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  • World of Warcraft
  • 5,825 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 633,993 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/02/2014
  • Created 11/04/2007
  • 758 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Mature
  • License: Apache License version 2.0
  • Newest File: r20141103011342
Support development! **

About QuickMark

QuickMark allows you to set the raid target icon of units quickly rather than having to go through the right-click menu or create keybindings.

Slash Command



s, show - shows the user interface
h, hide - hides the user interface
t, toggle - shows or hides the user interface depending on if it was hidden or shown respectively
hor, horizontal - sets the layout to be horizontal
vert, vertical - sets the layout to be vertical
f, flip - inverts the layout
l, lock - locks the user interface
u, unlock - unlocks the user interface
scale <factor> - scales the user interface using the factor. The default scale is 1.0

Steven Phung:
    - Formatting
    - Cleanup
    - Added LDB support
    - Added LDB support
    - Restructuring and renaming
    - Not creating nolib build with pkgmeta
    - Removed embeds.xml general cleanup
    - Using pkgmeta for Ace3
    - Added pkgmeta and restructured
    - Update QuickMark.toc
    - Create LICENSE
    - Create
    - Bump to 5.4
    - Bump to 5.3
    - Updated version to 5.2
    - Fixed the green border issue reported by chanc61.
    - Update for 5.0
    - Version number correction.
    - Updated for 4.3, added border and background color/alpha configuration.
    - Updated version number for 4.2.
    - Changed frame strata to medium for ui overlapping standardization.
    - Removed debug printouts.
    - Working with 4.1, elegance isn't there but it works.
    - Using AceConfig to add user interface configuration, preserved the old command line access for the most part except for scaling because I don't think many or anyone scales using the command line.  Also replace the quickmark original frame with qmslick, I think it looks better and should get good feedback hopefully.  This is temporary until I add frame border and background configuration.
    - Updated to latest version from curse.
Steven Phung:
    - Removed unused files.
    - Moved files into a folder to allow for deployment into the AddOns folder
    - Initial commit.
    - Initial commit.


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  • #151

    No idea to be honest, unless you can give me steps to reproduce it would be very difficult for me to figure this out.  I suspect you and Goosefang are likely doing something similar to each other that I haven't thought of trying to do to break things.  The difficult part is that only you two have reported it so I would need a lot of help from you to figure this out.

  • #161

    I had a similar issue: quickmark nowhere to be seen on one char, ok on the others. It happened just after moveanything had bugged. I think quickmark was just somewhere way of screen. (I ended up editing the settings file and just ocpy the setitngs from a working char. It might be good to include an option to reset the position to the center of the screen?)

  • #148

    Changes: Updated version number

    Version number now equals Pi Laughing


  • #149

    Just noticed that. :P

    Great addon! Keep the work going!

  • #147

    Since before the current patch. I logged into my main one day and could no longer see QM. I have tried resizing and even deleted it and redownloaded it. Still nothing


  • #143

    After the latest update, when I set the border to None, it displays a bright green background. My background color is set to black and fully transparent. All other borders are displaying properly.

  • #145

    This is fixed the version I just released, thanks chanc61!

  • #146

    Thanks for the fix and a great addon.

  • #144

    I see this behavior, thanks!  I will see what I can do.

  • #142

    newest file=pie???

  • #141

    Any chance we could get a button to clear the current mark?

  • #139

    i love this add on and i was thinking may be you should add raid markings too it as well that would help me out since i lead most of my guilds raids

  • #140

    Love to do it, not possible at the moment, thanks for the suggestion.  This is one of the things I actually tried for 4.3 with no luck due to the limitations of the API.

  • #137

    I have different chars. Would be nice with a default option for my chars to remember same settings for all of them (instead of editing the lua file).

  • #134

    So, will we get skins? I'm fairly annoyed with the completely black layout. Also, autotoggle doesn't seem to be in anymore, or am I just stupid?


    Thanks in advance, simple yet great addon. :)

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