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Preform AV Enabler

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 3,132 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.0.5
  • 2,024,952 Total Downloads
  • Updated 09/20/2012
  • Created 12/18/2006
  • 1,676 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: Preform AV Enabler 3.04
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About Preform AV Enabler

A Note Regarding the 2.7x Versions

The 2.7x versions floating around are NOT official updates by the original author of this addon (me) and contain code I deem unacceptable to use. 3.04 is the official latest release of this software. You use unauthorized and illegal hacks of my work at your own risk. Do not ask me anything concerning any 2.7x version.

Addon Purpose

Preform AV Enabler allows the group/raid leader to solo queue everybody in the raid group simultaneously with a button press and to see the queue status of everyone with this addon installed for the purpose of increasing the chance of the raid getting into the same battleground.

To use, open a battlemaster window and click the Preform AV Enabler button, type /preformav, or click "Preform" on the menu that appears when right clicking the minimap battleground icon.

Version 3.04:

  • Numerous bug fixes
  • A column compaction feature has been added, and is on by default. To turn it off (or back on) type /preformav autocompact at the command line.

Version 3.03:

  • Localizations added for the new battlegrounds (untested however, some may be incorrect)
  • Should no longer conflict with the glyph UI (hopefully; it was not happening on my client)

Version 3.02:

  • Mists compatibility

Version 3.01:

  • Lots of bug fixes

Version 3.0:

  • Timers now displayed in queue status columns. The greener the color, the closer that player is to the average time.
  • Info column displaying role, resilience, and ilevel
  • Class colored player names
  • New command line options. Type /preformav ? for a list
  • Variable window update time
  • Popups altered to help prevent accidental zoning in
  • 2.x users will not be able to see the status of 3.x users, but are still controllable by the raid leader
  • French translation fix
  • Much of the base addon code refactored

Version 2.66:

  • esMX localization added and ptBR localization updated

Version 2.65:

  • WoW 4.3 Compatibility
  • ptBR Localizations added

Version 2.64:

  • toc interface number updated to 40200

Version 2.63:

  • 4.1 compatibility

Version 2.62:

  • French, German, and Spanish translations for new BGs

Version 2.61:

  • Russian translations for new BGs added
  • The button to open the Preform window is once again on the battleground selection window

Version 2.6:

  • Twin Peaks and Battle for Gilneas added
  • Number of instances total removed due to Blizzard removing that function
  • Battlemaster window status removed as they no longer exist


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  • #712

    Havent tested it out yet but I just want to say I really appreciate you updating this and you don't even play anymore!!  

    I know that its a thankless, THANKLESS job so just wanted to say Thank you!!   :)

  • #709

    BATTLEFIELDS_SHOW event is registered, but handler isn't defined anywhere causing lua errors. Also was getting lua error (t is nil value) at line 306 RaidFrame.lua

    Last edited by TOM_RUS on 9/17/2012 4:48:57 AM
  • #710

    Could have sworn I commented that event out.

    Fixed both pending update.  Thanks.

  • #705

    I just updated to version 3.03 and there is a few bugs.

    it doesnt show the class colours of new added people. It will on reloading UI but thats not something you want to be doing all the time. it seems to que ok.. but it was just a small group the test would be a 40 man

    and I do agree with someof th eother comments about  size and apperance of the add on.. it is too big an dsince you can only que for 2 at a time, would be nice to make it more compact.

    I really hope you dont give up on your add on here just cause others are trying it there way.. keep up the great work.

  • #706

    Is anybody else experiencing this color problem?  3.03 changed absolutely nothing beyond localing a few underscores and adding translations, so I have no idea why this would be happening.  I didn't even alter RaidFrame.lua.

    You can resize the window by clicking the + buttons and the window resize will save so you don't have to click them each load.  It's not just a simple matter of only displaying two columns as it's entirely possible to have every single battleground queued by somebody in the raid; although more auto compact and expand code could be implemented.

  • #708

    Was this not happening in 3.02?  I ask because often people skip updates, or didn't notice it previously, then say the latest update broke something when it was in fact broken in a previous version.  Also, what region are you guys playing in?  Are your lua errors on?

    Confirms not lining up is out of my hands.  As long as the addon queues everybody at the same time, then that's as far as addons can go.  I expected Blizzard might implement some sort of queue scattering code to try to stop groups from getting around the matchmaking system; maybe that's what we're seeing now. (or more likely you just had an unlucky streak)

  • #707

    Yes, as he said. The only way to get the colors to show up of the class or to show their online status is to constantly reloading ui. Another issue we had was the very first que with 7 ppl in twin peaks or wsg 10 mans it was on the money perfect. After that it was a train wreck. No ques confirmed lined up at all. The initial ques looked good, but as soon as the confirms came everyone was getting different ones. And yes just minimize the bg columns makes it nice besides you can only que for 2 at a time. We spent about two hours queing for bgs back to back even two a time to make up for lost time and none lined up. At one point we just started taking them since we were wasting time and losing potential honor.

  • #703

    Works fine for me.

    But let'S face it: It is time for a new layout. Especially regarding the new BGs that come with MoP. This addon is quite old now, so it's time to come up with some visual pleasure.

    Last edited by Nonplusultra on 9/12/2012 5:53:42 PM
  • #704

    Most of my addons are ugly.  Arena Unit Frames was one of the first arena addons, released WAY before proximo and gladiator, but it never caught on because people like shiny.  (the damn addon freakin' TALKS to you and nobody used it)  I had plans to implement a number of different visual styles to choose from, but my arena partner quit so I quit, and development stopped because of it.  Likewise when my friends quit the game, I stopped using preform.

    People underestimate the amount of work involved to write these things, and even though us authors all have donate buttons, very very very few people actually donate; so it's just not worth the time to add shiny to an addon I don't even use anymore. (and requires multiple accounts to test, for that matter)  I think preform got one or two donations ever and it has something like 3 million downloads.

    Were I serious about development I'd rewrite all of the xml and come up with a new display that didn't make the frame 1600 pixels wide.  Also at this point I keep expecting Blizzard to cripple the addon but they don't do it for whatever reason-- even when their own CM reps say they don't like it.  I'd hate to spend all that time on it only to see it unusable.


  • #699

    Why are you people talking like this add on is working at all? it has not worked since 5.04 has came out. It doesnt even have buttons or options to join a que.

  • #701

    not sure what this guy is talking about. Our guild has been using it without issue.

    Doesn't have buttons to join a que unless you are raid leader so make sure you aren't making that mistake.

  • #702

    He probably didn't update to 3.02.

    I appreciate your comments btw Arkaan.  Often a 'it's working without issue' is as useful to me as 'it's broken'.


  • #696

    Your addon has been really buggy since 3.02. I keep trying to queue a group of 15 with a threshold set to 13. It just doesn't do nothing, people don't get an automatic ready check and it tends to really bug out if someone leaves the group.

    Last edited by djloco81 on 11/29/2012 12:14:10 PM
  • #698

    2.72 broke along with version 3.01 when Blizzard pushed version 5 of the WoW client.

    3.02 made no changes to automate and only added compatibility with the new API and added support for the new battlegrounds.  You probably shouldn't be using automate anyway, as it has been nearly useless for years due to Blizzard adding some restrictions to queue functions to curb botting.  I'd have removed the feature entirely had I the time.

    I'll need more details if it's not functioning properly when people leave the group.  10 days and 50k downloads before the first mention of it suggests you are doing something unusual.

  • #695


    Can you check my patch proposal ? Because like many other addons Preform AV Enabler can leak variable _ as global and this causes error in Glyph UI.


    Last edited by Antonz on 9/10/2012 1:53:05 AM
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