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Tradeskill Profit Maximization

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  • Supports: 4.0.1
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  • Updated 10/17/2010
  • Created 12/21/2008
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  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: ProfMax v2.0

About Tradeskill Profit Maximization

Dependency (one of the following):

  • Auctioneer
  • AuctionMaster
  • AuctionLite
  • Auctionator

ProfMax utilizes AuctionHouse scan data to calculate the pricing of TradeSkill items. ProfMax will output this information to the TradeskillUI window (i.e. Alchemy, Cooking, First-Aid, etc...).

Profmax will also calculate the total cost of purchasing the mats on the AuctionHouse and will display if there is a profit to be made.

ProfMax v2.0
-Updated for Cataclysm

ProfMax v1.6
-Small tweak to the algorithm for determining if profit can be made

ProfMax v1.5
-Price formula now uses the minimum number made for each item to calculate worth.
 Previous version presumed only 1 item was crafted each time.
-Added handling for SKILL_LINES_CHANGED event.  If the tradeskill window is open
 when mounting/unmounting, handler will now prevent the AH values from disappearing
 from the tradeskill window.

ProfMax v1.4
-Added support for Auctionator.

Added the following options:
     -View the profit margin rather than gold profit in the reagent window. (Profit Margin = (Profit / Revenue) * 100)
     -Ability to remove certain keywords(Transmute, Enchant, Elixir of, etc...) from your tradeskill window to tidy things up.
     -Ability to take into account current inventory when calculating total tradeskill item cost.  Before when calculating total cost, it was presumed
     that everything would be purchased from vendor or auction house.

ProfMax v1.3
-Updated text on Options panel to be more intuitive.
-Corrected bug when trying to open tradeskill window when the Options menu was visible.
-Removed support for Skillet.
-Fixed issue where some tradeskill items were being hidden inadvertently when using some filters.

ProfMax v1.2
-Updated for 3.3

ProfMax v1.1
-Added option to Round auction values to the nearest gold.

ProfMax v1.0
-Updated .toc for 3.1 patch
-Corrected problem where interface options were not saving properly after patch 3.1.

ProfMax v0.9.0
-Added basic support for Skillet.  Disabled by default.  Enable via Options Panel.
-Added option to display reagent price in the TradeSkillUI window.  Disabled by default.  Enable via Options Panel. (Does not work with Skillet)
-Minor code updates for performance improvements.
-Fixed issue when INFORMANT knows about an item but shows the cost to be zero.

ProfMax v0.8.0
-Added support for AuctionLite.
-Added support for AuctionMaster.
-Added internal lookup table for item buy prices for users who do not use INFORMANT.  Let me know if I missed any mats you can but from vendor.
-Added option to flag items that will result in profit from AH.  Items will be flagged with an "*" in the TradeSkill UI window.  Note: You may experience a delay when scrolling in the Tradeskill UI Frame. (Seems to only be when using Auctioneer)  If so, then you'll probably want to keep this option disabled.
-Removed option for enabling debugging.

ProfMax v0.6.0
-Added additional nil checks for users with no pricing modules installed
-Added new option in the options panel to show per unit auction pricing in tradeskill UI even if no mats are available
-Added new option in the options panel to show only per unit auction pricing even if mats are available. (that is, don't multipy by the mats available count)

ProfMax v0.5.0
-ProfMax Loads OnDemand instead of at logon.
-Added options panel to the Blizzard Interface Options frame.
-Added the ability to select the preferred Pricing Algorithm to use.  This can be set in the Interface Options menu.
-Using Informant to determine vendor purchase price.  Older versions of ProfMax only used AH values or assumed zero.
-Added SavedVariables capability to store options for ProfMax.
-Added ChangeLog.txt file to package.

ProfMax v0.3.0
-Added check to ensure itemLink passed to Auctioneer API is an item.  Should correct problem with Enchanting.

ProfMax v0.2.3
-Added check for nil value after calling Blizzard GetTradeSkillItemLink and GetTradeSkillReagentItemLink API calls
-Added check for nil value for TradeSkillName

ProfMax v0.2.1
-Integrated into TradeSkillUI.
-Added calculation to determine if profit can be made by purchasing mats on AH.

ProfMax v0.2
-Removed EnhTooltip dependency

ProfMax v0.1
-Initial Release


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