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  • Updated 01/18/2015
  • Created 12/24/2009
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About RaidSlackCheck

RSC is a separate stand-alone addon of PhoenixStyle.

Potions check - shows who uses potions in a raid and who doesn't, also tracks pre-poting and who uses Healthstones (saves last 12 fights, to change it: /script rscpotionscombatsaves=12 - any number between 3 and 25).

Flask check - shows who has no flask or food buff (automatic check!)

Buffs after rebirth - check buffs in combat after rebirth (doesn't work with Reinc - haven't found any API to detect it yet)

Other - Announce when someone drops food feast, healthstone or flask`s cauldron, repair bot (disabled by default)

To open menu: /rsc , /slack , /raidslackcheck or /слак
or use PhoenixStyle menu.


Found bug? Have some suggestions? Post on a addon's forum!

To report using macro, choose which report you need and make a macro!
/script rscrepnopot() - 0 potions last fight
/script rscrepnopot2() - who used potions, last fight
/script rscrepnortafretcom1() - who used potions, BEFORE fight
/script rscrepnortafretcom2() - 0 potions BEFORE fight
/script rscsendflaskmanual() - report who has NO flask/food buff
/script rscwhousedhsreport() - who used Healthstones
/script rscwhousedhsreport2() - who didn't use Healthstones
- you can set chat channel, example: rscrepnopot("guild")

Localization (need your help!):
Add your translations or english corrections here


Want to thank me for the work I'm doing, please use this link:


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  • #117
    Quote from Shurshik »

    It's complicated. Well, what can be done:

    1. Report on ready check start, it's important to remind that you forgot something.

    2. One more report after ~20 sec (or before if everyone pressed yes). The second will show who doesn't have buffs and pressed YES.

    But, I have no time for the moment. As always one more thing in a looong "todo" list :/

    That way would be nice! Hope u can find some time, as its a crucial one :P thnx though for consideration

  • #113

    Can you explain how the food buff check is supposed to work?

    Is it looking for > 275 if unchecked and = 275 if checked? ie 250 will always be reported as missing? It's quite confusing to the raid members and leaders when people have a food buff but are reported for not having a buff.

    Last edited by dlbaines on 11/8/2012 10:49:20 PM
  • #114

    250 is not a food :)

    by default it check for 274+ food, if you uncheck that option it will look for 299+.

    I don't understand Blizzard why they create so many food, its confusing too :(

  • #111


    Keyword invite doens't work if you get a whisper from a REAL-ID friend!

  • #112

    it's not RSC addon, it's PhoenixStyle. But it should work (was fixed about 3 weeks ago), I'll give it one more check.

  • #119

    Was thinking, maybe if server name consist of 2 names... but it works, don't know what it can be..

  • #118

    Tested it right now, didn't work.

  • #110

    ... and I'll check autoreport of potions

  • #108

    can you add a thingie with a box to tick or untick(optional) so the addon can announce who is not using 300 food if the option is checked and function as it is now if the box is unchecked

    also i have problems having the addon auto report who is using potions and who isnt i have to manualy click the button for it to announce.I have auto announce without promote option checked and it does work for everything else(flask/food and phoenixstyle announcements are done automaticaly)

    Last edited by Dhrake on 10/23/2012 5:09:25 AM
  • #109

    There is no more space to add it :DD I want to remove all food <300 after next raid will be releasing... But.. Oh... I am so lazy to improve it and to make as you said +_+

  • #105

    Если удалить строчки, то перестает автоматом репортить в /ра после readycheck'a О_о И не висперит никому. Хотя наличие еды вроде выявляет правильно.

  • #106

    Больше всего ты удалил что-то лишнее или не до конца, и вылезла ошибка, аддон начал глючить +_+ достаточно просто убрать:

    -- +275 stats:

  • #102

    Спасибо за прекрасный аддон :)

    У меня вопрос. Можно ли сделать так, чтобы в "missing well fed" попадали все, у кого меньше _300_? А не 275? Наши рейд лидеры лютуют, когда народ пользуется дешевой едой.

    И если это реально сделать, поменяв что-нибудь в .луа, скажите, пожалуйста, как?

  • #104

    Эх, надо было сделать мне опцию, но места под нее уже нет, до этого правда просила считать 250 еду за ок ) теперь наоборот XD

    в файле RaidSlackCheck.lua есть сторочка "-- +275 stats:" и после нее 5 строчек (ID бафов), вот их удалить, я конечно мог ошибиться и всунуть ок еду в ту колонку, можно проверить по вовхеду все ли ид дают 275 и убрать их

  • #99

    Ok its work now thx for fast fix :P

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