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  • Updated 07/16/2015
  • Created 07/23/2010
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Support development! **

About Raven


Major Features

1) Customizable timer bar and icon configurations to monitor buffs, debuffs and cooldowns
2) Multi-target HoT and DoT tracking bars
3) Timelines to show buff, debuff and cooldown icons sliding along a bar
4) Comprehensive condition checking to support buffing/debuffing, spell rotations, etc.
5) Preset spell colors and buff-related conditions for each class

Project page:
Offical forum thread:

Installation and Configuration

Install Raven by copying its files into your WoW addons folder (or use your favorite addons update utility). Optional additional Raven-compatible modules can be installed to add support for spell rotations used by specific classes.

You can bring up a configuration panel by typing in "/raven" or clicking on Raven's minimap button. Raven also includes a Data Broker launcher that can be displayed by addons like ChocolateBar.

Raven includes detailed tooltips for most options in the configuration panel.

Getting Started

The quickest way to get started with Raven is to use the standard bar groups on the Setup tab of the configuration panel. Standard bar groups include (1) all player buffs, (2) short player buffs (lasting less than 2 minutes), (3) long player buffs (lasting at least 2 minutes, such as Mark of the Wild, Blessing of Kings, and other "raid" buffs), (4) debuffs on the player, (5) cooldowns on player spells and equipped trinkets, (6) buffs/debuffs cast by the player on the target, (7) buffs/debuffs cast by the player on the focus, (8) rune cooldowns (Death Knights only), and (9) notifications for conditions relevant to your class (e.g., missing poisons on rogue weapons). Select the standard bar groups you want (hint: you probably don't want all the player buff bar groups since that will result in duplicates) and click either the Create As Bars or Create As Icons button. This will create an anchor for each selected bar group near the center of your display that you can move by clicking and dragging.

When you mouse over an anchor you'll see a tooltip with shortcuts for changing the bar group's configuration and for showing test bars. You can lock and unlock the bar group anchors using buttons on the configuration panel Setup tab (locked anchors are hidden, unlocked anchors are visible). The Defaults tab lets you change the appearance of your bars with configuration options for bar dimensions, fonts and textures.

Using Bar Groups

Once you set up standard bar groups, timer bars or icons will be displayed for buffs, debuffs and cooldowns and, if you set up the Notifications group, warning bars or icons will be displayed for missing buffs and cleansable debuffs. Bars will be in a variety of colors since Raven includes preset colors for many class-specific spells to help distinguish them (with the exception of Long Buffs that are class-colored by default).

After using Raven a while, you will probably want to make some adjustments. Perhaps you don't like the default colors of the bars or you want to switch between bars and icons. Or maybe you want a dedicated bar group for the procs and cooldowns you monitor closely during combat.

At this point, it is necessary to understand that there are two types of bar groups: auto bar groups and custom bar groups. Auto bar groups are used to automatically display bars for buffs, debuffs and cooldowns. Most of the standard bar groups (all except Notifications) are pre-configured auto bar groups. Custom bar groups allow you to manually configure bars for a mix of buffs, debuffs, cooldowns and notifications. Typically, custom bar groups are used to present spell rotations and buff/cleansing reminders.

Auto Bar Groups

Open the configuration panel and click on the Bar Groups tab. Using the pull-down menu near the top, select any existing standard bar group (except Notifications) or create a new auto bar group by clicking on the New Auto Group button. A second set of tabs appears that lets you configure the selected bar group.

You use the Buffs, Debuffs, and Cooldowns tabs to specify what kinds of bars to display (and which ones to filter out). These tabs lets you control how the bar group is populated as new buffs, debuffs and cooldowns are detected. For buffs and debuffs, you specify who the action must be on and who it must be cast by. For cooldowns, you specify what kinds of cooldowns to detect. When new buffs, debuffs and cooldowns are detected that match the criteria, bars for them are automatically displayed.

Auto bar groups have filter lists to let you suppress showing unwanted bars. Both black lists (i.e., don't show if on the list) and white lists (i.e., only show if on the list) are supported. You can manage filter lists on the Buff, Debuff and Cooldown tabs.

Custom Bar Groups

While the standard bar groups provide an easy way to get started, you might also want to set up bar groups that contain just the bars you care about during combat. For example, to support your feral druid's DPS rotation you might want bars for the Savage Roar buff on the player, Mangle, Rake and Rip debuffs on the target, and Tiger's Fury and Berserk cooldowns.

To create a new custom bar group, open the Raven configuration panel, select the Bar Groups tab, then click on New Custom Group and enter a name (e.g., "Combat Bars"). This will bring up a new, empty bar group. To add bars, select the Custom Bars tab and click the New button.

When you click the New button, the configuration panel is put into bar creation mode (you won't be able to access other options until you click either Okay or Cancel at the bottom of the scrollable options). Select a bar type (e.g., buff, debuff, cooldown) and then appropriate options. For example, when you select Buff, you can then select the source of actions (i.e., class, pet, racial, other) and you are presented with a list of available buff actions (or, in the case of "other", a text entry box for entering a spell name). Select actions within that list that you want bars for (All On and All Off buttons are provided for convenience). Pay particular attention to correctly setting who the action is on and who it is cast by. Click Okay to finishing adding the bars (they are now included in the list of bars and can be customized by clicking on them and setting their associated options). You can repeat the bar creation process by clicking New again to add any mix of bar types.

The Custom Bars tab also lets you make changes to bars after they have been added. Select any individual bar to bring up configuration options that let you adjust its color, label text, special effects, and other properties. You can toggle enable to disable the bar.

More Customization

You can further customize bar groups using configuration settings in the General, Layout, Appearance, and Timer Options tabs. The following is a brief description of what each tab supports (mouse over options for explanatory tooltips).

The General tab provides options to enable/disable the entire bar group, rename the bar group, specify how bars are sorted, conditionally show/hide the bar group, and adjust settings for mouse clicks, tooltips, and special effects (e.g., pulsing icons, flashing on expiration).

The Layout and Appearance tabs let you modify the look of the selected bar group. You can adjust the bar group's configuration and the direction that bars grow from the anchor. You can select alternate coloring schemes. You can adjust dimensions, fonts and textures (after overriding defaults set on the Defaults tab). You can turn on and off particular characteristics (icon, colored bar, spark, label, etc.) and change their relative positions. If you prefer icon-based interfaces, Raven includes configurations featuring large icons with optional mini-bars. You can also attach bar groups to each other to facilitate alignment (including the ability to attach to a bar group's last bar so a stack of bar groups can expand and shrink as needed). Play around some and check out the range of possible designs (hint: you can shift-left-click on a bar group anchor to show test bars).

The Timer Options tab lets you adjust settings related to bar duration and time left. You can set all bars in a group to have a uniform duration (this makes it easy to compare how much time is left on bars with similar, but slightly different, durations). You can specify whether to show bars with unlimited duration (e.g., paladin auras). You can filter bars based on their durations and amount of time left (this is how the standard bar groups separate short buffs from long buffs).

Bar groups can have background panels and borders. Set them up in the Defaults tab to show them for all bar groups or in the Appearance tab for individual bar groups. You can enable a background panel with texture, color, and size (size is specified as padding in pixels from the bar group's bars and icons). You can enable a background border separately with a border design, color, edge size, and inset (inset helps merge panel and border correctly).

Multi-Target Buff and Debuff Tracking

Raven includes multi-target buff and debuff tracking similar to other DoT and HoT timer addons. The Setup tab now includes Buff Tracker and Debuff Tracker standard bar groups. These bar groups will group timer bars for buffs or debuffs that you cast on each target and, by default, will show a header with the target name above its associated timer bars. Optionally, you can include the target name in the timer bar labels instead of showing headers (set Hide Headers on the General tab for the bar group). Use black list and white list filtering capabilities in these bar groups to customize them (e.g., you can make a Beacon of Light tracker by creating a HoT timer bar group with only that spell in its white list). You might want to stick with bar-oriented configurations for these since the headers (which include raid target icons and indicate current target, focus or mouseover unit) are currently designed to work best as bars.


Raven monitors a variety of events during play and can display notifications when certain conditions are met. While somewhat complex to set up, conditions are quite powerful and can help with spell rotations, decursing, etc. Raven includes default conditions for each class for basics like making sure you have class-specific buffs during combat.

Conditions can be used in Raven to trigger notifications and to control whether or not bar groups are visible. Generally speaking, once you set up a condition you will want to set up a notification bar to show you when the condition is true. When you configure the Notifications standard bar group on the Setup tab, you automatically get notifications for your configured conditions.

Conditions are configured in Raven under the Conditions tab. To get a feel for setting up conditions, take a minute to look at the default conditions for your class. Select one of the conditions using the pull-down menu near the top. A second set of two tabs (General, Tests) appears with options for configuring the selected condition.

The Tests tab has a summary of settings at the top and a list of available tests below. There are tests for checking status of the player, target and focus, tests for checking for combinations of buffs and defuffs, and tests for checking if spells or items are ready to be used. Selecting a test brings up options specific to that test. For example, the Player Status test lets you check if you are in combat, resting, have more than a certain percentage of your health, how many combo points you have, etc.

All the tests you enable must be true for the overall condition to evaluate to true (the summary at the top is intended to help visualize how the tests combine). You can also add dependencies between conditions that can be helpful for factoring out common tests (e.g., a condition to see if you are in cat form and in combat might be a dependency for other conditions defining a druid's feral spell rotation).

The General tab for each condition allows you to enable/disable the condition and specify if the condition is suitable for triggering a notification. You can also associate a spell with a condition (the spell's icon and color are used to customize notifications based on the condition).

Cancelling Buffs

Raven includes support for cancelling buffs. When out of combat, you simply right-click the icon on any player buff bar to cancel the buff (this works for shaman weapon enchants and rogue poisons too). For cancelling buffs in combat, Raven includes an "in-combat" bar that you set up while out of combat with a list of player buffs that you want to be able to cancel in combat (you may need to do reload the UI after setting up the "in-combat" bar before using the buttons). When one of these buffs becomes active in combat, its icon pulses into place on the "in-combat" bar and you can right-click it to cancel the buff.

Support for Runes and Totems

Raven includes special bar groups for Death Knight and Shaman classes. These show up as the Runes and Totems standard bar groups on the Setup tab. The Runes bar group replaces the Blizzard runes default UI and displays cooldown timer bars for all your runes. The Totems bar group tracks currently active totems and show a placeholder ready bar for each empty totem slot. You can right-click on a totem icon to destroy a totem. You can disable the placeholder bars by turning off Show If Unlimited Duration.

Multiple Characters

Raven is designed to simplify configuration across multiple characters. This is required because each class may make quite different use of timer bars (e.g., some depend on tracking cooldowns while others watch for debuffs to expire on the target). In the Profiles tab, Raven includes the profile options common to Ace3-based addons and, by default, creates a new profile for each character.

In addition to using profiles, Raven shares a variety of settings across characters. This can result in some confusion since it works differently than in other addons (but can simplify configuring Raven if you play several different classes). First, the appearance options on the Defaults tab (dimensions, fonts, textures) apply to all profiles (they can be overridden as needed in any bar group, of course). Second, almost all bar group settings (the primary exception being the actual bars associated with custom groups) are linked between bar groups of the same name in all profiles that have Link Settings enabled (note that Link Settings is no longer enabled by default for standard bar groups on the Setup tab). Third, filter lists are linked by default between auto bar groups of the same name in all profiles, simplifying dealing with unwanted buff, debuff and cooldown bars.

Final Words

I hope you enjoy using Raven for all your buff, debuff and cooldown needs! Questions and comments are always welcome.

r337 | tomber | 2015-07-14 19:43:04 +0000 (Tue, 14 Jul 2015) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Main.lua
   M /trunk/Raven.toc
   M /trunk/Raven_Options/Raven_Options.toc

Add type check to fix error reported for patch 6.2. Update version number. Also, rebuild should pick up new libraries, which is a good thing after any large patch.
r336 | tomber | 2014-12-25 00:06:48 +0000 (Thu, 25 Dec 2014) | 3 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Bars.lua
   M /trunk/Cancel.lua
   M /trunk/Main.lua
   M /trunk/Nest.lua

Update tooltips when hovering over a bar or icon. The remaining buff, debuff, or cooldown time will decrement in the tooltip without having to move the mouse off and then back over the bar or icon.

Change Raven's overall update method to use the new C_Timer API for a slight improvement to CPU usage.


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  • #1159

    No need at all to be sorry lol

    Anyway, I guess I gave you a small idea for some future release ;) While the addon is fantastic as it is now, I wouldn't mind another additional option to sort buffs exclusively by time left, displaying target name but not sorting according to that.

  • #1151
    Jade Spirit

    Hey man,

    I love your add on! Have been using it ever since Satrina Buff Frames failed me. One quick issue I am having (needless to say, the only issue I have encountered) is that when my jade spirit procs, I can see it in my overall buff bar I made (this shows all buffs / procs I get from myself or my raid/party) but not on my individual proc bar I made (this just has warlock procs / buffs).

    I am not sure why that is, it works for all my trinkets / procs I get from gear and weapons and talents. When I look in the combat log, it says "Unknown Jade Spirit Applied You" and when it fades it says "Unknown Jade Spirit faded you"

    Any idea what we can do? Keep up the good work!

  • #1152

    Well, if you see it in the overall buff bar group then it should be possible to include it in your other bar group as well. The reason you aren't seeing it depends on how you set up your individual buff bar group. Is it an auto bar group with whitelist, for example? Or perhaps a custom bar group that you configured with specific spells? In either of these cases you will have to add the spell Jade Spirit so it can be recognized.

    Or perhaps your individual bar group is an auto bar group that has all spells that you specifically cast on yourself? I wonder if this might be the case because of the "Unknown" in the combat log which might indicate that the spell is not considered to be cast by you due to some oddness in how Blizzard implemented it. I wish I had Jade Spirit on a weapon so I could test it myself. In any case, if this is how it is set up, you have options. The easiest to set up is to create a bar group that simply detects Jade Spirit (auto bar group, all buffs on you cast by anyone, whitelist with only Jade Spirit in it). You can test this by itself. Then use the Merge Bar Group option on the General tab to merge it into your individual buff bars.

    If this doesn't do it for you then please  let me know a bit more about how the individual bar group is configured. I'm sure we can get it to work for you.

    Last edited by Tomber on 11/30/2012 10:59:21 PM
  • #1154

    Apparently Blizzard messed up Jade Spirit (and similar weapon procs) and no longer indicates that they are cast by the player. If and when they fix it then you can remove the workaround bar group. I am glad it is working for you now!

  • #1153

    bro you seeriously are a magic maker, I did exactly what you said and presto it worked. Not sure the way blizz coded it but isolating this particular buff in a whitelist seemed to do the trick!

    Thanks a lot man, really, keep up the amazing work!

  • #1147

    Is there a way to enable canceling of buffs on the default Raven bars (i.e. buffs and debuffs) while in combat?  I don't often want to cancel a buff in combat, but on those rare occasions I want to, it's rarely the same buff over and over which makes the "In Combat Bar" effectively useless to me.

  • #1149

    Addons like Raven which do a lot of sorting, filtering, merging, etc. of buffs and debuffs haven't been able to do that since Cataclysm was released due to Blizzard's unfortunate decision to make it impossible (due to some kind of PvP exploits, I believe). I always recommend the CancelMyBuffs addon but it may not do what you want either.

    There may be an addon out there that supports simply re-skinning the default buffs which would allow buff canceling in combat (e.g., Bison used to do that but hasn't been updated for MoP). I know that Satrina's was going to have a mode that allowed it but I'm not sure what became of that version. I've thought about providing such a mode in Raven and may still consider it someday. I do know that you can cancel buffs in combat in Tukui (and presumably ElvUI), as well, which might be a good option if you are comfortable with a more integrated UI replacement.

  • #1142

    Tomb, how would you change the color of icon borders to indicate the ones in a group cast by the player?

    For example, if I wanted to make the icon border RED for all the debuffs that came from me on a target, while everybody else's debuff icon borders are say green, how would I do that?

    Thanks for the great mod.

  • #1143

    A new capability added in r270 release supports setting different border colors for player spells and non-player spells. The "Player" option in Bar Color Scheme>Icon Border near the bottom of the Appearance tab colors player icon borders to the foreground color and non-player icon borders to the background color. This is primarily intended for icon-oriented bar groups which don't actually use those colors for bars themselves. In your case, just set foreground custom color to red and background custom color to green and enable Player for icon border. 

  • #1140

    5.1 released today. Raven is no longer loading when I log in. I double checked that it is activated and I even have "Load out of Date addons" Checked. 

  • #1141

    The only 5.1 issue that I am able to reproduce so far is that monk's chi is being displayed incorrectly. I plan to have a release out tomorrow that fixes that but it would be nice to get to the bottom of your problem first. Please try this: disable all addons except Raven (plus Bugsack/BugGrabber, if you use them), verify once more that "load out of date" is enabled, and see if Raven loads. If not then let me know if you see any errors reported and what class you are playing. I haven't seen any other reports of this issue, at this time.

    Last edited by Tomber on 11/27/2012 6:35:44 PM
  • #1148

    Apparently I didn;t have the newest version.  It's working now.  thanks.

  • #1146

    From the error info, it looks like you are running an older version of Raven. The call to GetNumTalentTabs was changed to GetNumSpecializations back when 5.0.4 was released. Please upgrade to version r271.

    Last edited by Tomber on 11/29/2012 4:44:47 PM
  • #1145

    I have the same issue with Raven not loading.  Playing a moonkin

    Message: Interface\AddOns\Raven\Main.lua:461: attempt to call global 'GetNumTalentTabs' (a nil value)
    Time: 11/29/12 17:31:44
    Count: 5792
    Stack: Interface\AddOns\Raven\Main.lua:461: in function <Interface\AddOns\Raven\Main.lua:460>
    Interface\AddOns\Raven\Main.lua:580: in function `Update'
    Interface\AddOns\Raven\Main.lua:334: in function <Interface\AddOns\Raven\Main.lua:334>

    Last edited by Tomber on 11/29/2012 4:43:55 PM
  • #1136

    Hi again Tomber :)

    I have another question: Is there any way you are able to track the Wild Mushrooms? Like how many you have placed on the floor and their remaining time?


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