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Preform AV Enabler

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 3,145 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.0.5
  • 2,025,144 Total Downloads
  • Updated 09/20/2012
  • Created 12/18/2006
  • 1,676 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: Preform AV Enabler 3.04
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About Preform AV Enabler

A Note Regarding the 2.7x Versions

The 2.7x versions floating around are NOT official updates by the original author of this addon (me) and contain code I deem unacceptable to use. 3.04 is the official latest release of this software. You use unauthorized and illegal hacks of my work at your own risk. Do not ask me anything concerning any 2.7x version.

Addon Purpose

Preform AV Enabler allows the group/raid leader to solo queue everybody in the raid group simultaneously with a button press and to see the queue status of everyone with this addon installed for the purpose of increasing the chance of the raid getting into the same battleground.

To use, open a battlemaster window and click the Preform AV Enabler button, type /preformav, or click "Preform" on the menu that appears when right clicking the minimap battleground icon.

Version 3.04:

  • Numerous bug fixes
  • A column compaction feature has been added, and is on by default. To turn it off (or back on) type /preformav autocompact at the command line.

Version 3.03:

  • Localizations added for the new battlegrounds (untested however, some may be incorrect)
  • Should no longer conflict with the glyph UI (hopefully; it was not happening on my client)

Version 3.02:

  • Mists compatibility

Version 3.01:

  • Lots of bug fixes

Version 3.0:

  • Timers now displayed in queue status columns. The greener the color, the closer that player is to the average time.
  • Info column displaying role, resilience, and ilevel
  • Class colored player names
  • New command line options. Type /preformav ? for a list
  • Variable window update time
  • Popups altered to help prevent accidental zoning in
  • 2.x users will not be able to see the status of 3.x users, but are still controllable by the raid leader
  • French translation fix
  • Much of the base addon code refactored

Version 2.66:

  • esMX localization added and ptBR localization updated

Version 2.65:

  • WoW 4.3 Compatibility
  • ptBR Localizations added

Version 2.64:

  • toc interface number updated to 40200

Version 2.63:

  • 4.1 compatibility

Version 2.62:

  • French, German, and Spanish translations for new BGs

Version 2.61:

  • Russian translations for new BGs added
  • The button to open the Preform window is once again on the battleground selection window

Version 2.6:

  • Twin Peaks and Battle for Gilneas added
  • Number of instances total removed due to Blizzard removing that function
  • Battlemaster window status removed as they no longer exist


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  • #728

    oQueue is an much better PvP Addon and an Alternative to Preform AV Enabler.

    It creates a social mesh network in WoW, allowing you to create, find, and managed premades all within the game. It has built-in features such as wait listing, item level and resilience level restrictions, vent information, and more. It is useful to find premades for PvP, Dugeons, Raids, World PvP, Challenge Modes, and more!

    For more information on this addon, please see the documentation on

  • #727

    Well the jig is up now.  Blizzard finally made the JoinBattlefield() function protected.  Addons cannot call the function at all, not even with a button press.  Only took them 6 years to do it.

    Beyond displaying the queue status of group members, this addon will probably never work again.

    I'm not sure what I could implement to mitigate this limitation.  If anybody has ideas, I'm all ears.

  • #740

    The only true way would be to edit the Wow.exe.

  • #725

    Can you update for the patch fix please. I can't queue my groups

  • #724

    I just wanted to say that I love this addon and all the work you've put into it. Don't pay attention to the haters.

  • #723

    The thing about versions 2.7x is... They work... Barely. In fact.. Way buggier then preform av has ever been... In all history of it.. My entire guild uses 3.04 new[sic] and we have ZERO issues and it is amazing.. So... Thank you... For all that you are doing here.

  • #720

    Bad addon.

    Fairness rules!

  • #719

    I have no complaints, or comparisons, or quips.

    I just wanted to say thank you for all your work all these years, you've made a paladin who has pvp'd since before there were BGs (or even an honor system)  very happy for a long time. :)

  • #713

    The thing about versions 2.7x is... They work... Beautifully. In fact.. Way better then preform av has ever worked... In all history of it.. My entire guild uses 2.7a new and we have ZERO issues and it is amazing.. So... Good luck... On whatever you are doing here.

  • #714

    Of course it works when all he did was take my code and tacked on some things to it.  I did all of the work in making it functional to begin with.

    As far as addons go, this one was unusually difficult to develop because it requires synchronizing dozen of clients together.  It required me to sit and wait for queues to pop over and over again using multiple clients.  Testing a fixed typo could require a 20 minute queue followed by a 15 minute deserter.  And even after I got it to work, I had to then take steps to eliminate redundant transmissions to prevent the server from kicking users in large raids.  Adding a resilience info column and displaying queue timers is utterly trivial compared to the work he stole from me.  I added everything he did in less than two days on top of rewriting much of the core logic.

    It's hilarious when people come in here and tell me how bad my addon is when NOBODY has made an alternative in SIX YEARS and the only reason you have 2.7x to begin with is because of my many long nights of making free software for you.  You're welcome.

  • #718

    Well apparently you didn't even look at version 3 because item 1 is in it.  Item 4 on your list is just coincidence.  All addons can do is queue simultaneously, and beyond that it is out of any addon's control.

    The one thing that rogue version has that mine doesn't is a forced AFK flagging 'feature' that is somewhat dubious as it can be abused.  If I were to ever put something like that in, I would notify users that their client is being used to flag somebody AFK, mention who by name, and make it optional at the very least.  I could imagine Blizzard finally banning this addon over something like that.  Of course Blizzard is so lazy they haven't even made JoinBattlefield() a protected function in YEARS so I'd probably get away with it.

    If there is demand for it, I'll put it in.  How soon I get around to it depends on the feedback I get here.

  • #717

    Well I appreciate it, in regards to your work and starting the addon. We used to use preform for the longest time, your version that is. After we started preforming AV instead of just wsg however, we needed more features.

    You mentioned features the other addon has?

    Well before I list them I should mention that I haven't used the version from here in some time, so I don't know if you have added these options or not. So what I list here are things that perform av 2.7 x+ has had in it. Rather he took this from you or not I couldn't tell you one way or another. The guy who made 2.7 I do not know nor do I care about other than the succesfulness we had with the addon vs using the preform av from curse.

    1. You don't get the enter BG window pop up until your raid leader has given the ok. Basically elimanating accidently entering a BG.

    2. You can't vote out a player afk in your raid group. The raid leader has to ok it before you can vote the player afk.

    3. You can't vote your raid leader afk at all. (we had issues with allys pretending to be horde joining our group and voting out our raid leader so this helped so much)

    4. Nearly 100% succes queues most of the time we used it. We used it for pug groups over almost 2 months running AV every day for about 7 hours a day. In that time with most queues it would get everyone in the same AV however, there were times when someone wouldn't make it in. In this case it was usually an extremely low ping situation. It was extremely easy to see who was and who wasn't in the same AV queue. Which is also the case in the addon from here on curse. I should mention these pug groups were done entirely through RealID and the experience could be entirely luck as I don't recall reading that perform av 2.7 was suppose to help the queue success.

    There were other things. We aren't running the pug AVs anymore since MoP. So currently it's water under the bridge.

    I didn't comment on your addon page here to flame you or upset you in anyway. If I did that I apologize. I simply commented to make note of your big post up there regarding using preform av 2.7x.

    Have a nice day/night.

  • #716

    Unless he added more junk in a recent release, then his version is not 'more useful'.  I can't quite tell if you're one of his propagandists lying about my addon or not.  Unsurprisingly you guys never actually mention specific features or what is supposedly broken in mine, though.

    I'm not going to keep tabs on his illegal spaghetti code. This isn't a competition or a job.  He actually broke a couple of things that I noticed when I took a quick look at it.  If you want a feature, ask for it.  I'm not a mind reader.

    I'll say this though: you won't be downloading 2.7x from any official addon site.  Hopefully he doesn't up and decide to add code to delete items of users he doesn't like, because he already wrote code to force others to make him raid leader and flag people afk on top of blatantly breaking IP law.  Addons aren't executables, but they can still do malicious things.

  • #715

    I guess I was implying you should just steal it back... If his works he basically did the work for you, copy and paste.

    I mean. I am not going to use something that is less useful than something else. That is just common sense. It isn't any disrespect to any work you may have done. It's just simply a statement of what is useful and what is not.

    Personally that would have been the first thing I did instead of making some big deal about someone stealing your work. No one is going to know one way or another unless you say something like you did.

    In any case, good luck with your work on the addon.

    Last edited by psbsuperguy2007 on 10/7/2012 9:32:07 PM
  • #711

    This thing was way more broken than I thought.  Oh well.  I used the free week Blizzard gave me to fix the addon they apparently dislike so much.

    Let me know if you all hate the autocompact feature enough for me to have it off by default.

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