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  • Supports: 6.2.0
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  • Updated 08/07/2015
  • Created 10/17/2008
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  • Release Type: Mature
  • License: Proculas License 4.0
  • Newest File: 2.5.6
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About Proculas


Proculas makes tracking procs easy, it tracks proc statistics and let's you customize the proc notification.

To change the options, right click on the Proculas icon, or open the interface options screen and click the Addons tab.

We now return to your regularly scheduled broadcast

After quite a while of inactivity, I've started working on Proculas again. I'm going to do my best to fix any issues that are reported.

As for Warlords of Draenor, the majority of Proculas will be rewritten, this will be Proculas 3.0.

Proculas 3.0

Proculas 3.0 will be a major and long needed overhaul of the code to simplify things and start to include class procs again.


  • Add and Remove custom procs with a simple interface.
  • Link proc stats to chat by clicking the proc in the tooltip.
  • Proc announcement customization.
  • Proc statistics.
  • Proc cooldown display.
  • Procs Per Minute counter.
  • Total Procs counter.
  • Proc Uptime Percent.


Want to help translate Proculas? simply head over to the localization page, your name will be added to the contributors list.

Bug Reporting

Found a bug? Got an error? Please don't be a retard and post it in the comments, I wont do anything about it otherwise, so please use the ticket system, you can't miss the link, its the link in CAPS below.

!!!!!!!!!! ==>> REPORT ISSUES HERE <<== !!!!!!!!!!


Proculas was created in October of 2008 by Xocide, I can be found playing: Idunno on Hellscream or Heallelujah on Caelestrasz (in the US region)

2015-08-07  Xocide  <>

[41d2c02bc0a4] [2.5.6]
* Proculas.toc

Update interface version.


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  • #338

    Does this addone track debuffs on the enemy as well? I'd like to track a debuff proc by a weapon (Earthshaker) but can only seem to get personal buffs (Clearcasting, Veil of Lies, Windwalk, Savage Defense, etc.) to show up.

  • #337

    If you're having problems adding procs try disabling all other addons, if there is still an issue make sure your WoW and it's "WTF" directory has the correct permissions.

    Proculas 2.3.1 has been tested on multiple machines with various addons running with no problems at all.

  • #334

    There is currently an issue with the WowAce packager that is making it impossible to do a proper release for Proculas 2.3.0.

    I'm in the process moving to another packager and trying to get Proculas over to CurgeForge to have the ability to upload files unlike on WowAce.

  • #335

    check pm on cf!

  • #333

    I dont know how I wound up here but whoever was trying to track the seal of the seven signs it's not the spellid of the trinket, its the spellid of the proc. = proc. glhf.

  • #331

    Update for 4.3 possibly coming soon. I've not logged into the game for quite some time as I've been busy with other projects.

  • #325

    Hi would like to first send my thanks for a simple but sooo useful addon.

    I have the same problem and I understand that ur not interested in adding all item/spells etc and ur feature where we can add things for ourself is just great :)

    My problem is that it doesnt trigger anything...same problem as chubaka5

    My trinket "Veil of Lies" grants dodge and im interested in knowing when and how often. I looked up item number on wowhead and tried to add that and nothing happened. Then i tried the proc itself with spell id 102666 ... still nothing.

    Ive reloged and stuff but it will never show up.

    Is there anything that can be done or has 4.3 release some new secrets messing up ur code :D

    Regards Dive

    Last edited by Diveblaster on 12/11/2011 5:12:07 PM
  • #326

    Found out that it was my own fault...first i reinstalled the addon then i found out that it wasnt the right spellid...had to go further down more click.

    So now it works like charm ty again


    Last edited by Diveblaster on 12/11/2011 5:40:46 PM
  • #327

    I've tried all 3 (lfr, normal, heroic) spell ID's and none of them work.


    Has anyone got Seven Signs Trinket to track? If not please reccommend another addon this one has served me well for 3 years but if it isn't being updated please refer one that is thanks.

  • #324

    I've done exactly as instructed and I can't get Seal of the Seven Signs Trinket to track :(

    Went to Proculas > add proc, enter name, hit okay, enter spell id '77204', hit ok, hit Add Proc.

    Didn't work. It is the normal version of the trinket not heroic I double checked spell ID, I also tried entering the Buff name 'Velocity' instead of trinkets name nothing works. trinkets address.


    Any ideas?

  • #322

    Isn't tracking The Hungerer's "Devour" proc. SpellID is correct. Just nothing.

  • #323

    Are you sure it's the correct Spell ID? there are two: 97125 and 96911

  • #319
    I was having trouble adding procs after a while. They wouldn't even show up in the list anymore. I deleted all the WTF stuff for Proculas and it fixed the problem, at least for now.

    It seems though that is only works for procs, and not for other temp buffs. For example I have trinkets that have a "use" effect. It would be nice to know how much uptime I have on those since I could compare it with what it's maximum uptime should be. Basically it would just be nice if it would track anything with a spell ID. Is this harder than it sounds?
  • #321

    If you have know the Spell ID of those "use" effects, you can track them. I made this addon for free for myself, I have since stopped using it but maintain it for others, for free.

    I don't have the time to sit there and sift through all the items to see which ones do and do not have procs for free. It is also a proc tracking addon, not a spell uptime tracker, but like I said, if you want to add it yourself you can do so, that is why I built in the "Add Proc" feature people requested.

  • #317
    To those that keep saying that Procula wont recognize Windwalk. Try use the right SPELL ID. It worked first time i added Windwalk no problems at all.
    And i know it also recognize Landslide used that on another char.
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