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Protection Rotation Helper (CLCProt)

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 2,391 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.0.5
  • 181,708 Total Downloads
  • Updated 09/13/2012
  • Created 10/14/2010
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: CLCProt v.1.5.2
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About Protection Rotation Helper (CLCProt)

CLCProt - Protection Rotation Helper - Works in 5.0.4

  • This Addon displays the next move you should use in your rotation and any cooldown you would like tracked, as well as buffs/debuffs you want tracked.
  • Can switch between single and AOE rotation tanking priority sets.
  • Rotations can be customised in the options menu.
  • Sits quite happily alongside CLCRet and will auto disable when not in a Protection talent spec.
  • Commands: /clcprot - opens the options frame.

Rotation Tracker

v.1.5.2 | Manes | 2012-13-9 15:00

SotR buff fixes (time stacks, was incorrectly assuming it didn't).
Holy Avenger addition (now support for SotR spam under HA conditions).


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  • #321

    Cursader dosent reset properly and just gets "kicked" out of the rotation, which makes this addon useless. I set it up for 30 mins tested if the roation worked it did for the first cycle so i asumed it worked when I was done setting it up I did some more testing and noticed crusader strike does not work properly. This Addon seems to be very nice if Crusader Strike would be working and also the lvl 90 talents. I would really appreciate a fix


    Last edited by elite123 on 10/26/2012 6:27:15 AM
  • #325

    You're likely switching to or using the AOE rotation. The addon works perfectly.

  • #318

    This addon needs to add rotation support for the lvl 90 talents, Light's Hammer, Holy Prism, and Execution sentence.   Other than that the Addon is spot on.  (CLCRet has already integrated the lvl 90 talents, you might be able to bum the code off those developers.)  =)


  • #317

    Great addon! Love it - one question however,

    Is there a way to change what skill icons are used in rotation suggest? I'm old school and used to my skills having certain buttons. On action bars I get around it with macros. I'd like to be able to see same icons in CLCProt. 

    P.S. Don't mind editing lua files or textures - just need some guidance where to look.


  • #316

    This addon, unlike clcinfo prot module, suggest using 3rd filler after cs instead of waiting 0.2 sec for cs to come off cd. That slow down HP gain and lower survivability.

  • #319

    This calculates whatever skill comes off of cooldown before the other, and displays it. You can change the priority yourself, but there's no 'waiting' going on.

  • #313

    Hey there! This is an awesome addon. Can I ask how to add my own spell that is not on the list? I'm trying to sneak Light's Hammer into the rotaiton, and I can't seem to do so. Any tips? Thank you!

  • #314

    I've pm Malrik about the same issue, hope he will be able to update it soon

  • #320

    I'm not level 90 yet, when I hit 90 I'll work the skills in! Have little time at the moment I'm affraid.

  • #315

    Hey at the moment I've sort of solved the issue by doing this:

    I've pushed the "2nd ability" a little to the right, and then put the "Aura button 1" with Light's hammer being "Skill always Active" in between these. Now, I have to see if light's hammer is available every time i look to see what skill is next. It's a work around that does work, but having it in the queue will be nice :)

  • #311

    Hey how do I get the Options UI to show?

    I tried /clcprot command but its not working. All I got was message saying type /help for more commands.


  • #312

    That's all you have to do. If it's not showing up, it's not enabled or installed properly.

  • #309

    Question: are we still able to hide the smaller next aura button? Can't find the option

  • #310

    well, under "Layout" I could set alpha to 0 or hide it outside the screen by changing the coordinates. That works enough for me.

  • #304

    Just pushed an update with all the issues fixed.

    Also have support for Weakened Blows refresh (if you want it), as well as Divine Purpose proc support, non-spamming SotR until after the 3 second buff falls off, and some other misc fixes and tweaks.

    If you want to help me buy a few beers, feel free to send beer money to my paypal @ dvdgamer[at]hotmail[dot]com

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