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Preform AV Enabler

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 3,235 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.0.5
  • 2,024,922 Total Downloads
  • Updated 09/20/2012
  • Created 12/18/2006
  • 1,676 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: Preform AV Enabler 3.04
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About Preform AV Enabler

A Note Regarding the 2.7x Versions

The 2.7x versions floating around are NOT official updates by the original author of this addon (me) and contain code I deem unacceptable to use. 3.04 is the official latest release of this software. You use unauthorized and illegal hacks of my work at your own risk. Do not ask me anything concerning any 2.7x version.

Addon Purpose

Preform AV Enabler allows the group/raid leader to solo queue everybody in the raid group simultaneously with a button press and to see the queue status of everyone with this addon installed for the purpose of increasing the chance of the raid getting into the same battleground.

To use, open a battlemaster window and click the Preform AV Enabler button, type /preformav, or click "Preform" on the menu that appears when right clicking the minimap battleground icon.

Version 3.04:

  • Numerous bug fixes
  • A column compaction feature has been added, and is on by default. To turn it off (or back on) type /preformav autocompact at the command line.

Version 3.03:

  • Localizations added for the new battlegrounds (untested however, some may be incorrect)
  • Should no longer conflict with the glyph UI (hopefully; it was not happening on my client)

Version 3.02:

  • Mists compatibility

Version 3.01:

  • Lots of bug fixes

Version 3.0:

  • Timers now displayed in queue status columns. The greener the color, the closer that player is to the average time.
  • Info column displaying role, resilience, and ilevel
  • Class colored player names
  • New command line options. Type /preformav ? for a list
  • Variable window update time
  • Popups altered to help prevent accidental zoning in
  • 2.x users will not be able to see the status of 3.x users, but are still controllable by the raid leader
  • French translation fix
  • Much of the base addon code refactored

Version 2.66:

  • esMX localization added and ptBR localization updated

Version 2.65:

  • WoW 4.3 Compatibility
  • ptBR Localizations added

Version 2.64:

  • toc interface number updated to 40200

Version 2.63:

  • 4.1 compatibility

Version 2.62:

  • French, German, and Spanish translations for new BGs

Version 2.61:

  • Russian translations for new BGs added
  • The button to open the Preform window is once again on the battleground selection window

Version 2.6:

  • Twin Peaks and Battle for Gilneas added
  • Number of instances total removed due to Blizzard removing that function
  • Battlemaster window status removed as they no longer exist


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  • #581

    I've ran some tests with guild mates. It seems that it doesn't work with Brazilian Portuguese version of World of Warcraft, which has been released last tuesday.

    Anyway, I really apreciate your effort into putting this addon to work with Patch 4.3.

    Could you take a look at that bug in PT-BR version?

    Thank you.

  • #578
    As the original author seems to be MIA, I've started a 4.3 compability branch here.
  • #577

    Any idea of a timeframe for when this add-on will be updated for 4.3?

  • #576

    Ya this addon is still one of the most used addons by my PVP guild...  Que times are fantastic on PVP holiday weekends for BGs on Horde side.


    Of course, we often to premade AVs mini groups, like 15-20 people when it's not AV weekend with near flawless success with help of this addon.  AV weekend we'll still successfully get in lke 35+ people into a single AV for some epicness...


    This addon creator is so awesome.


    One suggestion I might add is that for the smaller 15 and 10 man BGs, sometimes we are having more luck by getting 2 to 3  full 5-man groups and sitting in vent, counting down and queing at the same time.  This will help us get like 10 people into something like AB fairly easy.  With Cataclysm I learned that the algorithm for getting people into BGs now actually tries to match up people from the same server into the same groups, or even against each other.  So, if a lot of Ally que up and you are Horde, it will actually try to match you against people from your own server.

    As a result, this addon works EVEN BETTER as now  it is helping push you into the same BGs.  As a result, have you ever considered adding a function that has a way of communicating across several individual party leaders to "Que as Party" all at the same time among several different groups?  This would seriously be an amazing addition to this addon.

    Anyway, I know it'd probably be a lot of work, maybe more than it's worth.  But, it's just something to think about =p

    So far this addon has sustained my guild for 4 years and we are forever greatful for your efforts.


    subatomicpvp ftw


  • #575
    Preform AV Enabler

    Very nice addon, any hope to have a 4.3 update ?

  • #574

    Was wondering if/when we could expect a fix for 4.3? Seems to be totally broken and this addon is so awesome!!


  • #572
    Guide FR plz

    May i have a guid FR when it's possible plz , thank's for all.

  • #569
  • #571

    thanks for posting a guide in russian ...

  • #568
    How do you stop it from doing the auto queue? It would be nice to be able to turn it off once it starts going.
  • #566
    Works like a charm once you figure it out.

    When queuing make sure you see the "Queued First Available" message first for everyone, once it changes to "Confirm" for all your raid members, tell everyone to accept.

    Sometimes you'll queue the group and it will immediately show "Confirm" for everyone without first showing the "Queued First Available" message. Tell everyone to leave queue as there is no guarantee it is for the same bg.

    Now go farm some hks!
  • #564
    thnx for updateing this addon u ruined pvp. you gave people the choice to do group Bg's that are to bad to do Rated BG to go make the normals bad for people who are just trying to have fun gg thnx alot
  • #567
    No he did not ... becouse the Rated BGs are on weekly change.. so when the RBG is 10, how we do AV prems then.....
  • #565
    U MAD?
  • #560
    Testing this addon requires me to use two accounts, and I'll be damned if I'm going to send Blizzard $15 for 5 minutes of testing an addon, so I have no idea if the update I just posted even works. Feel free to let me know either way.
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