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About Mmko

MM Kill Order

Defines kill order, banish, polymorph, shackle, trap, mc, pat etc for all party/raid members who also have the mod

Allows only the party/raid leader to make changes to the target information

When the raid/party leader or assistants update the config, it will change the info for those in the party/raid also running the AddOn (on request from leaders)

If you are running in a party where no one else has the AddOn, it is also a handy way to make a note of what the Target Info/Kill Order is.

Local changes are possible, the raid/party leader can overwrite with his/her config.

/mmko for config as well as Shift-Click on the Minimap Icon

Click on target marker in window to remind the party/raid what to attack.

(Many thanks to Copperman for both his insight and suggestions)


After installation, you will have a new button on your mini-map. You can also add it to TitanBar.

Left-click opens target assignments.

Right-click opens target symbol allocator.

Shift-Left-Click opens options window, where assignments can be made.

Alt-Left-Click announces the assignment to raid/party chat, for those without the add-on.

Alt-Right-Click toggles the attachment of the target allocator window to the top of the target assignments window.

Target Assignments Window

Left-click on a target symbol - it sends out a raid-warning/party message telling everyone to attack THAT symbol.

Hold down Left button anywhere (other than on a marker) in window to drag it.

Press "ANNC" button to send the details to raid/party chat; and also updates the details for other players in the party/raid who are also using the add-on.

TitanBar (or other LDB) option

Hover mouse over the MMKO button to see the current marking assignments (if you don't want to keep the assignments window open all the time).


Fixes the minimap button (left click wasn't being detected). Fixes the minimap button to work the same as the LDB button (alt-click always send to raid/party).

MMKO 4.0.3

Updated the CC spells to the Cataclysm spells (let me know if any are missing). Updated to use the built-in Tank assignments: either party TANK role or raid main tank/assist. Options window automatically updates the "intelligent assignment" when roles are changed in raid window. Updated to latest ACE3 libraries. Dropped support for CTRA tank assignments (since the built-in ones are sufficient).

MMKO 4.0.1a

Changed the version to be up-to-date for patch 4.0.1 It still needs all the new CC spells adding.

MMKO 4.0.1

Works with 3.3.5 and doesn't crash on 4.0.1 Provides intelligent list of characters (e.g. only displays Shamans for the mark assigned to the Hex target). Still uses old 3.3.5 crowd control spells.

Mmko 3.3.11

  • Provides an LDB plug-in (e.g. for Titanbar) which provides the assignment window when you mouse-over the button; so that you don't need the window open all the time.
  • Other users of MMKO in the same party/raid only have their windows updated when the ANNC button is pressed by the party/raid leader/assistant.

Mmko 3.3.10

  • Updated TOC to 3.3.0
  • Minor back-end improvements.

Mmko 3.3.7

  • Kill symbols are now listed first in the window, in kill order.
  • Add some debug options to help see what the add-on is doing.
  • Various improvements to the code (removal of unnecessary nested frames, use of standard tank symbol icons).

Mmko 3.3.6

  • The automatic transmission to other MMKO users has been disabled.
  • There is a Annc button in the main window which will send current information to party/raid chat and to all MMKO users.
  • I'm not sure if it's been documented, but clicking on one of the individual target marks in the main assignment window will generate a raid warning "Attack the <symbol>".
  • There are now also multiple profiles available so that you can create your own separate party, 10-man, 25-man, or whatever, profiles for the target assignments (courtesy of the AceDB library) - target assignments are saved in the profile (which are common across all your characters), but window positions and visibility are saved on a per-character basis.

Mmko 3.3.5

  • The minimap button position should now be saved correctly.
  • Added an option to not automatically send information to other MMKO in the same party/raid on every change made in the window, instead providing a send button in the main MMKO window. (Note that comms will not work between different versions.)

Mmko 3.3.4

  • It looks like some things didn't quite work properly in 3.3.3, so here are the fixes.

Mmko 3.3.3

  • The current state of the windows and minimap button position are now saved on logout and across instance boundaries.

Mmko 3.3.2

  • tags updated to make it match the current client version (3.2)

Mmko 3.3.1

  • update provided by dearthmaul... many thanks! he will be added to the maintainers on this project
  • Added hex
  • Minimap button is working
  • Communication between raid members is improved.

Mmko 3.2

  • Added seduce for locks
  • Added a pull button
  • May not be compatible
  • here's the way to get around it if you do not want to upgrade
  • In the next major release I will be changing the db so we don't have to do this...
  • In the localization.enus.lua file, anywhere after the line
MmkoLOC = {}
  • you can add the following line
MmkoLOC["seduce"] = "Seduce"
  • also in the Mmko.lua, following the line
j["ind"] = MmkoLOC["ind"]
  • add the following line
j["seduce"] = MmkoLOC["seduce"]

easier to upgrade in my opinion MmAddition


  • #3
    Woot, good to see this on curse. Keep up the great work guys :D
  • #2
    3.3.2 just updates 3.3.1 to have the correct version stamp for client 3.2
  • #1


    FuBar Support
    (just an icon that mimics the minimap icon for those who use FuBar and hate the minimap icons)

    MainTank and OffTank assignments

    If you get errors due to incompatibility, roll back or force an upgrade?
    there are 4 lines of code that can be added to the 2.3 versions that MAY fix the issue

    In the localization.enus.lua file, anywhere after the line
    MmkoLOC = {}

    you can add the following 2 lines
    MmkoLOC["mt"] = "MainTank"
    MmkoLOC["ot"] = "OffTank"


    in the Mmko.lua

    following the line
    j["ind"] = MmkoLOC["ind"]

    add the following 2 lines
    j["mt"] = MmkoLOC["mt"]
    j["ot"] = MmkoLOC["ot"]

    easier to upgrade in my opinion, let me know if you find any bugs please


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