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  • World of Warcraft
  • 663 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.0
  • 30,418 Total Downloads
  • Updated 09/25/2013
  • Created 02/19/2010
  • 71 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: GNU Lesser General Public License version 3 (LGPLv3)
  • Newest File: 2.3.1

About Quest-o-matic


Are you doing same daily quests every day? Are you leveling another alt and you know all quests in game? You don't need read quests, you just want click and go? Bored to still Accept and Finish up quests? Quest-o-matic can do some work for you.

Quest-o-matic is small addon which can auto accept and auto finish quests for you:

  • auto accepting quests
  • auto skipping "greetings" text by NPC
  • auto accpet escort quests (disabled by default)
  • auto accept daily quests only (optional)
  • not accept PvP quests (optional)
  • auto turn in quests (only if there is no more then one reward)
  • temporary disable "auto" functions by holding modifier key (configurable)
  • show quest levels in quest log
  • minimap/broker support

Quest-o-matic supports LDB display addons like ChocolateBar, Bazooka etc. Question mark on your bar means that the addon is enabled, exclamation point means it is disabled. Left click changes the state of the addon, right click opens the settings. If you have no LDB display addon, you can still have minimap icon with same functionality.

Quest-o-matic Config and commands

There is two ways to config Quest-o-matic. Config dialog - press ESC > Interface > AddOns > Quest-o-matic, or chat commands:

    /qm - Show Settings
    /qm toggle - Enable/Disable Quest-o-matic
    /qm accept - Enable/Disable auto quest accepting
    /qm dailiesonly - Enable/Disable auto accepting for daily quests only
    /qm pvp - Enable/Disable auto accepting for pvp quests
    /qm greeting - Enable/Disable NPCs greetings skip for one or more quests
    /qm escort - Enable/Disable auto escort accepting
    /qm complete - Enable/Disable auto quest complete
    /qm inraid - Enable/Disable auto accepting quests in raid
    /qm questlevels - Show/Hide quest levels in quest log
    /qm config - Open configuration

You can use /qom command too

Quest-o-matic limitations / issues / to-do

  • not possible to check quest level before accepting, then QOM will never have "Don't accept low level quests" option (for now)
  • not possible to check PvP quest before accepting, only if quest flags PvP. There is option for PvP flag quests, but this doesn't work for normal PvP quests

Please report all bugs and feature requests to Github tracker


  • TOC updated for 5.4.0


  • Daily record counter added
  • auto accept MoP dailies fix (by vafada)
  • Simplified Korea Localization by RootOne


  • TOC updated for 5.0.4
  • Updated Ace3 libs
  • Added LibDataBroker include for compatibility
  • Removed maxDailies info


  • Updated Ace3 libs of AceGUI for 4.1
  • Quest summary info added into LDB tooltip
  • Quest levels added into quest log


  • addon rewritten
  • option to select key for temporary disabling auto functions added
  • options for daily quests only added
  • option to disable auto accepting PvP flaggin quests added
  • /qom option command added
  • LDB basic support added
  • embeds.xml file removed
  • TOC updated for 4.1


  • update zhCN and zhTW locale by networm


  • TOC updated for WoW 4x
  • AceLib updated to latest version


  • Revision


  • Traditional Chinese translation added (thanks to whocare)
  • Info/Spam messages removed
  • TO-DO added to readme
  • Useless functions removed and code optimization


  • project renamed from FastQuest to Quest-o-matic
  • Option for auto accepting quests in raid added


  • TOC updated for 3.3.0
  • Ace libs updated to latest version


  • added localisation support
  • updated TOC for 3.2.0


  • added settings into Interface > AddOns menu
  • small code changes


  • added option to enable/disable auto "greetings" skip
  • added "temporary disable addon functions" key - Ctrl


  • Initial release


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  • #32

    To anyone experiencing the "hooksecurefunc(): QuestLog_Update is not a function" error, I found that you can open "Core.lua" in Notepad and either comment out (place "--" at the beginning of the line) or delete the last 2 lines:

    hooksecurefunc("QuestLog_Update", QuestLog_Update)
    hooksecurefunc(QuestLogScrollFrame, "update", QuestLog_Update)

    The error stopped occuring at login, and I have noticed no negative side effects or affected functionality of the addon.

  • #31

    Any updates for WOD?

  • #28

    any chance for an update to this?

  • #29

    still works without an issues. you can go into the Questomatic.toc and the interface

     ## Interface: 60200

  • #30

    It generates an Lua error immediately on loading for me: "...\Questomatic\Core.lua:358: hooksecurefunc(): QuestLog_Update is not a function". Some things work, but I'd guess from that message that some things won't.

  • #27

    Addon update on the way

  • #24

    local L = LibStub("AceLocale-3.0"):NewLocale("Questomatic", "koKR", false)
    -- Simplified Korea Localization by RootOne

    if not L then return end

    L["QOM_DESC"] = true
    L["General Settings"] = "일반 설정"
    L["Types settings"] = "퀘스트 종류 설정"
    L["Other settings"] = "기타 설정"
    L["AddOn Enable"] = "애드온 사용"
    L["Enable/Disable Quest-o-matic"] = "사용/정지:Questomatic"
    L["Auto Accept Quests"] = "퀘스트 자동 수락"
    L["Enable/Disable auto quest accepting"] = "사용/정지:퀘스트 자동 수락"
    L["Dailies Only"] = "일일 퀘스트"
    L["Enable/Disable auto accepting for daily quests only"] = "사용/정지:일일 퀘스트 자동 수락"
    L["Accept PVP Quests"] = "PVP 퀘스트"
    L["Enable/Disable auto accepting for PvP flagging quests"] = "사용/정지:PVP 퀘스트 자동 수락"
    L["Skip Greetings"] = "NPC 대화 취소"
    L["Enable/Disable NPC's greetings skip for one or more quests"] = "사용/정지:NPC 대화 취소"
    L["Auto Accept Escorts"] = "호위 퀘스트"
    L["Enable/Disable auto escort accepting"] = "사용/정지:호위 퀘스트 자동 수락"
    L["Auto Complete Quests"] = "퀘스트 자동 완료"
    L["Enable/Disable auto quest complete"] = "사용/정지: 퀘스트 자동 완료"
    L["Enable in Raid"] = "레이드 퀘스트"
    L["Enable/Disable auto accepting quests in raid"] = "사용/정지:레이드 퀘스트 자동 수락"
    L["Disable Key"] = "임시 작동 중지키"
    L["Config"] = "설정"
    L["Open configuration"] = "설정창 열기"
    L["Left-click to toggle Quest-o-matic"] = true
    L["Right-click to open Quest-o-matic config"] = true
    L["Hide Minimap Button"] = "미니맵 버튼 숨기기"
    L["Enable/Disable minimap button"] = "사용/정지:미니맵 버튼 숨기기"
    L["Active quests"] = "진행중인 퀘스트"
    L["Dailies completed"] = "완료된 일일 퀘스트"
    L["Total quests"] = "전체 퀘스트"
    L["New day starts in"] = "일일 퀘스트 남은 시간(AM 03:00)"
    L["Quest Levels"] = true
    L["Show/Hide quest levels in quest log"] = true

    korea local file...Please add in the next version

  • #23

    Is there a way to make it auto-complete daily quests where your Rewards are "Lesser Charm of Good Fortune" and "5xValor Points". I always have to click Complete Quest with those...

  • #25
    Quote from Necrosniper »

    Is there a way to make it auto-complete daily quests where your Rewards are "Lesser Charm of Good Fortune" and "5xValor Points". I always have to click Complete Quest with those...

    Indeed is there a fix for this?

  • #26

    Until it gets an official fix, I added a quick hack to Core.lua.

    In the funtion QOM:QUEST_COMPLETE(eventName, ...) I added:
       elseif GetNumQuestChoices() == 1 then
    after the if GetNumQuestChoices() bit.

    Seemed to do the trick

  • #22

    Addon updated for 5.0.4. - happy questing

    Last edited by Miratu on 8/31/2012 4:41:35 AM
  • #21

    So far I got it working with 5.0.4 by changing core.lua:319 to:

        maxDailies = 50000


    find me on twitter @scotepi

  • #20

    It's working for me but quest text in the quest log is not showing completely. It is fading out after the 3rd word.

  • #19

    not working at all


  • #17

    Hey guys, thanks for all these positive comments and fetbacks, but i'm no longer playing WoW and this addon is for 4.1 version then there is possibilities for bugs. Someone else should take the development to fix bugs. Sorry.

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