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Proc And Flash

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  • Updated 06/30/2012
  • Created 07/04/2010
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  • Newest File: v4.0.2

About Proc And Flash

NOTE: This is (still) a beta version, not all (useful to know) procs may be implemented. If you find a proc that you really want implemented, please comment about it on this page, I check there very often. (just kidding, I actually don't, you're probably better off finding me in-game)

Proc And Flash flashes the screen with a color, displays large outlined white text, and plays a voice sound related to the proc you obtain.

The voice sounds, eh? They're all me. Yes, me. Feel free to record your own voice or edit mine to make it sound less kiddish or include some effects relevant to the spell proc. Oh, and it'd be cool if you could upload a zipped folder of your customized proc sounds.

Don't like my voice? No problem, use the /paf sfx toggle to turn a sound effect on instead, then use /paf voice off to turn my voice off.

Don't like the color of a certain proc? Want to add your own proc? I tried my best to match decent colors to procs, however, if it's really bugging you then you may:

  1. Open up Proc And Flash.lua (in the addon's root folder)
  2. A bit down in the file you will find an array called PAF_Colors
  3. You can add your own colors using the format colorName = {R(0-255), G(0-255), B(0-255)}
  4. Scroll down a bit after you've had fun in that section and find if playerClass == "DEATHKNIGHT" then
  5. Find the appropriate section of this large lump of class check if statements to insert your proc
  6. If the proc is in the form of a buff, insert it into your class's section in the format Proc.add(spellId, "colorNameFromStep3", "displayNameOfProc", "commandAsWellAsNameOfMP3", "TEXT POPUP ON PROC", countToTriggerAt)
  7. If the proc is not in the form of a buff, you're probably screwed because I removed the reacts section
  8. Save file then open WoW or /console reloadui

Note: spellId can be found on, countToTriggerAt is the amount of stacks of the buff that the flash will trigger at (-1 means any)

Proc And Flash - Commands:
/paf flash on/off - enable/disable the flash alerts
/paf voice on/off - enable/disable the voice alerts
/paf sfx on/off - enable/disable the sound effect alerts
/paf text on/off - enable/disable the text alerts
/paf dmg on/off - enable/disable using proc font as damage font (requires logout)
/paf test [proc] - test what happens when a specific proc occurs
/paf procs - list procs available for your class
/paf [proc] on/off

- Probably removed a bunch of procs, oops, sorry guys
- New, more efficient and easier to understand code
- Now compatible with patch 4.3.4
- Includes the legendary dagger proc for rogues

- Added warrior Victory Rush ability
- Renamed all those args so that it's easier to understand and update my code
- Support for patch 4.2!

- Re-voiced all of the procs out of boredom and the fact I'm like a year old, sadly I still sound like a kid - oh well!
- Added Master Marksman talent for hunters
- Fixed the issue of not working due to arg placement (I really need to give them names sometime...)

- Re-added the 0 stack check in a better way (count == 0 and 1 or count, are you guys getting this?)
- Added the rest of the classes in, aside from rogue which I can't find any useful-to-know procs within

- Added a couple of classes support... Hunters, mages, paladins...

- Back to alpha...or is this the first alpha I've had? Oh well...
- Added support for procs that aren't buffs! What a miracle!
- Cataclysm support, yeah, I finally got off my butt and did something
- Re-coded a lot of the addon to be more efficient
- Removed enchant and trinket procs section, it was never useful anyway
- Only Death Knight and Shaman procs are available now
- Added death knight Dark Transformation talent
- Added death knight Sudden Doom talent
- Added shaman Lava Surge talent
- Added shaman Fulmination talent

- Fixed class localization issue thanks to rza on wowinterface
- Attempted to fix shaman talent Maelstrom Weapon (for the 3rd's more of a revert)

- Bit of a performance upgrade (removed for loops so it doesn't loop through all classes for proc checks)
- Slightly less memory usage
- Added one big long line

- Added warrior T10 DPS 4P bonus (Bloodsurge X2, Sudden Death X2)
- Added paladin Infusion of Light talent
- Added mage Impact talent
- Fixed mage Fingers of Frost talent
Note: v2.3.5 was a version with a minor fix that I kinda just skipped uploading because I'm lazy like that.

- Normalized the volume of all sounds using MP3Gain (which hopefully ended the rattling loudness)
- Attempt to fix proc text from going to 100% opaque a couple ms before it disappears

- Added mage Firestarter and Blazing Speed talents

- Fixed shaman Maelstrom Weapon talent again

- Added warlock Decimation talent

- Fixed warlock Molten Core talent to proc at 3 instead of 1
- Added option to use the proc font as the font for your damage numbers

- Added sfx option (off by default) for people who don't like my voice (plays shadowdance sound, it seemed decent enough, might change it if someone gives a better one)
- Re-voiced a few procs that I did a bad job on
- Re-worked a few commands to shorten code
- Probably did something else but I can't remember

- Found out that Blizzard decided to make the count value of UnitBuff() be either 1 or 0 so had to adjust for that...weird!
- Re-voiced Fingers of Frost (from Ding Gers of Frost, excuse my accent)
- Added Eradication (Affliction talent)
- Added Fatal Flaws (Needle-Encrusted Scorpion)
- As you noticed, there's now a trinket section, I'll add more trinkets to it when I get the time - I promise!

- Re-added stack count check, oops.

- Studied a bit more into Blizzard's XML and lua API, so now the addon's totally rewritten so you or I can easily add a proc with just 1 line of code!
- Reduced the addon code from somewhere around 60 KB to around 18 KB
- Now uses only 44 KB of RAM (or wait, is that more?)
- Categories adjusted
- Commands are automatically generated per proc
- I'm going to call it stable but I could be lying

- Shortened some code
- Attempted to make /paf output less spammy and more categoryish

- Added Lightweave & Shadowguard embroideries
- Had Beardaddy test my addon for a while and he thinks it works well so first release!

- Added version in /paf command
- Re-voiced missile barrage without the click noise
- Shortened the code a few lines (thanks richerich @ wowinterface)
- Plan on v1.3 being next as a release, hope you testers out there find me some bugs to squash before I do

- I can't spell weapon right, MaelstromWrapon lol! So that's fixed.

- Attempt to keep the text staying on the screen for the same duration on every computer
- Added weapon enchant procs
- Still trying to keep my voice sexy

- Fixed procs given from pets (such as Empowered Imp)
- Started updating the version in the .toc file

- Added text popup using a Pepsi logo styled font (it looks cool imo)
- Renamed tons of variables so that they don't interfere with other addons

- It definitely exists, now.


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  • #48

    Hi. Can you Update this Addon pls? I love it

  • #47
    important question

    any progress on the addon beardaddy was talking about in that screenshot?

  • #46

    Pretty please update for 4.3? Half the procs and flashes don't work. I totally forgot I had this while playing my shaman, then suddenly my pally's screen lights up with a flash! :O 

    Would be lovely if it worked for 4.3, and MoP later. :D

  • #45

    Any chance this will be updated for 4.3?

  • #44
    I am having trouble figuring out how to make incite show up for warriors. I assumed it would go under the buffs area so I put it in the spot and I got the buff number from wowhead but with no luck making it work. Any Ideas?
  • #42
    See that:
    PAF_CreateProcBuff(36032, "darkTeal", "Arcane Blast", "arcaneblast", "ARCANE BLAST", 4, true),
    and react:
    PAF_CreateProcReact("Arcane Blast", "darkTeal", "Arcane Blast", "arcaneblast", "ARCANE BLAST")

    But it don't work until "countToTriggerAt = 1". I need to be 4 and if <> 1 don't flash

    Can you help? :)

  • #40
    Like it, but would like to see Missile Barrage added to it as well. Saw Fingers of Frost and was actually surprised Missile Barrage wasn't in there.
  • #43
    Easy to include that. Just edit file like explanation above posted by author.

    Maybe you looking for this:

    PAF_CreateProcBuff(79683, "lightBlue", "Arcane Missiles!", "arcanemissiles", "ARCANE MISSILES", 1, false),

  • #41
    I'm really surprised it's not in there either, where the heck did it go!
    I must have accidentally backspaced it lol!
  • #34
    Any way to get it to proc Revenge?
  • #36
    I have been trying to make it work using the directions you had listed in the Description section which you also listed above but I haven't been able to get it to work. I think you are right that Revenge is not the proc name. I will do some testing and see if I can figure out what it is.
  • #37
    It worked. Revenge is the proc name. Thanks for your help.
  • #35
    Yes, you should be able to add it to the table by finding

    { -- Warrior
    PAF_CreateProcReact("Victory Rush", "bloodRed", "Victory Rush ability", "victoryrush", "VICTORY RUSH")

    and changing it to:

    { -- Warrior
    PAF_CreateProcReact("Revenge", "bloodRed", "Revenge ability", "revenge", "REVENGE"),
    PAF_CreateProcReact("Victory Rush", "bloodRed", "Victory Rush ability", "victoryrush", "VICTORY RUSH")

    however I can't be entirely sure that it is the name of the proc (what comes up in <> from combat text) as I'm not a prot warrior. Please test and get back to me. Also, you will have to type:
    /paf revenge on
    in order for it to be enabled once you add it!
  • #38
    Any way to make it so the text stays up for the duration of the proc?
  • #39
    Sorry, not at the moment, it would require a large code edit. Perhaps I'll add a slash command to enable what you want in the next version.
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