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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.2.3
  • 1,607,418 Total Downloads
  • Updated 01/11/2016
  • Created 09/25/2008
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 6.2.2
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About RaidBuffStatus

Reports on a configurable dashboard or to group chat on consumables, buffs, AFK, mana and many many others but in an intelligent automagic way. RBS is the last nail in the coffin of all slacking level max-level raiders. RBS also provides unique tank taunting warnings not provided by any other addon.

RaidBuffStatus is for 5 man instances and raids of all sizes.

RaidBuffStatus was originally written by danielbarron and is dedicated to his daughter, Jaina. The addon is currently maintained by oscarucb.


"'''RaidBuffStatus is the last nail in the coffin of slacking raiders.'''" - Stormsnow, a Raid Leader

'''RaidBuffStatus''' is an addon to check, show and report on the complete buff status (including flasks etc) of a party or raid. It can report via whispers and to raid chat. In addition it provides a talent spec window which also shows any special abilities.

However it is quite unlike BigBrother and most other buff checking addons. '''It was the first released (8th March 2008) addon to intelligently, in an automagic way, know what buffs to check for.''' For example only if there is a Mage will it check for intellect buff and it does not check the buffs of those not in the same zone. As much as possible is automatic.

Addons like XRS require lots of initial configuration. '''RBS works with no configuration out of the box.''' However RBS now features a '''Buff Wizard''' to help new user non-raid leaders to configure only the buffs they need to be displayed.

RBS can do the buffing for you such as your self and party buffs with a quick right-click.

RBS supports addons like Titan using LibDataBroker.

Public Videos

Top 5 addons of 2009:

Quick informational video about RaidBuffStatus made by a user:

Short video about some of the RaidBuffStatus options made by a user:

RBS being used in a ToC raid. You can see it top left. The player has configured it to stay visible in combat but to only show a few things. When he enters combat you can see it neatly resize:

Videos created by the RBS author

The dashboard:

The talent specialisation window:

The buff options window:

The addon configuration options:

The Buff Wizard feature:

The Unique Selling Points of RaidBuffStatus are

  1. Automagically knows what buffs to check for according to the party or raid members CLASSES and TALENTS and ROLES.
  2. Works out of the box with no configuration needed and is very simple to use.
  3. Covers all buffs including consumables.
  4. Trash and Boss checking. Boss checking assumes flasks/elixirs needed but this is configurable.
  5. Has 2 levels of warning: Missing Buff and just Warning.
  6. Can report results to group chat, and has a dashboard for quick status info - for example finding out who has the soul stone.
  7. Reports on talent specialisations.
  8. '''Provides unique tank taunt warnings.'''
  9. '''Provides unique Crowd Control break warnings.'''
  10. '''Provides unique death warnings.'''
  11. Actively maintained.

It is designed for max level raiding and partying, anything below that is not guaranteed to work.

Current checking abilities

  • Raid and party buffs
    • All major raid buffs
    • Players missing Paladin blessings and which ones and which Paladin is slacking giving out their blessings
    • Drums of Forgotten Kings
    • Runescroll of Fortitude
  • Single buffs
    • Earth Shield on tanks
    • Paladin Beacon of Light / Faith
  • Self buffs
    • Food buff
    • Flask or Battle and Guardian elixir
    • Protection Paladin Righteous Fury
    • Hunter Aspect
    • Priest Shadowform
    • Shaman Water/Lightning Shield
    • Rogue Poison
    • Mage Armor
    • Hunter Aspect
    • Death Knight Bone Shield
    • Death Knight Presence
    • Warrior Stance
  • Warning situations
    • AFK
    • PVP
    • Dead (Right click to auto-rez)
    • Offline
    • In different zone (Right-click to target for summon)
    • Hunter Aspect of the Pack or Cheetah
    • Well Fed but slacking
    • Chars with less than 80% mana
    • Chars with less than 80% health
    • Low durability (when raiders have oRA installed)
  • UI features
    • Ctrl-click a self buff and the addon whispers those who need it.
    • Ctrl-click a group buff and the addon whispers the person who casts it and tells them who needs it.
    • Alt-click on a buff will cast the spell to renew that buff
    • The whispering of buff casters is intelligent and it will only whisper those who are nearby.
    • Start ready-check button, Start boss pull timer button
    • It tells you how long someone was AFK, Offline, PVP or dead.
    • It can hide selected dashboard items on entering combat to reduce the size and only show what matters in combat.
    • It can hide the dashboard entirely when in combat.
    • Group buffs show in the tooltip who the buffers are.
    • Role information and main tank lists are parsed to be able to know who is a tank. A button, disabled by default, shows whom RBS thinks is a tank based on tank list, spec and roles.
    • You can change the colour and alpha of the window.
  • Tank taunt warnings
    • Warns you when one of your taunts fails (this is what all taunt addons do)
    • Warns you self when other people's taunts to your target fail (again most taunt addons do this)
    • Warns you when someone else taunts your target
    • Warns you when someone else taunts your target which is targeting you
    • Warns you when someone else who is not a tank taunts your target
    • Warns you when someone else targets a mob and taunts that mob which is targeting you
    • Option to only apply to bosses
  • Crowd Control break warnings
    • Warns when a tank breaks CC
    • Warns when a non-tank breaks CC
  • Death warnings - plays a unique sound for each event:
    • Warns when tank dies
    • Warns when melee DPS dies
    • Warns when ranged DPS dies
    • Warns when healer dies
  • Food Raid Warning Announce
    • Feast/Banquet, with bonus stat info
    • Noodle Carts
    • Refreshment Table
    • Soul Well
    • Repair Bot
    • Mailbox
    • Blingtron
    • Mage Portals

Tank warnings

This feature warns you about people taunting your target. It has different warnings according to who taunts; taunts, ninja taunts (someone taunting your target you are tanking), your taunt fails, other people's taunt fails and when a non-tank taunts your target. Ninja taunts are when the mob is targeting you which, in theory, means you are tanking it. It might be changed to take into account threat but so far it seems reliable without that.

The most interesting feature is that it can even tell you about mobs being taunted off you which you are not even targeting.

How to use it

When you join a party or raid the dashboard main window will open. (Alternatively click on the mini-map icon to toggle the dashboard open and closed). It will automatically know what to check for. If you want to disable a check then click the icon representing that spell. Click again to re-enable.

To report to raid or party click '''Trash''' or '''Boss'''. You need to be in a party or in a raid and be the leader or assistant to do this. By default, Trash assumes all buffs except consumables and Boss assumes all buffs. To report only on one buff, Shift-Click on the icon for that buff. To send a whisper to someone missing a buff, Control-Click on the icon for that buff.

It is as simple as that.

To initiate a ready check click '''R''' button.

To view the spec information on people in the raid click the top left menu button. This window can be sorted by any of the columns by clicking on the buttons above the column itself. The spec is gathered as soon as a person is within inspection range and cached for the duration of the raid. Considering you will have to gather up at the start or outside before you begin it is highly likely to have all the info when you need it.

In the top right there is a menu button which opens an options window. In that window you can do things like configure which buffs to check and when and so on.

Raiders in groups 6, 7 and 8 are ignored for buff checking as these groups are often used for substitutes. This is configurable.

Tank List

RBS tries to automatically spot who the tanks are. It does this in two steps. First it looks at the tank list. (Every raid uses a tank list right?) It can use many tank list systems in common use including anything compatible with the Blizzard tank list, oRA, ctra, or xperl. Then it looks at the talents and class of the players on the list to check they could tank.


Passive auras vs static buffs: Why does it prompt players to buff X when I already have aura Y?
By default RBS prompts players to apply static buffs (eg Power Word: Fortitude) when they are available in the raid, even if you already have an equivalent aura (eg Blood Pact). The reason is that despite the equivalent stats, static buffs provide superior reliability in combat - specifically, static buffs like Power Word: Fortitude won't be lost from your character if the warlock providing Blood Pact dies, disconnects or goes out of range during the fight. If you really don't care about this issue and prefer to let your buffers be lazier, you can disable the "Prefer static buffs" option in the addon configuration.


r726 | oscarucb | 2016-01-11 21:09:02 +0000 (Mon, 11 Jan 2016) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /tags/6.2.2 (from /trunk:725)

Tagging as 6.2.2
r725 | oscarucb | 2015-12-15 15:47:02 +0000 (Tue, 15 Dec 2015) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Buffs.lua

localization fix

r724 | oscarucb | 2015-08-27 07:59:02 +0000 (Thu, 27 Aug 2015) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Core.lua

fix stam scaling on old flasks



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  • #75

    It was checked. 

    When I hover over the mastery buff and it shows who can buff, it dosn't show my name....

  • #63

    Are there any known bugs regarding death warnings? I have enabled them for all specs and when I open this 'inspect tab thing' everyone is recognized with his right spec. But for some people there is no death warning at all (neither in chat nor sound).

    From what I have observed it seems as it does not work for people with accents in their name (é è î and so on).

  • #66

    I've just discovered the source of your bug. It was caused by a bad GUID mask that would (randomly and permanently) ignore some players.

    It should be fixed in 5.4.0 beta 1, currently under testing.

  • #67

    Good to know; gonna test it. Thanks

  • #62

    Have been a long time user of RBS and just want to thank you for making a simple, clean app. I've been known as the 'Buff Whore' in our guild raids (But in a positive way). I especially love the new update with bonus stats being said, keep up the good work. I will be donating within the next week for the job well done.

  • #68

    Awesome! Glad you find it useful!

    Thanks for the donation!

  • #59

    Reporting seems to be broken in LFR(and possibly more areas).

    Since the channel in LFR is now /i [Instance] and not raid it says you are not in a raid group

  • #60

    This is fixed in 5.3.0 beta 1, currently under testing

  • #57

    When I raid on my Restoration Shaman and I put my Earth Shield on the Monk who is tanking, RBS tells me I'm slacking because the other tank doesn't have my Earth Shield. I don't think you're accounting for the Monk tanking spec in that check.


  • #61

    This should be fixed starting in r580

  • #56

    The food quality slider does not appear to be functional, nor when I look through the coding does there appear to be any support for it.  Is there something I am missing, and if it isn't functional is this likely to be added in the near future?  Not fun clicking through 25 raiders to see who is slacking on food.

  • #58

    It definitely should be functional - it sounds like you may have a corrupted install, try installing the addon from scratch. If it's still not working submit a bug report with complete information at

  • #54

    First i just want to say that this has been one of my favorite addons, i think i use it maybe a little too much sometimes.

    with that said, i have 3 minor gripes.

    1) might and kings: with a single paladin in the raid and no shaman to give grace of air might generally takes priority as the better raid buff, but RBS always highlights kings as unbuffed, oftentimes without thinking i'll click and send a tell to this poor paladin that has actually done his proper buffing.  as i recall in cataclysm this was never an issue, maybe some options reset or changed but if that's the case i'm having trouble finding them.

    2) lower level buffs: leveling my monk with others i notice that no one has the buffs yet because they haven't learned it, but they are still categorized as missing but buffable.

    3) monks and mark of the wild: i notice when whispering for mark of the wild it asks monks to buff mark of the wild as well instead of their corresponding legacies (which i think it does for the crit buff as well, i cant recall).

  • #55

    > "might generally takes priority as the better raid buff"

    This was true for the pre-5.0 might buff, but the new might buff (3k mastery) is weaker than 5% of your primary stat for most dps/heal classes. RBS currently favors kings over might when there are no other players to buff either, but I might consider an option to make that tunable. Note you can also get either buff from a hunter pet (which RBS does not consider) but the kings buff is only available to BM hunters running a sub-optimal pet, whereas the mastery buff is available to any hunter.

    > 2) lower level buffs

    RBS is designed exclusively for max-level raiding. There are many things that would need to change to support correct buffing at lower levels, but that has always been outside the scope of this addon.

    > i notice when whispering for mark of the wild it asks monks to buff mark of the wild

    It sounds like you are running an outdated version of the addon. This should not occur on the current version, but if it does please submit a ticket with complete information at

  • #52

    Hey there, awesome addon, have been using it for a long time and im glad it updated! :)

    Is there a possibility to make the requirement of raidassist of "reportchat - Report to raid/party - requires raid assistant" be an option that can be turned off? I find myself often in a LFR or BG group where getting assist is not really always possible, but do want the raid(through raidchat/bgchat) to be aware of missing (self/raid)buffs. 

    Thanks for your time, keep up the good work! :)

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