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  • Supports: 1.12.0
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  • Updated 11/02/2006
  • Created 11/27/2005
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  • License: Public Domain
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About TSVolume

* TSVolume
* Author: obliviate | carpe noctem | eu:frostwolf ([email protected])



automatically adjusts the volume (main/talk) for winamp/itunes/foobar2000 while somebody
is talking in ts 2.


- dialog based windows tool (.exe)
- system tray icon with context menu
- 2 volume sliders for main & talk volume for winamp/itunes/foobar2000/line in
- timeout for setting back the volume when nobody talks anymore
- automatically start music player on startup of tsvolume or later on
- automatically start ts2 client on startup of tsvolume or later on
- automatically connect to your favorite ts2 server
- list of 'important' players for whom the volume should be adjusted
(if the list is empty, volume is adjusted for everyone who is talking)
- xml based settings file
- start/play/pause music player at any time
- pause/resume tsvolume (suspendes/resume the ts talkers polling thread)
- tooltips for controls (help for beginners)


- TSVolume.exe (the main program)
- TSRemote.dll (TS interfacing dll)
- VXPLib.dll (QHTML based tooltip suport dll)
- foo_remote.dll (Foobar2000 remote control addon)
- Readme.txt

Note: the program registers the COM server "vxplib.dll" to your system with a call to
"regsvr32.exe vxplib.dll /s". this is used for the qhtml based tools tips, which
can in the future be used as a feature-rich help system substitution.


- slider for volume when talking yourself
- fade in volume when talking ends

- ventrilo support (thx jeff for allowing me to use your server)


  1. !html

TSVolume }}}


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  • #8

    this addon look very usefull... please add a foobar support ( )...

  • #7

    i've checked ventrilo and searched their forums, but as it seems there is no SDK available for interfacing with it.

    it would still be possible to get speakers directly from their GUI but this is much more effort and may result in weaker performance.

    after the iTunes support is finished i'll have a look into ventrilo, but i cant't guarantee that i'll really implement it, if there are too much problems arising.

  • #6

    Like another person mentioned before, Ventrilo support will be awesome :)

  • #5

    Ok i have been using it for a while and it's working great, please allow me to make some suggestions and bug reports.

    I tried to set the timeout to "5000"ms, it dosent always seem to delay for 5 sec after somebody/me talks.

    There are wierd sound anomelies some times where the volume is neither at talk or main, also it sounds like it's comming from behind or something, hard to explain and it goes away within 3sec.

    A way to add everybody to "Define important speakers" list, i wanted it to work for everybody, but i don't want to sit and add all 169 of our guild members to the list. ^^ I tried stuff like "*" "?".

    I put a shortcut in my startup folder that starts as "minimized", but then the program really does start minimized instead of hidden away in the tray area.

    When i open the program out of the tray area it pauses? Is that working as intended? =)

    It's really nice that it cuts the music fast when somebody talks, but i though it would be AWESOME to have a fade delay timer also, so if you set a fade delay of 5000ms, it would spend 5sec after the timeout to turn up the volume.

    Shouldent the volume sliders be reversed? So that it would be: 100% is in the top and 0% is in the bottom.

    Individual Talk sliders, one for me and one for everybody else, so when i talk it only turns the winamp volume down to 50% but when somebody else talks it turns it down to 10%. Not so important for me, but i would use it if it was available.

    Absolutely loving this program!

  • #4

    This program sound excelent, im gonna try it out asap.

    Im posetive that the fact Ventrilo got so popular is because all the cs noobs couldent get TS2 to work properly with CS ^^

    Keep up the good work.

  • #3

    I want iTunes support :)

  • #2

    as i'm not a big friend of ventrilo i've not yet thought about integration, but i'll have a look into it. maybe i'll add support for it as well, if i find a nice/simple way for interfacing with it.

  • #1

    I don't suppose a version that works with Ventrilo is in the works? That would be awesome.

  • #18

    Hi @ all !

    Just wanted to cry for some attention *gg*.

    No, not really, but i wanted to thank you all for your feedback, plz keep on giving us feedback, hints and bug reports so we can make our tool more good as it is anyway ;)


    ps : thx again @obliviate 4 realizing my lil' idea ;-)

  • #16

    someone of the people who want ventrilo support should please send me a PM with a valid ventrilo server ip & password to allow me to test ventrilo integration possibilities.

    thx ;>

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