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Profiles: Keyboard binds

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 397 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.2.0
  • 27,371 Total Downloads
  • Updated 07/20/2015
  • Created 08/18/2011
  • 45 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: v1.9.3.6020

About Profiles: Keyboard binds


  • Create specialization keybind profiles (e.g. One profile for Restoration, one profile for Balance etc)
  • Create custom profile with the below commands

Quick start

  • Hit /kps save PROFILENAME1
  • Change keybinds and press /kps save PROFILENAME2
  • To load, do /kps load PROFILENAME1 or PROFILENAME2


  • /kps save <name> saves the current keyboard layout under the <name> example: /kps save karl
  • /kps load <name>
  • /kps delete <name>
  • /kps list
  • /kps debug [on|off]
  • /kps export <name> export <name> to global space, for all characters to see.

r114 | fulgerul | 2015-07-20 07:32:09 +0000 (Mon, 20 Jul 2015) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   A /tags/v1.9.3.6020 (from /trunk:113)

TOC bump.
Ace libs.
r113 | fulgerul | 2015-07-20 07:31:20 +0000 (Mon, 20 Jul 2015) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Core-Keybinds.lua
   M /trunk/Libs/AceGUI-3.0/widgets/AceGUIContainer-TreeGroup.lua
   M /trunk/Libs/CallbackHandler-1.0/CallbackHandler-1.0.lua
   M /trunk/ProfilesKeyboardbinds.toc

Merge with dev.


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  • #103

    Ok. What the F**k. This addon completely removed all my buttons in Frost spec. I really was just messing around trying to save a profile and it completely wiped everything, so I have to rebuild my Action bars back up.

    THEN, it wiped all my keybindings too, so I had to figure out how to get back in to the system to Default my keybindings.....

    AND THEN!!!! It did the same to my 20+ macros that I had built. All gone. Every single one of them. Please make this idiot proof....1 f**king star

  • #100

    I play a druid and I have two different sets of action bar layouts from resto and boomkin, I use both ABS aswell as KPS cause I change my whole UI when I change speccs. The problem is, when I try to load a keybind profile using the /kps load <profile> command I get the error message "You can't change your keyboardlayout in fight." Could you take a look at this please?? :D

  • #101

    Same issue, tested on a low level alt in Org with no other addons enabled

  • #102


    this was fixed in the beta earlier. Today I even made an official release removing this bug. Have a try and get back to me.


  • #97

    Just incase anyone is wondering about this beloved mod. It is semi working with 6.1 it takes a while to load and sometimes even crashes wow. But does frankly work. Fulgerul is the man hope he gets around to messing with it sometime.

  • #98

    *UPDATE* if you are having problems with this mod and use bartender you need to update bartender and it will work just like it did before 6.1

  • #99

    Will do some cleanup this weekend, please hold on tight :)

  • #96

    does not work, even with the newest beta just dont change the binds

  • #95

    Seems this doesnt save keybinds set by the addon GoGoMount

  • #93

    I love this addon, and dont want to find another one because I have become so accustomed to using this one, however, since patch 6.0.2 i cannot change my keybind profile specs - it keeps saying "can't change while in combat" even though im not in combat. Any ideas on how to fix would be amazing.


  • #94

    Try the beta in Other downloads :)

  • #92

    So i just did a fresh wow install(been meaning to for a while now) plus i really really love this mod. And all seems to be working now. My previoius wow install was pretty old and had been moved around a lot there must have been some conflicting stuff. Thx Fulg!

  • #87


    anyone using this addon with Bartender ? Working fine, but doesnt save the Keybinds for moving (WASD, I change those in other spec), and I cant define those in Bartender, only in Blizz Interface. The Addon doesnt save them, so I have to rebind them everytime.

    Thanks for help!

  • #88

    Ya i use Profile: Keyboard Binds Along with Bartender4. Seems that the mod either isnt saving keybinds for any bars besides Bar1 OR it can't load them for anything other than Bar1. Anyways thanks Fulgerul for your passed and preasent efforts with this mod. Hope it can get working soon. As someone who changes specs often on every toon i have its so nice being able to use this mod and not mess with moving ability's or keybinds around.

  • #91

    Ok i will mess around with it a bit, No i never use special characters in my name, Always hated them =P

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