your name instead of "You" when PoM is cast on you
* Should track properly with multipule priests (in theory, I haven't tested with another priest yet but the code looks like it would work)
* It will now display the alert properly now and reset charges to 5 if you cast the buff on a player who already has the buff.

1.0 - Feb 3, 2007
* Initial release - just wanted to get it out there


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  • #219

    hello, really love this addons. But I get a little problem with it. I'm using the glyph :"Glyph of Prayer of Mending"
    with this glyph you start with 4 charges not 5 when you cast prayer of mending.
    I try edit the addon myself, replacing all "pomcharges=5" with "pomcharges=4", do the job but sometime addon still display :
    "0 : Playername"  and not fade off. don't know why.

  • #220

    Did this just change? I haven't played since November so maybe I missed an update or something. I can't believe I've missed this or it hadn't been brought up sooner.

  • #222

    That is when the glyph was changed from the SoR glyph. I did some digging and apparently this came with MoP. Even the quote you posted doesn't include the 1 less charge. That came in I'll have to add that in, thanks for pointing it out, i'm surprised it hasn't come up sooner. 

  • #221

    no, this is not a new update, wow head said it was add in patch 4.0.6

    This used to be Glyph of Spirit of Redemption, increasing the duration of Spirit of Redemption by 6 seconds.

    It was changed in patch 4.0.6:

    Glyph of Spirit of Redemption has been converted into Glyph of Prayer of Mending, which increases the healing done by the first charge of Prayer of Mending by 60%.
  • #218

    Oh gosh pls make a real  GUI, i hate these type /long stupid strings to fix.
    beside that it's a nice addon.. but i aint working in Linux so /type to fix my settings arent really enjoyable..

    hope u get some real UI like most addons these days have.

  • #217

    Hi. On Russian client it shows question marks instead of character names. A choice of font in options would be great to resolve this.

  • #214

    I very occasionally get a nil error on the lines setting the color after a bounce, in the cases where it's bounced to a very new unit (freshly joined, or mind controlled, etc).  It's not a bug in PoMTracker itself.  Sometimes the game client returns empty strings for UnitClass under odd race conditions, it's a Blizzard bug.  But it means that the RAID_CLASS_COLORS lookup returns nil, which causes errors trying to index into the result.

    In my local copy, I've changed the two lines which assign a color variable (74 and 114 in this version).  Now they look like

    local color = RAID_CLASS_COLORS[classFileName] or GRAY_FONT_COLOR

    so that there's always a fallback in case UnitClass screws up.  All of the *_FONT_COLOR tables have the same fields as class colors, so everything Just Works.

     [edit:  dunno how often you have time to look at curseforge tickets, I just filed ticket #9 for a completely unrelated idea.]

    Last edited by Farmbuyer on 10/10/2012 1:16:15 AM
  • #215

    Thanks for the heads up. Since I don't actually play it makes it hard to discover stuff like that...

  • #216

    D'oh, I wrote "ticket #6" but meant #9.  Tired brain, sloppy fingers.

  • #213

    Okay, I just removed the right click for options altogether since it seemed to be problematic. For now you just need to use the command line /pom options to pull it up. Not sure why registering the keyboard event disabled it completely...I'll have to investigate it further. 3.12 should be available as soon as curse approves it.

  • #206

    Sorry I got sick with the flu and been in bed the last couple days...let me take a look at what's going on with these issues.


  • #209

    Posted an update 3.11 to fix the issues posted...hopefully there are no more...still can't replicate the no saved settings problem. You will now need to Shift+Right Click for the options menu or /pom options like always.

    Hopefully curse won't wait 5 hours to approve this update like last time. 

  • #212

    Same thing occured to me, keyboard completely disabled once I log on my priest. Works fine after disabling PoM Tracker.

  • #211

    Ditto... only happens on my priest. Keyboard totally disabled

  • #210

    last update disbles my keyboard. i dont like that :P no keys works when this addon is loaded

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