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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 5.0.5
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  • Updated 11/25/2012
  • Created 10/30/2010
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  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: Quest Completist v1.00
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About Quest Completist

Quest Completist

Enables you to see what quests you have completed, and what ones you still have to do. Supports server query, allowing you to query the blizzard server for all quests you have completed in the past.

Use /qc or /questc to open the main interface, or assign a key binding.

Hold left-shift and click to toggle completed status, hold left-alt and click to toggle unattainable status.

Broker support:

Help Keep QuestCompletist Accurate with the new QCTool Coming Soon

Over the past couple of weeks I have been doing some preparation for the upcoming beta, and have also been working hard on a new out-of-game community tool so that its much easier for everyone to have their input into the QC database, and together make it as accurate as possible.

I have hosted my QC database online, and written some software which allows me to generate the Lua code for the addon directly from this central server. I am also in the middle of developing a community tool which anyone can use (Albeit at the beginning I will probably limit it to people who explicitly request access just until i know everything is working as intended) to update inaccuracies they may find on their travels. This is obviously completely optional, but your changes are audited then saved directly back to the database live, and will be included in the next iteration of the add-on automatically!

Still plenty of work to do, but here is a peek of what the basic quest editor looks like:

Community Editor

Version 1.00 - Server Query

I'm still not completely finished with this version yet - I still have to add some missing menu options, merge alot more data, and possibly add some daily\repeatable filters.

I am releasing it now because I think I have sorted out the server query issue (Well it works for me anyways), and figured people wanted that ASAP. Let me know of any weirdness happening.

Version 0.99.9

Thanks to the hundreds of people that have sent data in. This version includes a lot of data merges for Pandaria, improving the faction\race\class accuracy by a solid margin - still work to do on this though. Still need to collect a mixture of information from the level 90 reputation grinding hubs, but more to come on that later.

  • Server query shouldn't be playing up anymore. (Hopefully)
  • Chat spam for faction\race\class has been switched off as panda's playing through the old world were getting swamped.
  • Other fixes.

Please keep the data coming through.

Version 0.99.8 - MoP Beta Version

Plenty more work to do, but figured I might as well get it out there so people can help collect data if they wish. The bulk of all main zones are mapped, but if you are interested in collecting data the areas that need work are listed below. Please note that although the quests are in there, they need their class\race\faction flags fixed up so please adjust filters as needed.


Please adjust your filters to show Alliance Quests for the moment. The majority of zones area cross-faction, but alot of it hasn't been flagged as horde yet. I will be working hard on this before next version.

  • The majority of level 90 Daily Quest\Rep farming hubs, eg. Cloud Serpents, Halfhill Farm, etc. (Sooo many Daily Quests >.<)
  • The horde only quests in Krasarang Wilds.
  • A few horde breadcrumbs scattered around the zones.
  • Dungeon\Raid quests
  • Legendary quest chain (I will likely have to manually build it)
  • Battle Pet questchains (Horde\Alliance)

Version 0.99.7 - Translations Required!

  • Second release of 0.99.7 fixes a small bug that was preventing quest collection.

Localization has began! Please help out with the translations for QC at: Keep checking back, more translations will be required over time as I add to the tables.

  • Completed some more merging, but plenty more to follow - keep the data coming!
  • Updated some of the collection code as I was getting some dud data that was messing with the database.
  • Rewritten the menu system to improve performance and add full support for localization.
  • Category dropdown submenus should display in alpha order now, (All languages).
  • Interface options now also supports full localization.
  • Rewritten the zone-switching code - The main quest listings should now auto-follow your player location even if you are not enUS\enGB locale!
  • Lots of other small fixes.

There have been some big code changes this version, so if something is broken and I have missed it please notify me ASAP.

Version 0.99.6 – Beta Preperation Update

After a bit of a coding break I'm now working behind the scenes to try and prepare the addon for MoP and the Beta. I'm releasing this version so that you guys can at least get access to the new search feature (And please report any bugs you find with it). If you find any major problems with this version please post a comment ASAP - due to my break I've probably forgot to do something important before uploading!

  • In this version you will likely see some green "!" icons for seasonal quests which are showing even though the seasonal event has finished (Mainly the Winter Veil ones). This is being worked on and should be fixed soon.
  • I am currently gathering together all the data you guys have been sending over the last couple of months, so don't panic if you have sent updates through but do not see them within this version yet - I've had so many files sent that it is totally about 1.7 Million lines of text! It is going to take me a while to filter through these and get them merged. Hopefully within the next couple of weeks I will have an update out with this new data included.

As soon as I get an beta invite I will then be starting work on gathering quest data and mapping data for MoP as well, with the aim to have the vast majority of quests from MoP ready for the official launch. If you manage to get into the Beta, your data will be very welcome!

Version 0.99.5 – Mapping Assistants Wanted!

Fixes the "!" map icons that patch 4.3 had broken.

Version 0.99.4 – Mapping Assistants Wanted!

  • Approx 3400 quests now converted to the new mapping system.
  • Should fix the problem with 0.99.3 where people could only see some of the map icons.

If you are interested in helping out by becoming a Mapping Assistant, then please pop me an email to [email protected] and we can have a chat about it. Please bear in mind that the following will be massively helpful:

  • At least some basic knowledge of LUA.
  • Experience using SVN (Its very simple if not).
  • Fairly obsessive about attention to detail.
  • A good knowledge of the majority of quests within WoW, both old and new.
  • Can communicate with me and\or other Assistants regularly so that we know what everyone is doing.

Version 0.99.3 – Mapping Assistants Wanted!

I’m now sitting at approximately 3000 quests converted to the new mapping system – however, I am looking to find a couple of assistants in order to help me get the guts of the database up to scratch before I start getting things prepared for the Mists of Pandoria beta (Whenever that’s going to be). If you’re interested keep reading to find out more. This will also free me up some time to get some of the more requested features on the way to being implemented.

During the last update I had to remove the TomTom support due to the new database layout, however much more robust TomTom Support now returns for quests which have been converted! (Which is another reason I want to find a couple of assistants). A tell-tale sign of a quest which has already been converted is when you hover over the quest in the main quest list, and you see green text detailing the locations of the NPC(s) which supply the quest. If you see this, then you can click the quest to notify TomTom you want to navigate there. This now also works when there are multiple starter NPCs – QC will map all of them, and then instruct TomTom you want to default to the closest one based on your location. Depending on how the look for Assistants goes, I may look at a possible way to at least return basic TomTom support to the quests which are not yet converted.

Thank you to all the people that continue to send me data. I have improved my merge code considerably, and each time I run a merge I can see that the database is getting more and more accurate. Keep it coming.

If you are interested in helping out by becoming a Mapping Assistant, then please pop me an email to [email protected] and we can have a chat about it. Please bear in mind that the following will be massively helpful:

  • At least some basic knowledge of LUA.
  • Experience using SVN (Its very simple if not).
  • Fairly obsessive about attention to detail.
  • A good knowledge of the majority of quests within WoW, both old and new.
  • Can communicate with me and\or other Assistants regularly so that we know what everyone is doing.

Version 0.99.2 - Seasonal Updates & Better Map Tooltips

A few more updates in this version. Nearly 30% of the quest database converted into the new mapping system.

One of the big improvements this version is the map tooltips. If there are icons very close together, when you hover over them, the addon will add multiple NPC's and their quests into a single tooltip where applicable. PLEASE NOTE THIS ONLY WORKS FOR QUESTS WHICH HAVE BEEN CONVERTED TO THE NEW MAP SYSTEM.

  • New and improved interface options layout. Filters are now separated into Map filters, Quest List filters, and Combined filters.
  • Have added Brewfest quests to the database.
  • QC now supports filtering seasonal quests so that they only show on the map if they are currently active. So far this only applies to Harvest Festival and Brewfest - because this feature is only supported when the quests are converted into the new mapping system. Seasonal quests which still rely on the older mapping system will still show at all times (This will be fixed as the seasonal events come around again).
  • Seasonal quests will show on the map as Green "!" icons.
  • Additional performance improvements.
  • Other things I can't remember.

How to Contribute

The add-on will record details each time you Accept a quest, including: Quest giver, your current zone, your current coordinates, quest name, quest category (As it appears in the quest log), and your faction\race\class, etc.

This information will be stored in the QuestCompletist Saved Variables file located: <World of Warcraft Folder>\WTF\Account\<ACCOUNT NAME>\SavedVariables\QuestCompletist.lua

Please email me your Saved Variables files to: [email protected].

As you continue to quest through the game the add-on will continue to log this information, so even after you have sent me the file once, if you complete more quests after that, please feel free to send me an updated copy!

Thank you


  • Lists all quests for each zone.
  • Provides at-a-glance quest feedback, which other similar quest trackers do not. For example a yellow "!" for uncompleted quests, a blue "!" or "?" for Daily and Repeatable quests and so on. This helps prevent confusion, as blizzard never concider Repeatables or Dailys "completed". It also flags special quests as orange, for example the collectors edition quests, or quests which can no longer be done.
  • Automatically switches zones as you travel around the world.
  • Allows you to view or hide quests for the opposing force, or for other classes.
  • Quest tooltips when hovering over them on the QC list.
  • Quest icons will appear on the world map for quest you have not yet completed.
  • Functionality to display what quests are "In Progress" when browsing the quest lists. If a quest is in progress (i.e In your quest log), then you will see either a grey "?" or a yellow "?", reflecting if the quest is "in progress but not complete" or "in progress and ready to hand in".
  • Supports server query.

Features For The Future

  • Adding indentation to quests to show they are part of a chain.
  • Possibility of segmenting the database into several load on demand sub-addons. I will concider depending on feedback about memory usage.

Any feedback would be great.

- Viduus, Frostmane EU.

Version 1.00 - Server Query

I'm still not completely finished with this version yet - I still have to add some missing menu options, merge alot more data, and possibly add some daily\repeatable filters.

I am releasing it now because I think I have sorted out the server query issue (Well it works for me anyways), and figured people wanted that ASAP. Let me know of any weirdness happening.


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  • #456
    I may have missed your post about this but I would like to send my file of newly discovered quests but I don't know how. Please post the instructions on how to send in the files gathering information on what we stumble across, perhaps under the more information tab.
  • #457

    There is a text file in the addon directory called How to Contribute. It gives full details on where to find the files and what address to send to.

  • #458
    What addon directory? What is it called? Where is it located?
  • #459
  • #455
    Excuse the slow replies to comments and tickets over the past few weeks. I am working on some fairly large upgrades and improvements for version 1.0 (With alot of help coming from Paulus1), especally surrounding the map icons and tooltips.

    It is going to take some time to get everything sorted out, however i will likely be releasing a in-between version within the next week or so to hold people over until the full upgrades are completed. More details to come.

    Bear with me =)
  • #454
    Tirisfal Glades

    After testing the following two quest appear to be Undead only, Wowhead seems to be incorrect. I could not get these with any other race apart from Undead.

    Recruitment 26800
    Shadow Priest Sarvis 28653 (This is also a Breadcrumb for Scourge on our Perimeter 26801) Obviously only Undead need an alert for this Breadcrumb as no other race can get it.


    Morin Cloudstalker 24459 Breadcrumb for The Ravaged Caravan 749
    The Demon Scarred Cloak 770 (! showing right off the edge of the zone map in limbo. Might be worth anchoring around 43,17 & putting a note 'wanders' or something like that.


    Charge 14013 Goblin only id assume as Orc is Charge 25147
    Simple Note 3091 Warrior Tauren only
    The First Lesson 27020 Warrior Tauren only

    Thunder Bluff

    Gathering Leather 768 Skinning
    Kodo Hide Bag 769 Leatherworking
  • #452
    Just an FYI: in Netherstorm, the Scryers Quests are listed as Horde quests. The Scryers are not necessarily Horde. I had the other faction hidden and this hid all Scryers quests from me even though I am Alliance and picked the Scryers on this toon (simply because I had a ton a rings and no marks and it was rep on a rep grind). Maybe you could add some code for the Outlands quests that checks to see whether you are Scryer or Aldor as well as checking if you hare Horde or Alliance. Indeed, the quest givers in Netherstorm are Blood Elves and, therefore, Horde but if you have rep with the Scryers then they are green to you and the aldor are red.
  • #451
    Obsolete: 626

    I haven't jet confirmed the above info, but I already did 26278, so its probably true. I will confirm it around next week.
    Breadcrumb: 26416, 26417, 28688
    Mutually Exclusive: 26417 + 28688

    Is it good if I write these here, or should I file a ticket?
  • #450
    Just and FYI you may want to block out all the troll quests in the Darkspear Training Grounds in Durotar for Paladin's. Trolls can't be one so there is no trainer on the island therfore Paladin's can't do the questline. Took me a few minutes to figure out why I couldn't pick up the starter quest for the chain with my BElf paladin, hehe.
  • #469
    Same applies to Death Knights, even it trolls can be DKs.
  • #449
    So I've just started going through Kalimdor again, and I noticed something in Teldrassil. I went through the entire zone, no quests are listed in the window that pops up when I type /qc, however two quests are still showing a "!" on my map whenever I open it. 2438, The Emerald Dreamcatcher, which I completed (along with the rest of the quests in the chain) and 1581, Elixirs for the Bladeleafs, which is tagged as an Alchemy quest (thus I cannot complete it, since I'm not an Alchemist).

    Since neither quest shows up in the /qc window I can't mark them as completed or unobtainable, so I'm not quite sure how to make them go away. Any ideas?
  • #453
    Quest 2438 is a repeatable quest on a weekly basis. I have no idea why Blizzard has done this, but that is how the game works. The Grail addon marks it this way. Grail also understands that 1581 is for Alchemists only. If you try using Grail and Wholly, do you get better results?
  • #446
    I'm sorry if I've missed this either in the comments or in the updates (I haven't used the Addon since pre-4.1) but is it no longer possible to ignore quests? It seems one can only mark a quest completed or unattainable.
  • #443
    Why there is so much CPU time usage during the start of the game?
    And its still high later on.
  • #444
    This is normally caused by another addon playing silly buggers with the world map, more often than not causing hundreds of "WORLD_MAP_UPDATE" events to fire almost constantly.

    Each time WORLD_MAP_UPDATE fires the addon has to do work in order to sort out map icons, etc. This is only supposed to fire when the world map changes zone, as well as once in a while for other in-game reasons.

    It's hit and miss, but you can try to confirm this theory by logging in and typing /eventtrace which will show you what events are firing. If you see mass amounts of a single event then you just need to narrow down what addon is causing it.
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