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  • World of Warcraft
  • 45 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 2.0.12
  • 7,336 Total Downloads
  • Updated 09/29/2008
  • Created 05/09/2007
  • 6 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: GoldenRun-r34902.1006

About GoldenRun

Mouse moving. Beta.

r34902 | arrowmaster | 2007-05-09 18:02:27 -0400 (Wed, 09 May 2007) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/GoldenRun/GoldenRun.lua

GoldenRun: typo


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  • #20
    The author, Arrowmaster, is a well known and respected addon author. Further, in case people still do not know after 6.5 years, ADDONS CANNOT HACK ANYTHING! It is just not possible, and people who say otherwise sound stupid, and quite possibly are stupid.

    And yes, this addon has not been updated in almost three years, because it does not work. Blizzard killed the functionality, because they do not want automation in the game.

    A volunteer Curse Moderator!

    Back to WoW on Llane in Knights of the Storm, Alliance (Myrroddin, Jelia, BadAsh, Vanhoeffen)

  • #18
    this was last updated in 2008, what do you all expect?
  • #17
    this is the most helpful addon ive ever downloaded thanks so much (:
  • #19
    Agree! I've been playing WoW for years and I couldn't play without it! If one is to install but 1 addon, this is definitely IT!

    5 stars is not enough to rate the amazingness of this work of art!
  • #15
    Looks like an attempt to add a click-to-run feature.
  • #14
    I think they broke it...

    I guess it doesn't bend that way.

  • #13
    Looks to be an ace-based addon attempting to do something with the auto-run feature and combat status.

    Tried installing it but it does nothing, just looks like a failed attempt at something interesting.

    All of the releases say Beta, and the tags say "outdated addon .. move on".


    Useless - Yes
    Virus/Keylogger - NO

    Don't run around saying "Virus alert. Will take your account. DO NOT DOWNLOAD." when you have no clue what you're talking about.. Probably didn't even run a virus scanner and you probably don't know jack about addons.
  • #12
    i DL it and i have no idea what it does.... i think it don't work anymore... :P
  • #11
    not even a single letter in desciption why should i dont that and i dont know what is it ...
  • #9
    dont download. i havent, but the comments and the fact of no desciption makes it sound like if i get this addon i will lose every thing i got and will brake my computer. DO NOT DOWNLOAD EVEN FOR AMILLION $
  • #21
    description*, everything i have*, break*, a million*

    you suck.
  • #16
    Retarded lol.
  • #10
    you fail at life
  • #7
    Silly people. Curse does not allow executable files to be in zips. Nor are files stored on its servers filled with viruses. ArrowMaster for one is noted for many larger projects. One being Cartographer along with CK. This addon is useless to remain here given that with the latest version of WoW it will never work. Though its not a scam, virus filled, component. And truly if its this dated why would you look to download it anyways. Loves how people still think Curse stores zips with exe's and viruses still. When they have even told you the process each addon must go through before storage.
  • #8
    "Knowledge is power, but even still some love stupidity."
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