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  • Updated 11/02/2014
  • Created 01/08/2009
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About QuestItemBar

About QuestItemBar

Automatically shows a bar with buttons for the quest items you possess. It looks similar to a standard action bar. It is based on Ace3 and various embedded libraries provided by the Ace-community.


  • Behaves more or less like any standard action button.
  • ButtonFacade support.
  • LibDataBroker launcher.
  • Show all or only usable quest items.
  • Sort items in order usable - not usable - quest starter
  • Indicate if a item starts a new quest.
  • Display quest name and objective status in tooltip if information found.
  • Better handling of keybinds. If a quest item is no longer in possesion the keybind will be cleared instead of jumping to another item. If the player gets the previously keybound item again it will be bound again.
  • Should work on any WoW language client. Please report if it doesn't.


  • Open a configuration dialog using the commands "/qib config" or "/QuestItemBar config" or by clicking the LDB launcher. Or simply use the standard interface -> addons menu.
  • Configuration can be done using commands too. /qib <command>. Write /qib to show available commands.
  • Change the direction (growth) by right clicking on the anchor.

Bug reports and feature requests

Please use the Ticket system. If you use it there is a higher probability that something will be fixed or implemented.


Ace community for Ace3 and the other libraries used. Authors of Bartender, Qbar, Recount for some great code examples.

Localization - BIG THANKS

  • Pettigrow, ZidayaXis, 7destiny, DroArc, eljei, bigcell, yllelder, whocare and zhTW.

Looking for Authors

Because Nickenyfiken doesn't play and my timeslots are too small to implement new features, we are looking for Authors. I try to keep the project up to date and fixing bugs, but new features are not planned in near feature.

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  • #77

    Hmm, last night i used QuestItemBar and it worked as it should, today i log in and errm now the bar is just blank ?

    I then deleted the QuestItemBar.lua tought some thing was wrong in it, but still no items in the bar, and yeah i have quests items that i can press :D

    I just tried to disable the new addons i had updated before play its "New Openables" that causes this.

    Last edited by MartinL on 4/13/2015 9:02:26 AM
  • #73

    great stuff!!!

    could you add "reward bags" (those we have to open to get the reward) and stuff like mount, toy, pet??


    thanks :)

  • #74

    Check mine New Openables, it has button for use rewards from missions and more stuff.

  • #76

    Yes, I use it also with QIB:

  • #72

    I love this addon apart from one very annoying problem... it causes a lag spike right after looting a corpse.  It's just short little pause of about a quarter to half second where everything just freezes for a moment.  At least for me, this annoyance overrides any benefit the addon might provide.

    When I disable this addon, the lag spike/freeze goes away.    Anyway, maybe it can be fixed? I'm guessing at has something to do with analyzing all the items received from the loot drop and checking if anything needs to be inserted into the dynamic questing bar. The lag happens each and every time I loot.  It's very consistent.

  • #71

    greate addon!!

    can you add a option to hide in combat?

  • #70

    Would it be possible to include an option to turn this into a flyout button rather than a bar? Also making the last used quest item the one that is visable (update on use)? That would make this amazing!

  • #69

    I find it also staggeringly useful when harvesting mats, since I just pop the icon in there and can see at a glance how much more I need to gather. Awesome addon, thank you so much! <3

  • #66
    Re: QuestItemBar Quantity?

    Havn't loaded this yet but may soon. I have one question though first. Does it show the Quantity of the items you have? So if you need 10 bleeding hearts it shows how many you have as you gather them.

    Thanks in advance,


  • #67

    Yes it does

  • #65

    nice find, thanks mate

  • #63

    The only thing I would like to see fixed is I cannot add an item by item number (item:123456) or by shift-clicking it like I can anywhere else in the game (chat, macros, etc). The only way is to type the name of the item exactly. This is a pain. Please update this if at all possible.

    Thank you for one of the best addons out there. This is one of those can't live without addons.


  • #64

    At the moment I don't see a problem. The Ignore Item and Display Item fields are working with Item-Link and ItemID in my Environment. If you have there a problem, please open a ticket with more Informations.

  • #59

    Great addon, replaces a very old addon i had that broke hard with MoP. Only one request, have you thought about adding the ability to do milling/prospecting from the bar??

  • #60

    I think, this is not the intention of this AddOn. I like clear boundarys of AddOns :-)

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