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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 5.4.0
  • 220,300 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/29/2013
  • Created 11/09/2010
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: v5.4.1.0
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About QuestHelperLite

QuestHelperLite is an unofficial branch of QuestHelper aimed at providing the core subset of features in a slimmed down lighter version. Although some of the code and art assets of QuestHelper have been utilized, QuestHelperLite has been rewritten from the ground up and is in no other way affiliated with QuestHelper and those who have worked on it in the past.

The main deviation from QuestHelper comes from not utilizing a custom database to store quest objectives and locations. Instead QuestHelperLite gets all of it's info from the game itself. This has the advantage of providing a more compact addon without the need to update once new quests are available in game. If WoW knows about it, so does QuestHelperLite. Although this provides for a much lighter and compact addon, it is not without faults and some features of the old QuestHelper are not currently possible.

The core subset of features included in QuestHelperLite are as follows:

  • Quest Pathing - Calculates an optimal route for you to follow while questing
  • Tracking Arrow - A configurable arrow guides you to your next objective
  • World Map Icons - Quest objectives are viewable outside of your current zone
  • Ant Trails - Ant trails show the best calculated optimal route
  • Context Menus - Context menus are displayed when you right-click objectives
  • Ignorable Objectives - Ignore unwanted objectives

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v5.4.1.0 [2013-10-29] :

- Fix for patch 5.4.1 removal of GetCVar("realmName")

v5.3.0.0 [2013-05-21] :

- Quests Now Update In Combat

- Fixed Errors Thrown In Combat

- Fixed Patch 5.3 WorldMapQuestShowObjectives Bug

v5.0.4.1 [2012-09-02] :

- Fixed Deepholm Quests Not Tracking

v5.0.4.0 [2012-08-31]

- Fixed for Mists of Pandaria

v4.2.0.0 [2011-06-29]

- Fixed some translations

- Fixed nil comparison

v4.1.0.0 [2011-05-09]

- Updated Astrolabe Library

- Fixed Objective Tracking In Orgrimmar

v4.0.3.1 [2010-12-01]

- Added Group and Level Filters

- Added Support For Instance Maps

- Improved Performance

v4.0.3.0 [2010-11-23]

- Added GUI Options Panel

- Added Update Interval Option

- Fixed Performance Leak

v4.0.1.0 [2010-11-09]

- First Release


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  • #214

    As usual, Blizzard's approach to making the map and quest oppaerate "like" QuesthelperLite is a half backed, halfassed attempt at best. It doesn't even show objectives when you zoom all the way out in one contenant (i.e. Eastern Kingsoms map, Pandaria map). You have to click on each ZONE to see where your quests are, or go to that zone map from your quest list.

    We need QuesthelperLite back so we don't have to cope with Buzzard's halfassed UI !!!

  • #213

    for me it don't work, it also throw's errors.  wondering iff u would be able to update it and fix it to this current version of the patch?  thanx 

  • #210

    Hey guys, I haven't been playing lately so I haven't updated. Does it work if you click the checkbox to load out of date addons? Or does it throw errors now?

  • #215

    There are a lot of blizzard changes that break the AddOn.

    eg: Hook functions gained/lost arguments (eg: questTag is gone);  Frames have moved or renamed (WatchFrame is gone, now objectiveframe or worldmapframe); POI functionality has improved, you don't have to hook some functions because there's a direct replacement function (private POI_FindButtonByQuestId => blizzard QuestPOI_FindButton); the multi-mode QuestPOITemplate frame has been replaced with two separate ones (QuestPOITemplate and QuestPOICompletedTemplate)

    That being said, I've got a mostly-working set of hacks that don't throw too many errors.  There's still some taint issues I'm trying to figure out, but pathing works and POI/objectives tracking works.

  • #212

    nothing works since 6.0.2 launched...last update was a year ago....29 Oct 2013

    Last edited by Solagel on 10/21/2014 3:49:42 AM
  • #211

    Hi WakeZero, i've tried running with QHL, and i'm not sure its actively doing anything right now.

    I got this error when accepting a quest in a dungeon:

    Also it appears to not be drawing any ant trails and such, it also looks like there is an update to the astrolabe lib that you are utilizing, but i'm not sure on that part. I tried updating it though.

  • #209

    hey hey juste wanted to now how its going for questhelperlite on wow 6.0.2 cause for me it int working plz and ty in advance

  • #208

    What I miss most...

    I miss that it filtered the quests you had in the zone you were in.  I hate the default quest bar.  Hate having to manually select quests to track.  It's so ghetto.  Hate how the default quest menu shows when you aren't in the zone you have quests in.

    I miss TomTom / whatever the arrow was called.  Yes, I guess the default has a minimap pointer... but it sucks compared to the marker that was on the screen.

    Quest Helper Lite, plus Quick Quest... I had Loremaster on 3 toons so far.  Now... I hate questing.  Hope that this gets updated.  Would gladly help with QA or monetary support for this should the author decide to come back and update.  I know it takes hours and hours to get this done, wish I had better dev skills so I could really help out.

    My questing pack... was so perfect.  Sadly a few of these are out of date now.

    QuestHelperLite - Quests & Leveling - World of Warcraft Addons - Curse || -- Handled quest tracking and gave me an arrow to follow.  Made it so fast to quest, just effortless to fly through a zone.

    TopFit - Bags & Inventory - World of Warcraft Addons - Curse || -- helped automatically equip gear I got while questing.  Used weighted stats to use best items.  Was so hot.

    QuickQuest - Quests & Leveling - World of Warcraft Addons - Curse || -- Handled quest dialoges, showed me the most valuable item should I not care about any of the gear.

    QuestHubber - Quests & Leveling - World of Warcraft Addons - Curse || -- Showed me where the quests were, let me drop quests as needed and made it super easy to pick them up again.

    Last edited by user_241220 on 10/19/2014 10:31:13 PM
  • #207

    I've been waiting for an update too....I keep checking everyday a couple times a day to see if it's been done yet. I sure am missing it...that's for sure. It reminds me alot of the old "Quest Finder" which I liked alot & untill I found Questhelperlite I hadn't found one I liked...and I like this one just as well.

    Last edited by Solagel on 10/17/2014 7:50:06 PM
  • #206

    Wow was updated to (pre-?)patch v6.0.2...anyone know when this will be updated?

  • #205

    It tends to bug out on a few low-level quests.  Not terrible, but it's not that reliable until about level 20 for showing all the quests.

  • #204

    Can you update it, just started playing WoW and in some quests it bugs out wont let me track the quest unless I turn the addon off like from Alliance geting 5 ballons quest. Game wouldnt let me track it kept untracking until I turn your addon off.

  • #203

    Is it possible to move and/or resize the quest tracker?

  • #202

    is it possible to factor in flight paths in the quest order or would that require a DB setup?

  • #201

    I'm having a similiar problem.I turned off all settings, put the filter by level way up, and disabled all addons. It will keep tracking it even when I tell WoW not to track it.


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