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  • World of Warcraft
  • 202,124 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.2.3
  • 13,786,147 Total Downloads
  • Updated 01/29/2016
  • Created 06/01/2007
  • 15,422 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
  • Newest File: 3.2.6

About Quartz

Quartz is a modular approach to a casting bar addon. An overview of (hopefully most of) the modules:


The core of Quartz is lightweight implementation of a standard casting bar, with configurable size, text and icon positioning, and colors.


Implementation of target and focus casting bars in similar fashion to the player cast bar.


Display of target and focus buffs and debuffs as duration bars using the new API introduced in patch 2.1.


Hooks into FlightMap or InFlight to display the current flight progress on your casting bar.

*Global Cooldown

Displays a tiny spark-bar to show your Global Cooldown near the cast bar. Helpful for those who'd rather not squint at their action bars to see when they can cast again.


Changes the color and text of your casting bar to help show that your cast has been interrupted (and show who interrupted it).


Displays the amount of time spent between cast send and start events, in the form of a bar at the end of your casting bar, with optional text that displays the actual duration of the lag. This helps in canceling casts when they will not actually be interrupted, especially for users with consistently high pings.


Shows the 'basic' timers such as breath and feign death, as well as some 'odd' ones such as party invite time, resurrect timeout, and arena game start, and a framework for injecting custom timers into the bars.


Recolors the casting bar when your cast target moves out of range mid-cast.


Displays a swing timer for your melee weapon as well as hunter autoshot.


Allows for creating custom timers displayed on the mirror bars.

*Tradeskill Merge

Merges multiple casts of the same tradeskill item into one big cast bar.

Use /quartz to bring up the configuration menu.

tag 3.2.6
Hendrik Leppkes <>
2016-01-29 12:46:41 +0100

Tag as 3.2.6


Hendrik Leppkes:
    - Update copyright to 2016
    - Try to handle mindflay draenor perk
    - Add Searing Insanity to channeling ticks
    - Latency: Check that the time difference variable is actually set


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  • #755
    It seems that some times when I queue Heroic Strike in the middle of GCD, the GCD bar disappear :-I
  • #768
    I'm having the same problem on my Death Knight. Works fine on my Hunter but sometimes using Heart Strike or Death Strike don't show the GCD at all. Might have something to with Rune Strike being macro'd in and going off?
  • #744
    I have the talent Divine Guardian wich increases the duration on Sacred shield from 30s to one minute, but this is not show correctly in quartz, it still shows it as 30s, just so you know :)
  • #743
    how to enable duration of my buffs like ice armor ect, cuz i only see it when i target myself
  • #741
    Hello, I love your addon, and have been using it since I started playing wow, recently I started using glyph of life tap on my warlock, and I would like to make it show on the small timer/dot timer or whatever it is, but have'nt found a way to do it.
    please help me on this 1 :P
  • #737
    Is it possible to change the quartz's casting bar skin? For example to xperl's unitframe, I am trying to merge them together.

    Any assistance will be appreciated
  • #732
    Same problem, probably it's about the missing Border option in the Target bar section?
  • #731
    Since the update, there seems to be a huge border around boss castbars. I can't find a way to disable this, any ideas?
  • #725
    Latency bar is NOT moveable. This is a huge problem, because it's on top of my raid interface and is the only bar I really use or need with this mod. I want it shrunken and under my feet, not ginormous and covering up 6 raiders.
  • #727
    /quartz, then select "Player", uncheck "lock".
  • #720
    Please add a way to actually move the bars using Anchor like in Bartender4 or Capping.

  • #721
    I think that's already in the addon. Type /quartz. Then, check out the bar you wish to move, then uncheck "lock" (I think) to allow free mvt.

    This is an awesome and powerful addon. The menu to use it is a little obscure though.
  • #733
    Confirmed, unlocked and loaded.

  • #730
    There is no "lock" or "unlock" and I'm having the same issue.
  • #735
    Never mind, i see what happened. My "Load outdated addons" got disabled, and apparently something in Quartz is outdated. Check for that, and under the stuff like "Player" and "Target" there's a checkbox that says "LOCK" which you can uncheck to unlock.

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