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  • Updated 12/07/2013
  • Created 03/09/2013
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  • Release Type: Release
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  • Newest File: v5.4.1-4
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About RareCoordinator

Welcome to RareCoordinator

The main purpose of this addon is to keep track of the rare spawns on the Timeless Isle.

Please create a ticket for bugs / enhancement ideas: Ticket tracker


  • Only visible on the Timeless Isle
  • Communicates with everyone of your faction on your realm to keep the data updated
  • As soon as you get on the Isle it will update itself
  • When you get a "rare alive" message a sound message will inform you
  • If you have TomTom installed an Arrow will guide you to the rare
  • Click on the "alive" message to announce the rare spawn in the General Chat

Where does it get the data?

  • As soon as you or someone on your faction with the addon target a rare mob the addon updates the "last seen" message
  • If a rare mob is killed and anyone with the addon is near, the "last killed" message gets updated

ToDo List

  • Improve Options (Let the user choose the rares to track)
  • Add a fallback if the addon can't get the initial data

Please read the ToDo List above before requesting a feature which is already on there!

tag v5.4.1-4
elvador <>
2013-12-07 15:12:43 +0100

Tagging as v5.4.1-4


    - New release
    - Now showing the live location updates in a small map
    - Improved the TomTom integration: now with live location updates
    - Fixed a bug that caused an ADDON_ACTION_BLOCKED error
    - Added a map with each rare
    - Added a nicer way to show update notifications
    - Hiding the Notification Window is no longer possible in fight


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  • #408

    I believe this add-on needs to be updated.

    For the past week, RareCoordinator has been giving people [false alearts]. And often times after killing Huolon, instead of counting the time from his last kill, it just records a dash, and no time (the same goes for some other rares).

    According to this addon, Huolon just spawned, and [many] people are asking in chat "where's huolon?" But Huolon didn't spawn, though the add-on says he did. (And while it's saying Huolon is alive, it keeps switching his health around from 80% to 100%)

    Meanwhile, the RareAnnouncer add-on is not saying Huolon spawned - which is correct. Good thing I have both add-ons.

    It has been doing this for about a week now, and many people have been talking about it in chat.

    Could you please update it and fix these bugs? it's clearly broken.

    Last edited by TheRealJamesDevlin on 4/18/2014 9:41:58 PM
  • #407

    Mine seems to have locked and where the lock option is i cant unlock it. is there anyway to fix that? i would absolutly love to move the frame and resize it but it seems kind of impossible right now...

  • #405

    This is one of the most irritating add ons there is, A rare comes up and you are in the middle of fightting trash, and it automatically comes up ingeneral chat, and 5-10 seconds later it announces the rare is dead, so unless you are right in the vacinity of where the rare is at you have no chance to get any credit for it. this add on is for losers who can't use the mini map to find a rare, especially since if you have multiple toons, you know exactly where a rare spawns at.

  • #406

    I know where all the rares are but unless you only ever want to camp 1 rare at a time this addon is awesome. The timers really help a ton. When I see that Watcher Osu is at 45 minutes well that tells me that he should be spawning sometime in the next 15 minutes. So I mosey over there and wait a few minutes till he spawns. Kill him then go to the next one I need that will be spawning soon. Because you werent there when the rare died is not this addons fault. It is merely providing information to you. With this addon I am able to kill more rares in a day than I could have possibly ever killed without it. If you don't want it to send info into chat then dont click the button, but it sounds to me you don't even use the addon your here complaining about the fact that other people do use it.

    Last edited by xSilentStormx on 4/11/2014 10:02:22 AM
  • #400

    when in party with other people using this addon, it disappears and doesnt appear to work.

    can only put it up in unlocked mode, but during this mode it doesnt work at all.

    can u please fix this bug, than it would be perfect..... THX

  • #402

    Is happening to me too! Very annoying when forming groups.

  • #399

    I just noticed this addon pops up in Shadowthread Cave in Shadowglen which is in Teldrassil.  (Nightelf starting area.) It actually works in there to which is kinda funny since I can see what rares are up on TI. LOL

    Edit: It also pops up when leaving Shadowglen as well.

    Last edited by xSilentStormx on 3/25/2014 2:21:13 PM
  • #393

    why is the display so huge it takes up a third of my screen any suggestions on how i can resize, I have looked in settings, options nothing there for that and i cant see the bottom of my list with rares at shortest time, kind of annoying.  Help please.

  • #396

    Yeah I have the EXACT same problem, and like everything else I cannot find out how to fix it because everyone is so trolly.

  • #401

    im having this problem but the lower right corner is off of my screen is there any other way to resize it? ive tried uninstalling it then reinstalling it ive tried leaving timeless, nothing works

  • #397

    You can click and hold on the lower right corner and resize it .

  • #391

    I wrote a macro to request a RareCoordinator update on command. It might help if your addon is showing bad data. I keep it in my action bar myself.

    RC joins a custom channel when you load it. Normally RC requests data from whoever happens to be the owner of that channel. Sometimes that person's data is bad, or sometimes you hit a bug and it doesn't make the request at all. This macro asks a RANDOM person in the channel for data, so you can keep using it until you get some data back that looks accurate. It also prints out the name of the person it's requesting data from.

    The way RC works, it overwrites all data when you get a new update, so you may end up overwriting decent data (for instance, maybe missing a few timers but overall pretty good) with worse data (all the timers are over 90 minutes). Unfortunately I know no easy way to go back. You can either keep using this macro until you randomly get the good data again - usually what I do since I'm lazy - OR you can look at the name that was printed when you got the good data, and then enter the following to request data again directly from that person:

    /run SendAddonMessage("RCELVA", "GetStatus", "WHISPER", "PUT THAT PERSON'S NAME HERE")

    So for example, if Jimbob gave me pretty good data and then Somedummy gave me bad data, you do /run SendAddonMessage("RCELVA", "GetStatus", "WHISPER", "Jimbob")

    Okay, here's the big macro. It's just under 255 characters.

    /run s="RCELVA";for i=1,GetNumDisplayChannels() do c,_,_,_,n=GetChannelDisplayInfo(i) if c==s then p=GetChannelRosterInfo(i,math.random(n or 1));if p then print(p);SendAddonMessage(s,"GetStatus","WHISPER",p) else SetSelectedDisplayChannel(i) end end end

    If you don't want it to print the name of the random person it's asking for data, remove print(p); from your macro.

    If your server is very busy Blizzard might be slow to give you information on who is in the RareCoordinator channel. If that happens the macro won't have any names to ask for data, so nothing will happen (and no name will be printed). Try again in 20 seconds.

  • #388

    It makes other players names Unknown is there any way to stop it from doing that? Im 100% sure its this addon because even i tuen it off i can read everyones names when its on everyone is named unknown anyone else have the same problem?

  • #392

    I've never seen this. Sometimes everyone shows up as Unknown, but it's usually from my computer or my connection being slow, and waiting patiently will eventually make all the names fill in.

  • #387

    Out of curiosity, is it possible to direct the TomTom arrow to a single location, even when there are several spawns? It seems that only the latest one is tracked, and removing it simply results in it being re-added almost immediately. It would be nice to be able to hunt down one spot in particular, even better if it can be set without there having been a sighting.

    Love the addon otherwise! :)

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