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Protection Rotation Helper (CLCProt)

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  • Supports: 5.0.5
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  • Updated 09/13/2012
  • Created 10/14/2010
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: CLCProt v.1.5.2
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About Protection Rotation Helper (CLCProt)

CLCProt - Protection Rotation Helper - Works in 5.0.4

  • This Addon displays the next move you should use in your rotation and any cooldown you would like tracked, as well as buffs/debuffs you want tracked.
  • Can switch between single and AOE rotation tanking priority sets.
  • Rotations can be customised in the options menu.
  • Sits quite happily alongside CLCRet and will auto disable when not in a Protection talent spec.
  • Commands: /clcprot - opens the options frame.

Rotation Tracker

v.1.5.2 | Manes | 2012-13-9 15:00

SotR buff fixes (time stacks, was incorrectly assuming it didn't).
Holy Avenger addition (now support for SotR spam under HA conditions).


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  • #337

    Just as an FYI, this section of code seems to work perfectly.

    Thanks very much!

  • #333

    For those looking for an update, use the "aura buttons" to track the new level 90 spells along with anything else you'ld like. Then use the "layout" to move the aura buttons around.

    The aura buttons feature can be used as a work around instead of a full blown update.

  • #331

    is there going to be an update for patch 5.2?


  • #330

    Please include the following in the rotation: Execution Sentence, Light's Hammer, Holy Prism, Judgement while Avenging Wrath is active, Hammer of the Righteous debuff.

    Last edited by frag971 on 12/23/2012 5:46:12 PM
  • #328

    How do you get the holy power bar to show up below the icons like in that screenshot, and how do you get the cooldowns to show up with numbers too?

    Last edited by wiseguy149 on 12/16/2012 10:04:20 AM
  • #332


    Its a seperate addon.

  • #327

    When is a update coming for this addon? Keeps saying addon out of date with the recent update

    Last edited by samboyd on 12/10/2012 4:44:06 PM
  • #326

    Having the same issue as a few others - CS/HoR and J are being 'clipped'.

    Prot paladins need to use their holy power generating abilities as much as possible (for greatest mitigation), giving crusader strike and judgement a much much higher priority than something like holy wrath. The problem occurs when crusader strike/judgement is on cooldown currently but will be off cooldown before a GCD cycle would pass, hence meaning you would delay CS/J if you used something else in that time. In worse case scenarios, CS/J may be only 0.2 seconds away from being usable but the addon will suggest using something that is off cooldown immediately, incurring a possible 1.5 second GCD, over waiting that miniscule amount of time for the much more vital holy power generator.

    My suggestion would be to allow the user to specify whether the addon will make suggestions that will clip CS/J usage or not. The idea would be that if the option is chosen for the addon to not clip CS/J then the addon will suggest waiting for CS/J if the CS/J cooldown is less than the GCD (or will be less by the time the current suggestion is itself ready).

    I have figured out a way to do it myself, although not sure it is optimal (or if it is even working 100% correctly, although it did correct the rotation from what I could figure). I replaced the CS code line:

                   return GetCooldown(csId)


                    if (GetCooldown(csId) - c_gcd) < 0 then
                        return 0
                        return GetCooldown(csId) - c_gcd

    The variable c_gcd calculates my gcd as such (put it with the other local variables near the top):

                    Local  c_gcd = 1.5*(1/s_haste)

    Did the same with Judgement and Hammer of the Righteous too.

    Use at your own risk of course.


    Edit: Been trying it out more and noticed that sometimes Judgement will get missed with the new code. What is happening is CS has a higher priority and the suggestion is doing what the new code is meant to do with it - suggests you wait for it. Judgement however is pretty much the same priority so delaying it is bad. Basically the priority should look like this:

    stuff ... CSr Jr CSs Js ... stuff

    Where CSr and Jr mean crusader strike ready and judgement ready, and CSs and Js mean crusader strike soon and judgement soon. This would mean that a judgement ready right now is higher priority than a crusader strike soon to be ready. If I figure out how to add new code blocks and make it work I might do that, but perhaps a more elegant solution exists - probably by doing the whole thing differently to begin with.

    A temporary solution I am using is to just replace c_gcd with 0.7 like so:

                    if (GetCooldown(csId) - 0.7) < 0 then
                        return 0
                        return GetCooldown(csId)  - 0.7

    This works fine because it gives half a second or so (depends on haste) for you to see the currently ready Judgement suggestion before the suggestion switches to the soon-to-be ready Crusader strike. At the same time, it also makes sure 0.2 second snipes by abilities like Holy Wrath aren't taking place - longer length snipes don't seem to happen anyway. It is better than nothing!

    Last edited by user_266442 on 11/18/2012 2:05:09 AM
  • #324

    Is it possible to make it so the spell that is up next is clickable?

  • #322

    I discover this plugin. I'm surprise to see the holy power bar stuck just under at the original position (under my live/mana bar)

    Is there something to do to move it ?

  • #321

    Cursader dosent reset properly and just gets "kicked" out of the rotation, which makes this addon useless. I set it up for 30 mins tested if the roation worked it did for the first cycle so i asumed it worked when I was done setting it up I did some more testing and noticed crusader strike does not work properly. This Addon seems to be very nice if Crusader Strike would be working and also the lvl 90 talents. I would really appreciate a fix


    Last edited by elite123 on 10/26/2012 6:27:15 AM
  • #325

    You're likely switching to or using the AOE rotation. The addon works perfectly.

  • #318

    This addon needs to add rotation support for the lvl 90 talents, Light's Hammer, Holy Prism, and Execution sentence.   Other than that the Addon is spot on.  (CLCRet has already integrated the lvl 90 talents, you might be able to bum the code off those developers.)  =)


  • #317

    Great addon! Love it - one question however,

    Is there a way to change what skill icons are used in rotation suggest? I'm old school and used to my skills having certain buttons. On action bars I get around it with macros. I'd like to be able to see same icons in CLCProt. 

    P.S. Don't mind editing lua files or textures - just need some guidance where to look.


  • #316

    This addon, unlike clcinfo prot module, suggest using 3rd filler after cs instead of waiting 0.2 sec for cs to come off cd. That slow down HP gain and lower survivability.

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