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  • Updated 01/18/2015
  • Created 09/28/2009
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  • Release Type: Release
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  • Newest File: 6.012
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About RaidAchievement


RaidAchievement (RA addon)

What it does:

  • Reports in chat (or with sound) when group or raid achievement that you can't track is failed or when all criteria of the achievement are fullfiled and you need to kill boss.*
  • Informs about achievements when you enter the instance or target the boss. Need to install AchievementsReminder
  • Manual selection of achievements (by location) available. Need to install AchievementsReminder
  • Shows tactics. Need to install AchievementsReminder

/raidAchievement or /rach or /raida - open menu (announces are enabled by default)

To track achievements from Cataclysm and WotLK expansions you have to download: RaidAchievement_OldModules
To track achievements from Pandaria expansions you have to download: RaidAchievement_Pandaria

Found bug? Have some suggestions? Post on a the addon's forum!

"Getting Cold in Here"
Defeat Hodir without any raid member having more than 2 stacks of Biting Cold in 25-player mode.
- addon will announce in chat when someone gets 3+ stacks


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If you want to copy this addon on your site or post the spotlight - please, use next links: - always returns last version - addon's description




Что он делает:

  • Аддон сообщает, когда достижения (рейдовые и групповые), что невозможно отслеживать стандартным интерфейсом - проваливаются. Так же сообщает, когда все требования достижения выполнены и необходимо убивать босса.
  • Сообщает какие достижения вам нужны при входе в подземелье, или когда берете босса в цель.*
  • Отображает достижения с выбранной локации.*
  • Отображает тактики для достижений.*

    Прим.: * Требуется скачать: AchievementsReminder

/raidAchievement или /рейдач или /ра - для открытия настроек аддона (оповещения в чат по умолчанию включены, но необходимо быть рейд-офицером)

Для отслеживания старых достижений Катаклизма или ВотЛК требуется скачать: RaidAchievement_OldModules

====         Change Log is available on our site:        =====


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  • #152
    Ok, let me know if you got problems in other instances, I'll check northrend module
  • #149
    Anyway we can get output posted to a chat channel?
  • #150
    Didn't understand you. What output? "Achieve failed..."? You can change channels (choose heroics or raid in menu).. if you want to set custom channels, you have to use PhoenixStyle addon too... - Addon - main addon options - chat settings
  • #147
    I'm experiencing the lags in Cho'gall now like how it was in Atremedes. Actually it's even worse than Atremedes to the point of complete lockup.
  • #148
    uploded new version
  • #142
    Hey great Addon, but can anyone tell me what it means if the Addon says "(NO addon tracking)"?
  • #143
    btw. can you open the translation-stuff? found some mistake in writing for the german stuff :)
  • #144
    Ok :) no addon tracking - addon will NOT announce when you fail achive
  • #145
    Thanks, Page 14/25 :D
  • #140
    [00:40] [Raijin] has earned the achievement [Sun of a....]!
    [00:40] [DG] [85:Raijin]: RA: [Sun of a....] failed!

    Another one its not detecting correctly.
  • #141
    For this achievement I made an announce 1 tick before it acctually fails, (1 sec) so you can have a little more time to wipe, it's diff to kill him on last second

    Faster Than the Speed of Light
    from next version boss AoE cast will stop timer of this achievement
  • #139
    Does not properly [Faster Than the Speed of Light]:

    [00:14] [Tweekme] has earned the achievement [Faster Than the Speed of Light]!
    [00:14] [Raijin] has earned the achievement [Faster Than the Speed of Light]!
    [00:14] [Venj-Nazjatar] has earned the achievement [Faster Than the Speed of Light]!
    [00:14] [Evilscamp-Emerald Dream] has earned the achievement [Faster Than the Speed of Light]!

    [00:15] [DG] [85:Raijin]: RA: [Faster Than the Speed of Light] failed!
  • #134
    First off let me say that I love this addon. Very, very helpful. I doubt I could get raid achievements without it! However, I've edited and revised some of your Tactics. Improving grammar and strats. Note that these are aimed at raids mainly composed of level 85 players although they could apply to geared level 80 players too. I can't remember the exact name of the achievements for some of them, and I've abbreviated most of the others.

    If you like these, I can do all the rest of them for enUS too.

    Icecrown Citadel

    Boned 10 man: During fight boss will cast bone spike on a player, they must be killed very quickly. Addon will announce if we fail.
    Boned 25 man: During fight boss will cast bone spikes on three players, they must be killed very quickly. Addon will announce if we fail.

    Full House: Main Tank is on all adds, except Off tank is on Deformed adds, constantly kiting them. No DPS on adds, no DPS on boss. When we have at least one of all 5 different adds, DPS the boss to start phase 2. Adds have to stay alive until boss dies so still don't DPS them, even in phase 2. The five adds are: Cult Fanatic, Deformed Fanatic, Reanimated Fanatic, Cult Adherent, Reanimated Adherent. (Empowered Adherents don't count for this achievement, so kill them all!)

    I'm on a Boat: Very easy fight. Each individual person make sure not to visit the boat more than twice, and don't send too many people in one trip.

    Made a Mess: Get 10 yards away from everyone else to prevent Blood Boil. Tank swap correctly. When adds spawn, ranged should aggro, kite, and kill. Otherwise burn the boss!

    Gas Spores will spawn three times, then the boss does an AoE that removes all stacks. In order to get a stack of 25% shadow resistance, you stand near a person with a spore until it explodes. Get two stacks, but don't get three.

    Dances with Oozes: Boss casts disease on a random player. Don't dispel it, and when it wears off, it will spawn a little ooze. Try to keep all oozes away from all other oozes. If two little oozes are close to each other, they will transform in a big ooze. The big will explode and fail achievement if it consumes 5 more little oozes. So kill boss quick and don't merge oozes. Addon will announce if we fail.

    Heartburn: One person will be turned into a big ugly monster and eating slime and stuff. As long as this person doesn't use \"Regurgitated Ooze,\" we win. DO NOT dispel the disease from this monster.

    Orb Whisperer: There are 3 things (each caused by the empowered boss) which could cause you to lose this achievement.\n\nValanar: Empowered Shock Vortex. When he casts it, you must spread out quickly to avoid multiple people blowing up near one another.\n\nTaldaram: Empowered Ball of Flames. When this is cast, the player who it focuses needs to run away.\n\nKeleseth: Empowered Shadow Lance. Your Keleseth tank wants to have 4 stacks of the Dark Nucleii debuff up at all times.

    Once bitten: You can only perform half of this achievement on your first run here, and the other half on a subsequent run. If you want to be bitten (or to NOT be bitten) then speak up now. The more DPS we do, the less people will have to be bitten.

    Portal Jockey: The achievement is obtained by making sure that every portal is taken by someone every time portals spawn. It doesn't matter who takes them as long as they all get taken. It's better if the healers take them, though.

    All you can eat: When she gets to phase 3 (at 35% health) you have 35 seconds to do 35% of her health and kill her. Save cooldowns and pop them at this point.

    Waiting a long time: This achievement must be done before boss reaches 70%, so no DPS on boss during this phase. Off-tank will take all adds, nobody else should be nearby at all. No DPS on adds. The only person that should get Necrotic Plague should be Off-tank, dispel it if he gets it until it's back on an add. If someone else somehow gets Necrotic Plague, they get near the adds before it is dispelled. Addon will announce when 30 stacks, then continue fight as normal!

    Vile Spirits occur during the third phase (

    Trial of the Champion

    Back pain: Gormok the Impaler throws snobolds on players. Wait until all are thrown, then kill any that are on healers or caster, leaving two alive. No AoE, no Pets, no Damage Reflect of any kind. They have to live all the way through the worms and still be alive when Icehowl dies to get achievement.

    Not 1 but 2 Jormungars: Defeat Acidmaw and Dreadscale within 10 seconds of each other.

    360 pain spike: Defeat Lord Jaraxxus while at least two Mistresses of Pain are alive.

    Resilience will fix it: Kill all the enemy heroes within 60 seconds of the first one dying.

    Salt and Pepper: Defeat the Twin Val'kyr in 3 minutes or less.

    Traitor King: Boss will submerge periodically and spawn the necessary adds. Run from adds as much as possible while tanks tank them. No AoE, No Pets, No Damage reflect of any kind. Keep the adds alive through second submerge when more adds come out. When third submerge occurs, everyone group up and AoE them down. You will have 30 seconds to kill a couple more as they spawn near the walls during the third submerge. You do not have to kill boss to get achievement.


    Dwarfaggedon: This achievement is soloable. Pull as many Steelforged Defenders as you can and kill them.

    Three Car Garage: This will take a minimum of three runs to achieve. Ride in a vehicle you have not ridden in before. Being a passenger or driver is fine.

    Unbroken: Defeat Flame Leviathan on the first try without anyone repairing their vehicle. Minimize your damage on way to boss and do not drive over the greenish circles on the sides to repair.

    Take Out Those Turrets: Individual achievement. Demolisher Passengers can be launched onto the Flame Leviathan by the driver of the Demolisher, where they can kill Defense Turrets. To get the achievement you have to make a killing blow. After all turrets are dead you'll be launched off, choppers should drive nearby to pick them up. (Hop in as passenger in chopper.) Chopper then drives back to the Demolisher, passenger hops out of chopper and back in Demolisher. This achievement cannot be earned at the same time as Shutout.

    Shutout: Demolisher Passengers do not get launched onto the boss to kill Defense Turrets. This achievement cannot be earned at the same time as Take Out Those Turrets.

    Orbit-uary: Head straight to boss, do not kill any towers on the sides.

    Hot pocket: A random person (except main tank) will be put in the pot. If they live through it, they get achievement. You do not have to kill boss to get this achievement.

    Shattered: The Iron Constructs adds can gain the buff Heat by standing in the fire left by Ignis' Scorch. Once Heat reaches 10 stacks, the Constructs gain the buff Molten, which lasts for 20 seconds. If within this time frame they are kited to a pool of water they will loose the Molten buff and instead become Brittle for 15 seconds. A single blow dealing 5000 or more damage to a Brittle Construct will shatter it, causing an explosion. Doing this last step to 2 or more Constructs within a 5 second window will grant this achievement.

    Stokin' the Furnace: Defeat Ignis the Furnace Master in 4 minutes.

    Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare: The Main Tank will aggro all the Dark Rune Guardians and will solo them down to less than 15,000 HP. (No Pets, No AoE, No DoTs, No Damage Reflect of any kind.) All other DPS will burn all other adds. Use harpoons, and right before the ground phase ends Razorscale will Flame Breath the area directly in front of her. You don't have to do this in one Ulduar run, your counter never resets. You usually cannot earn this achievement at the same time as A Quick Shave.

    A Quick Shave: Burn the boss to 50% health in two ground phases or less. You usually cannot cannot earn this achievement at the same time as Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare. Addon will announce if we fail.

    Nerf Gravity Bombs: Defeat XT-002 Deconstructor without any raid member dying from a Gravity Bomb.

    Nerf Engineering: Do not allow any of the XS-013 Scrapbots to reach and heal X-002 Deconstructor. These bots are spawned during the expose heart phases, at 75%, 50%, and 25%. They potentially come from each of the 4 corners of the room. They ignore aggro and constantly move towards the Deconstructor, however they can be slowed and rooted.

    Nerf Scrapbots: Position the boss on either the left or right wall. At 75%, the first heart phase will spawn adds on the far side of the room. Slow these adds in every way possible without killing them (No AoE except to snare/root, No Pets.) DPS the heart as low as possible WITHOUT killing it. At 50% another heart phase will spawn more adds, allow them to catch up with the first pack of adds before you slow them. Again, DPS heart as low as possible WITHOUT killing it to spawn a third group of adds when boss reaches 25%. At this point stop DPS on boss. You cannot allow adds to reach the boss. If you're lucky, when you get several scrapbots near boombot(s), kill all the boombots to kill all scrapbots near them. You must kill at least 20 scrapbots by blowing up the boombots, don't dps the scrapbots directly. 20 must die within 12 seconds for achievement.

    Must Deconstruct Faster: Defeat XT-002 Deconstructor in 205 seconds.

    Heartbreaker: At 75% he will expose his heart. Kill it, then kill the boss.

    Can't Do That While Stunned: Do not allow Stormcaller Brundir to finish casting a single Chain Lightning (base ability) or channel a single Lightning Whirl (1 other boss down ability).\n\nBrundir can be stunned and his spells can be interrupted by other means. He begins his very first cast the instant you start the fight so be prepared! The 1 second cast time on Chain Lightning complicates interruption. Killing Brundir first ensures he never casts Lightning Whirl and reduces the time he must be kept stunned / interrupted.

    Stormcaller Brundir.

    Steelbreaker. Main Tank on Runemaster Molgeim + Steelbreaker. Offtank on Stormcaller Brundir.

    Runemaster Molgeim.

    I'm one of you: Individual Achievement. Right before the last boss dies, use your Iron Boot Flask. It can be purchased in Storm Peaks. If you don't have one, buy one before your next Ulduar run.

    Looks could kill: Everyone stand in melee range, except for three ranged DPS or heals. They will dodge the beam. Addon will announce if we fail.

    Rubble and roll: Do absolutely no DPS to the boss directly (No AoE, No Pets, No Damage Reflect of any kind.) DPS the arms instead and kill the rubble as you wait for the arms to regenerate.

    Disarmed: Don't DPS the boss directly. Continually kill the Right Arm (it's the one on your left when you face boss.) Do not kill the Left Arm (it's the one on your right when you face boss.) When boss is below 30% but above 15%, (and obviously when both arms are alive,) kill both arms within 12 seconds of each other.

    With open arms: Burn the boss directly as fast as possible before he kills everyone. Pop all cooldowns! Watch AoE effects and pets and keep them off the arms.

    Crazy Cat Lady: Defeat Auriaya without destroying her Sanctum Sentries. The Sanctum Sentries are the two cats that are walking with her before the pull. No AoE, No Pets, No Damage Reflect of any kind.

    9 lives: Kill the Feral Defender 9 times. It will respawn approximately 1 minute after it gets killed, each time. In between spawns, DPS the boss, but make sure to stop all DPS on the boss at around 25-30%. Watch out for the void zones where the Feral Defender dies. After killing it 9 times, kill the boss.

    Staying buffed all winter: Individual achievement. In order to unlock the buffs, you have to free the NPCs as quickly as possible at start of fight and after every Flash Freeze. Stand near a fire, stand in sunlight, and stand near people with storm clouds over their heads.

    Coolest friends: At the start of the fight and after every Flash Freeze, free all the NPCs.

    forget name: When Hodir does Flash Freeze, two circles will appear that are bigger than all the other ones that constantly appear throughou the fight. Icicles will fall down, and create piles of snow. You want to avoid the icicles but then very, very quickly get on the snow. All raid members must avoid every Flash Freeze by standing on Snowdrifts to get this achievement. Addon will announce if we fail.

    forget name: Do not allow a single raid member to get more then 2 stacks of Biting Cold while killing Hodir. This means everyone needs to be constantly moving or jumping. You can also stand by a Toasty Fire created by the mage NPC (make sure you have the buff from it before you stop moving!) People who can dispel magic effects should do so as quickly as possible; Frost Nova effects can stop players from being able to keep moving. If you fail at the Flash Freeze mechanic you'll fail this too since you will be frozen. The addon will announce if we fail.

    this cache was rare: Kill Hodir in under 3 minutes.

    Don't stand in lightning: Once the raid has completed the gauntlet and engaged Thorim, he will cast Lightning Charge every 15 seconds. It is an electric line that connects him to a random spot on the wall. Everyone get out of it very quickly, especially Tanks and Melee.

    Take you all on: Free achievement for killing Thorim.

    Who needs Bloodlust: There's a pack of adds fighting a worm at the start. The Dark Rune Warbringer needs to be mind controlled, with all other adds dead, to activate the second phase and continue boss fight. CC or offtank this add without killing it (or just keep it mind controlled.) Stay within 40 yards of mind controlled add to get aura. If the add is mind controlled when Thorim dies, we get achievement.

    Siffed: Complete the gauntlet in under 3 minutes.

    Lose Illusion: Complete the gauntlet in under 3 minutes. And then kill Thorim.

    Lumberjacked: DPS one down to 10-15% and then stop ALL dps (No AoE, No Pets, No Damage Reflect of any kind.) Pull another and DPS it down to 10-15%. Pull the third and DPS it down to 10-15%. Then burn them all at same time.

    Conspeedatory: Defeat Freya within 20 minutes of the first creature you kill in the Conservatory of Life. You can skip as much trash as you want.

    Deforestation: Freya has three types of add phases. One version is a lot of small adds that explode (Detonating Lashers.) One is a big tree (Ancient Conservator,) but you can only cast spells and abilities if you're standing in/near a mushroom. And the third phase has three large adds that have to die at the same time (Ancient Water Spirit, Storm Lasher, Snaplasher.)\n\nShe will do each of these phases twice, and you cannot kill her until you have killed all the adds from all 6 phases. To get this achievement, do not kill the three large adds from the first or second time she summons them. DPS them down to 15-20% and then stop all DPS on them. (No AoE, No Pets, No Damage Reflect of any kind.) Tank them as best you can until she has finished all 6 add summons and kill all the adds except for these.\n\nThen kill them all at the same time.

    Back to nature: Freya has three types of add phases. One version is a lot of small adds that explode (Detonating Lashers.) One is a big tree (Ancient Conservator,) but you can only cast spells and abilities if you're standing in/near a mushroom. And the third phase has three large adds that have to die at the same time (Ancient Water Spirit, Storm Lasher, Snaplasher.)\n\nShe will do each of these phases twice, and you cannot kill her until you have killed all the adds from all 6 phases. Except that to get this achievement, do not kill EITHER the second Ancient Conservator OR the second pack of three large adds, whichever comes later (the order is random.) (No AoE, No Pets, No Damage Reflect of any kind.) This means you have only killed 5 of the 6 add phases, and she is still healing herself a little bit. Tank everything as best you can and DPS the boss down to death.

    Knock knock knock: Kill Freya without killing any of the Elders first.

    Someone set us up: The entire raid must avoid the Proximity Mines from phase 1 and 4, the Rocket Strikes from phases 2 and 4 and the explosions of Bomb Bot adds from phase 3. The addon will announce if we fail.

    Not so friendly: One of the Assault Bots from phase 3 must be left alive for phase 4. (No AoE, No Pets, No Damage Reflect of any kind.) In Phase 4, Mimiron again casts Rocket Strike at a location, preceded by a 3 second visible warning. Kite the Assault bot into this small area.

    Firefighter: Push the big red button before starting the fight.

    Shadowdodger: Every raid member must dodge every Shadow Crash. Shadow Crash targets a random ranged, and lobs a slow purple projectile at the spot the ranged was standing. Ranged should stay spread out for the fight. Any ranged targeted (and anyone that was near them when they got targeted) should run from that spot to avoid the Shadow Crash. The addon will announce if we fail.

    Smell of Saronite: Everyone that can heal save your mana and do not DPS. Use the most mana-conserving heals that you have. There is absolutely no way to generate mana during this fight, once you're OOM, you're OOM for the rest of the fight. Do absolutely no damage to the crystals. (No AoE, no Pets.) DPS boss to 15-20% and then stop, making sure to avoid all avoidable damage. When 6 crystals have spawned they will form a second add and boss will become immune until the add is dead. Kill add, kill boss.

    Out of the walls: Defeat 9 Guardians of Yogg-Saron within 12 seconds. You do not have to kill boss to get this achievement. Spawn 9, and AoE them down.

    In his house dreaming: During phase 2, portals will open next to Yogg. Get in the portals as fast as you can, you have 1 minute from when they spawn (not from when you enter) to kill all the adds so that you are able to leave. When you go inside, you will be in one of the 3 visions. DPS all adds in here. Make sure to not face the skulls while you do (turn your character away from them). The portal back out again is in the brain room, behind where you enter. If you haven't left before the 1 minute is up, (before the brain finishes casting its spell) you get mind controlled permanently for the rest of the fight.

    Drive me crazy: You start the fight with 100% sanity. Starting in phase two, several things can cause you to lose Sanity.\n\nIf you get targeted by Brain Link, go near the person your beam is connecting you with. Otherwise, stay spread out.\n\nIf you go inside the portals, do not face the skulls (keep your character facing away.) You have to leave before the 1 minute (from when the portals spawn, not from when you enter) is up, or you instantly lose all sanity.\n\nIn phase 3, make sure to look away from boss when he does purple electricity at you (turn your character to face away.)\n\nIf Freya is active (requires 1 or more keepers active,) you can restore your Sanity when it gets low by going in the green pillars of light.

    Not getting younger: Defeat Yogg-Saron within 7 minutes.

    One light: As long as nobody talked to any of the keepers after killing them (Hodir, Thorim, Freya, Mimiron) then you can pick no more than one keeper to assist you for the fight with Yogg-Saron.

    Alone in the Dark: As long as nobody talked to any of the keepers after killing them (Hodir, Thorim, Freya, Mimiron) then you get this achievement for killing Yogg-Saron.

    Forgot name: Black Holes are formed when Collapsing Stars die. Kite 3 Living Constellations into 3 Black Holes simultaneously, and then kill the boss.


    Arachnaphobia: Defeat Maexxna in Naxxramas within 20 minutes of Anub'Rekhan's death.

    Momma said knock you out: There are two ways to get this achievement: 1. Don't kill adds (No pets, No AoE, no Damage Reflect of any kind.) 2. Kill adds more than 15 yards from boss.

    Safety Dance: Defeat Heigan the Unclean in Naxxramas without anyone in the raid dying.

    Spore Loser: Defeat Loatheb in Naxxramas without killing any spores. No Pets, No AoE, no Damage Reflect. Addon will track if we fail.

    Down Together: Defeat the 4 Horsemen in Naxxramas, ensuring that they all die within 15 seconds of each other.

    Quick Werk: Defeat Patchwerk in Naxxramas in 3 minutes or less.

    Shocking: Think about the area around Thaddius as a square. A corner on each end of this square. When we get to Thaddius, everyone will stack on the tank. This area will be a corner of the square.\n\nWhen Thaddius casts Polarity Shift the *FIRST* time, if you are Positive, you'll move to the Right (counterclockwise.) If you are Negative you'll move Left (clockwise.) That's only the first time, however.\n\nEvery Polarity Shift AFTER the first time, if your Polarity is the SAME as it JUST WAS, then you'll move RIGHT. If your polarity CHANGES then you'll move LEFT. Stay at the corners of the square.\n\nThe addon will announce if we fail.

    Hundred Club: Turn off Mark of the Wild (Druids), Blessing of Kings (Paladins), Resistance Aura (Paladins), Mage Armor (Mages) and Ice Armor (Mages). If anyone in the raid has two of these buffs at same time, achievement fails. And, obviously, don't wear frost resist gear.

    Can't get enough: Pull abominations until the addon says that we have killed enough.


    Deep breath: Avoid Deep Breath. Addon will announce if we fail.

    Many Whelps: On 65% Onyxia enters to the second phase, when she comes off the ground you have 10 seconds to run inside the caves forcing the whelp spawns. We can kill them slowly, but have to spawn them quickly. Everyone stack up and AoE them down.

    Obsidian Sanctum

    Volcano Blows: This is an individual achievement. You must avoid Lava Strike, NOT the flame wall. Lava Strike is a targeted AoE, look up! Or die in the beginning of the fight and you will get it. =P
  • #136
    Meh, I still had a couple typos and errors. But anyway, if this interests you, I'll do strats for every achievement in the addon if you want.
  • #137
    Wow! Thanks a lot! Yes, I'd like that someone help me, becouse it's difficult for me to update all my addons =)

    p.s. you can tell me your nick and server, I'll add your name into addon ;)
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