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  • Supports: 4.3
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  • Updated 12/11/2011
  • Created 11/17/2008
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About RaidTotems

RaidTotems lets one person assign all totems and Earth Shield targets for all shamans in the raid.

/-commands to open the window: /raidtotems or /rtt

If a shaman has TotemTimers installed their totem timer buttons will automatically switch to the assigned totems and the Earth Shield timer will switch to its assigned target if configured so. If a shaman does not have TT installed he gets a whisper with his totem configuration and Earth Shield Target. Optionally the totem configuration and Earth Shield targets can be posted to the raid chat or a custom chat channel.

If a shaman has TotemTimers installed, RTT shows some information about his talent spec, this information is updated if a shaman switches his spec. If a shaman does not have TT installed it tries to inspect him, but does not update if the shaman switches his spec. RTT then provides a button to reinspect the shaman manually.

The totem configuration and Earth Shield target for a shaman is stored permanently and does not change or reset if a shaman or the player leaves the raid or the player relogs.

The buttons at the bottom are for managing totem sets. For each shaman his totems and ES target are saved/restored (so for example you can save different sets for specific boss fights). If you update a set with different shamans present in your raid absent shamans are not changed and new shamans added to it.

Please feel free to post comments, bug reports and feature requests.

    - 4.3 update
    - Update for 4.0.1
    - Assigned totems can be set to one of the three multicast spells automatically (unused if TotemTimers is loaded)
    - Converted to LibGroupTalents for inspecting
    - Options are now in a separate small options frame, accessed by a button in the upper right corner
    - Reduced Main frame's width, height scales with the nr of shamans in the raid group
    - Added french locale, thx to ckeurk
    - Inspects start a bit later to avoid disconnects
    - Frame closable by esc
    - Don't whisper self
    - Changed channel select to include not sending totems to any channel, checkbox not used anymore
    - Added option to not whisper if totems are listed in raid chat or another channel
    - Shamans that switch spec are reinspected automatically
    - Only inspects inside instances
    - Implemented ES/Totem sets
    - Added list of MainTanks (derived from Blizz raid UI if oRA2 is not installed or else oRA2)
      to Earth Shield selector
    - Registers a quicklaunch/send button in LibDataBroker if it's installed (not packaged with RTT)
    - Added Magma and Searing Totem
    - Added automatic talent inspection of shamans without TotemTimers and buttons to reinspect them
    - Added dropdown list to choose a channel for posting the totem configuration
    - RTT maintains a macro called "RTT" with the last received totem configuration as a castsequence
      for shamans that do not use TotemTimers
    - Fixed class coloring for druids
    - Fixed assigning Earth Shield to shamans who already left the raid
    - Frame is now draggable
    - Talent icons show the nr of talent points spent where applicable
    - Talent icons now include Earth Shield
    - RTT can be used to assign Earth Shields
    - Fixed bug when whispering totem setup to raid members
    - Totem/ES setup can be sent to the raid chat
    - Changes for 3.1 compatibility
    - Changed talent protocol, all talents are expected to be sent
    - Added Healing Stream to water totems
    - Talentented totems are shown independent of shaman spec (i.e. Enhancing Totems for resto shamans if talented)
    - A green dot in front of a shaman's name indicates whether he has a compatible addon installed, that accepts
          totem configurations and returns talent info
    - Get and show talent info from compatible addons
    - Whisper totem configuration to players without compatible totem addons
    - Get totem configuration from players with compatible totem addons
    - Fixed showing only shamans instead of all raid members (forgot to uncomment something in Beta1)
    - Initial Version


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  • #107
    Hey Xianghar,
    The addon doesn't seem to work for me. No errors, the window works, but it doesn't recognize any shaman (including myself). Any idea?
  • #103
    Will you release a update for 4.0.1 or did you give up on this awesome addon?
  • #104
    It will get an update this week.
  • #105
    Nice, Thanks!
  • #101
    well the way i see it is if this addon makes it so u can put down another player's totems without them doing it, like u controlling their totems, then u can go to hell. there is no way im gonna let another player decide what totems i put down. and if they try to force my totems out with a addon i would leave the raid then report them.
  • #106
    omg emo alert...
  • #102
    This addon is similar to the way ZOMGBuffs or Pally Power works.

    A raid leader can set which totems he'd like you to cast, and who he'd like you to shield. No addon can enable another player to cast for you, ever. You can even throw down other totems if you want, just don't cast via the addon.

    The point of addons like this (PP etc), is so you don't have overlapping buffs, and you plan accordingly. Ever have the same tank get 2 shields? Or have 2 enh shaman's drop a WF totem? Or ever have 2 pallies both give the raid Kings? These addons are AMAZING for 25 man raids.
  • #99
    The addon announces as such:

    [7] [80:Announcer:5]: Shaman1: Totem of Wrath, Stoneskin Totem, Healing Stream Totem, Wrath of Air Totem.
    [7] [80:Announcer:5]: Shaman2: Magma Totem, Stoneskin Totem, Healing Stream Totem, Windfury Totem.

    This is an addon about totems and shamans. Why say "totem" after every single item? This can easily be shortened to the following with no loss in apprehension:

    [7] [80:Announcer:5]: Shaman1: Totem of Wrath, Stoneskin, Healing Stream, Wrath of Air
    [7] [80:Announcer:5]: Shaman2: Magma, Stoneskin, Healing Stream, Windfury

    Further still an option to abbreviate totem names for further simplicity:

    [7] [80:Announcer:5]: Shaman1: ToW, Stone, Heal, WoA
    [7] [80:Announcer:5]: Shaman2: Mag, Stone, Heal, WF

    But a neat addon other than this :)
  • #100
    Don't worry, I meant "comprehension" ;)
  • #98
    I would like to see support for party as well if possible and not just raids.
  • #97
    It would be great if you could scroll through the various totems in the config using a mouse scroll wheel, like in pallypower!

    Thanks for a great addon!
  • #96
    LDB Launcher for show/hide would be great
  • #95
    Hmm, seems the manual re-inspection button isn't working :-(

    Love this add-on, though!
  • #94
    This looks really nice, I was looking for an addon to help me synchronize with other shamans in a group. Hope it works well together with totemguru (cannot live without it)
  • #93
    I don't know why, but everyone shows up as if they had the same talents I do. Any chance of converting this to use LibGroupTalents instead?
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