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  • World of Warcraft
  • 1,872 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.2.3
  • 71,080 Total Downloads
  • Updated 01/26/2016
  • Created 08/23/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: BSD License
  • Newest File: v0.8.2.7

About protwarbar

Warlords of Draenor

Known issues:

  • Icons for rage related abilities (like Shield Block), won't update correctly if you don't have that ability on your action bar

Please report issues and requests.


Protwarbar is a small and configurable addon made for Protection Warriors, but also usable by Arms or Fury. It contains the following modules:


Protwarbar can display a ragebar that changes color depending on your rage value, there are 5 default stages.

  • less then 20 rage
  • less then 60 rage
  • less then 100 rage
  • less then max rage
  • max rage

This makes it very easy to identify when your Shield Block or Shield Barrier can be used, threshold values are configurable.


Protwarbar can display icons of the abilities you choose at a location you choose, fully configurable.

This allows you to displays hint icons for when Battle Shout and Berserker Rage are available for use. Or display your default abilities like Shield Slam or cooldowns like Shield Wall.

Protwarbar uses the in game cooldown animation, so if you want a number on top of your icon take a look at OmniCC.


Your trinkets can be displayed just like icons for you to keep track of your cooldowns.


Protwarbar can show you a duration bar for the auras you cast, like Shield Block and Rallying Cry. Using aura bar you can exactly time all your abilities.


Protwarbar will combine all shields cast on you and display those as one total value. It keeps track of the applied shield amount and uses that value as 100% in the bar display. By default it will only track Shield Barrier, but more shields options are available in the settings.


Protwarbar displays your current Resolve healing bonus, Resolve damage taken and your potential Shield Barrier size (calculated in realtime, includes Resolve and Versatility bonuses).


Protwarbar has a simple announcement module that can tell your party, raid or instance what cooldowns you are using.


Protwarbar now supports profiles and auto loading. You can pre select a profile for your Protection, Fury and Arms spec. When you change spec, Protwarbar will load the appropriate profile.

    - Added support for Sweeping Strikes
    - Added support for Sweeping Strikes

    - Added support for Stoneform

    - Added support for Stoneform

    - Added support for Stoneform

        - Added support Illuminated Healing
        - Removed support Shieldtronic Shield as we can not track shield size

      - Added support for Ravager

    - Added support for Shieldtronic Shield

      - Added support Shieldtronic Shield (requested by arcadepro)

      - Added support Sanctus (legendary ring)

      - TOC update for 6.2

      - TOC update for 6.1

      - Start of multiclass support
      - Experimental Death Knight support

      - Directly update trinket positions again after changing options

      - Added support for Blood Shield (Death Knight)
      - Added support for Clarity of Will (Priest)

      - Added support for Death Strike (Death Knight)
      - Added support for Anti-Magic Shell (Death Knight)
      - Added support for Icebound Fortitude (Death Knight)

      - Added support for Icebound Fortitude (Death Knight)

      - Reworked internal framework for GUI
      - Minor fixes

      - Enable Arms/Fury version of Shield Barrier by default

      - Allow serperate styling for both trinkets
      - Prevents an error in settings window when trinket info is not yet loaded

      - Added support for Shield Charge
      - Added support for Ravager

      - Added support for Shield Charge

      - Use new Shield Barrier calculation, this includes Resolve and Versatility
      - Disabeling info module should work again

      - Update Ace-3.0 libs
      - Update SharedMedia lib

      - Added the Arms/Fury version of Shield Barrier

      - Make Shield Barrier frame movable again.

      - initial WoD support
      - Removed Battle Shout (It is now a 1 hour buff)
      - Removed Weakened Blows (no longer in game)
      - Removed Disarm (no longer in game)
      - Removed Staggering Shout (no longer in game)
      - Removed Skull Banner (no longer in game)
      - Removed Demoralizing Banner (no longer in game)
      - Removed Cleave (no longer in game)
      - Removed Overpower (no longer in game)
      - Removed Weakened armor (no longer in game)
      - Added Ravager
      - Added Siegebreaker
      - Added tracking of Hamstring debuff
      - Using ACTIONBAR_UPDATE_USABLE over SPELL_UPDATE_USABLE, the latter event seems not to fire anymore on rage dependent spells at this moment. This does require you to have the rage dependent spell, like shield block, on your actionbar to function.

      - Removed Vengeance
      - Added Resolve healing and damage taken information
      - Shield Barrier now  has it's own frame

      - Disabled log module

    - Add Sudden Execute

     - Fixed an issue preventing manual override of icon borders.

     - Added new trinket module to display trinket CD's with icons.

        - TOC update for 5.4

        - TOC update for 5.3

     - Add devastate (Requested by Farban)

Version 0.7.5
     - Add spell support for Victory Rush and Weakened Armor.
     - Add commandline option '\pwb'.
     - Streamlining protwarbar internals.
     - Fixed a global variable leak.
     - Lock UI by default.

     - Add Ultimatum and Sword and board

      - Added support for Sacred shield.
      - Added option to change shieldbar into a healthbar + shieldbar.

     Log (experimental):
      - Logs: Blockable, Physical, Magical incomming damage and tracks blocks and absorbs, damage taken the last 5 second and total damage are displayed.
      - Track missed statistics per fight like: dodge, parry, miss. Stats can be accessed by hovering over log frame.

Version 0.7.4
     -  Update Ace-3.0 libs.

     - TOC to 5.2.
     - Fix talent index (thanks Navres).
     - Removed Deadly calm.
     - Added outline and shadow styling options for text.

      - Reduce AP scaling side of barrier by 10%

     - Solved issue where announcement was not triggered.

Version 0.7.3
     - When a module has been disabled, propperly disable all the game event listeners attached to it.

     - Add a new module for tracking shields, displayed as a bar.

     - Add a new experimental Combat log / average module.

     - Update combat stats more efficient.

Version 0.7.2
    Always update active talents on spec change.

Version 0.7.0
    Rewrote big parts of the addon, it's now module based.
    Add profile support.
    Protwarbar can now auto load a profile depending on your spec.
    Add global appearance settings.
    Every module can use the gobal appearance, or override them with local settings.
    Rage dependent icon support has been greatly improved.
    Add option to manually set the rage threshold values for the ragebar.
    Add experimental support for spell announce.
    Add support for more aura's and icons.
    Add option to set seperator for the information frame.
    Many more minor changes.

Version 0.6.7
    Update ToC to 5.1.
    Use the 5.1 way to read Vengeance values.

Version 0.6.6
    Correctly hide Weakend blows icon when disabled.

Version 0.6.5
    Add support for tracking aura's on targets. Weakend blows icon has been added.
    Add option to put borders around icons.

Version 0.6.4
    Add icons for 12 more spells.
    Add option to reverse the way the bars fill up.
    Update shieldbars more efficient.
    Add support for shield block/barrier icons, they will be faded out if you don't have enough rage.

Version 0.6.3
    Only display the information frame in prot spec.
    Add a color option for the 100-119 rage slot on the rage bar.
    Cleaned some settings, because of this some of your settings might have reset to the default value.
    Shieldbar now has 3 seperate bars.
    Shieldbar has optional time remaining text display.
    Talent depended spell icons are now supported.
    Update Ace3 libs.

Version 0.6.2
    Added option to hide addon when not in protection spec.
    Handle rage value updates better.

Version 0.6.1
    Handle icon cooldown updates better.

Version 0.6
    Added orientation option for bars.
    Added a shield bar, this bar displays the duration of your shield block, barrier uptime, shield wall, etc.
    Added more position and styling settings for the user to configure.
    Icon cooldown now uses the default cooldown animation.
    Added more icons for protection warrior spells.

Version 0.5
    Rework icon management, you can now set display per icon.
    Display potential Shield Barrier size.
    Correctly display Vengeance for non english clients (Thanks rasha)

Version 0.4
    Add option to hide frames when out of combat.
    Add option to hide icon frame.

Version 0.3
    Add Vengeance frame.

Version 0.2
    Battleshout icon availability check now ignores GCD.

Version 0.1
    First version.


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  • #101

    I may very well be missing something basic, but this addon would be a lot more useful if I could control positioning independently of using the x,y sliders from the Interface control panel. That panel takes up half my laptop screen and will not move far enough out of the way for me to even be able to see the bars adequately. As is, the bar positions interfere with my Z-Perl positions. There's no more documentation than what is here so I'm at a bit of a loss.

  • #102

    You can move all elements of the PWB interface (simple drag and drop) just by disabling the 'Lock frames' option in the main config panel of Protwarbar.

    Or you can type in your chat window: /pwb unlock
    To lock your elements again, use: /pwb lock



  • #99

    Hey lemaneth,

    I have been using this Addon since the start of WoD and it's exellent for tanking. Recently I started to take the DPS role a little more serious and was wondering if you could add "Sweeping Strikes" to the Aurabar for easy tracking.

    Many thanks in advance!


  • #100


    Thanks for using. I've added Sweeping Strikes for Aurabar and Icons. Both disabled by default.

    Cheers for your feedback.

  • #97

    I'm curious - is there any way to manually create entries for this addon?

    To clarify: I'm trying to find a way to have Stoneform (Dwarf Racial) display in a similar way to the larger cooldowns such as Last Stand (with an icon to track it and an announcement to the raid when it begins/ends).  Can this be added from the user's end?

  • #98

    There is no friendly way to do this, you will have to manually edit the files. For this you would need to add the spell to the file: classes/shared.lua

    I have updated protwarbar to include stoneform.

    Cheers for your feedback.

  • #92

    Can you add to the shieldbar?

  • #93

    Done (it's not enabled by default)

  • #96

    The Shieldtronic Shield SPELL_AURA_APPLIED event does not give the shield size information. This means we have no idea how big the shield is. This produced the error.

    I removed the spell from shields, but added it to aura. I also added Illuminated Healing support for shield and announce support for Ravager.


  • #94

    Doesn't seem to work. Perhaps something to do with it being an item? Not sure. It does scale with resolve though, so perhaps it is special is some way.

    1x protwarbar\shieldbar\shieldbar.lua:140: attempt to compare number with nil
    protwarbar\shieldbar\shieldbar.lua:140: in function `?'
    protwarbar\libs\AceTimer-3.0\AceTimer-3.0-17.lua:53: in function <protwarbar\libs\AceTimer-3.0\AceTimer-3.0.lua:48>

    timer = <table> {
    argsCount = 0
    object = <table> {
    ends = 5509.3700000001
    looping = true
    callback = <function> defined @protwarbar\libs\AceTimer-3.0\AceTimer-3.0.lua:48
    func = "QuickTimer"
    delay = 0.1
    type = <function> defined =[C]:-1
    unpack = <function> defined =[C]:-1
    GetTime = <function> defined =[C]:-1
    C_TimerAfter = <function> defined =[C]:-1
    activeTimers = <table> {
    (null) = <table> {

    I added Paladin Mastery shields to the shared.lua and it seems to work ok.

    -- pally mastery
    abilities[86273] = {shield = true}

    I also added announce status to Ravager in warrior.lua since it's largely a defensive CD and quite handy for healers to know about in Challenge Modes.

    -- Ravager
    abilities[152277] = {talent = 20, spec = 3, icon = true, announce = true, aura = true}

    I did try adding shieldtronic last week in the same way you have and encountered the same error. Shieldtronic works fine as an aura in the aurabar however.

    Last edited by arcadepro on 8/29/2015 3:01:25 PM
  • #90

    Long time user, wonderful addon,

    Question and forgive me if its in there and i just don't see the option for it, but would be nice if the icon for shield block would show its number of charges, like on the action bar.  Obviously if you have 2 charges and use one it cycles just a GCD instead of the longer *radial* effect for its cooldown on the icon image and you know that way, but would be good if i could see a number showing charges, just for me to keep track of easier without referencing my eyes to the actionbars.

    Thanks and keep up the support for this please :)

  • #91

    This is not (yet) supported. I'll add it to the todo list.

    Thanks for using protwarbar and your feedback.

  • #89

    VERY cool addon!

    I agree with Millor01 about the resizing and I think he/she wants what I want - to be able to resize the entire addon as a whole rather than resizing all the icons/bars at the same time (around the same single "anchor point" to use an AfterEffects term). Meaning I'd like for all the elements have the same relative spacing while making everything larger or smaller. For anyone reading this and thinking the same thing, the /pwb toggle command helps with positioning a lot.

    What Chafey said is right on, too. Highlighting procs would be awesome!!!

    I play on 3 monitors and the sliders in the regular addon tab only allow you to position things so far away from the 0 position, but I think the toggle command will let me override that. *edit - it does. I can toggle and move things wherever I want.

    I've only played around with it for about 30 mins, so I may be missing some things but so far this is a nice plug-and-play addon with good customization options as far as positioning goes!! Keep up the good work, good sir and I will check back as often as I can! Cheers!!!


    Last edited by braneded on 11/28/2014 10:02:01 PM
  • #87

    This addon is exactly what I need and I haven't been able to find anything quite like it, but man, you really need to have the default option to be to group every icon and bar into one window that you're able to position and resize altogether (so the space between the icons and bars stays proportional and nothing overlaps when you just want to resize the entire frame), sort of like how iceHUD has it so you can move and resize the entire hud. Maybe some different layout presets would be cool too.

    Otherwise positioning and resizing every little icon and bar is kind of annoying and tedious. Spell flash for procs and timer interaction with omniCC would also be amazing and propel this addon into perfection and a must have for all prot warriors.

  • #88

    Glad you like it :) In the main tab of Protwarbar settings (not in a submenu) there is a tab 'Appearance' that allows you to set the size for all the elements in one go. You can override these default settings on a per frame basis (for example have your trinket icon be bigger) in their own respective tabs.

    More / better movement options would indeed be nice and I'll look in to that, I am reworking the GUI parts at this moment.

    More spell flash and timer support is also on the todo list.

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Last edited by lemaneth on 11/17/2014 4:05:43 PM
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