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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.2.0
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  • Updated 07/13/2015
  • Created 08/19/2009
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: BSD License
  • Newest File: RazerNaga v2.8.4

About RazerNaga

RazerNaga is an AddOn designed exclusively for Razer Naga, the ultimate Massively Multiplayer Online Gaming mouse.

This AddOn presents the Razer Naga multi-button thumb grid in-game and allows you to easily bind your skills and spells to it.

Note: The Razer Naga AddOn is an Actionbar AddOn. If you prefer to keep using a different Actionbar AddOn, you are able to use that with the Razer Naga. If you install the Razer Naga AddOn however, this will replace your current Actionbar AddOn.

For more info, please visit the Razer Naga website:

For support and enquiries:

1. Fix an issue that could caused the encounter bar to not show up.


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  • #50
    For those with shaman totem problems i got around it by disabling razernaga completely, using the blizz default ui to manually set up 3 totem setups, link the calls to my bars then log back out and re enable razer naga

    ok its not perfect cos i cant adjust things on the fly like we normally can but at least i have 3 premade setups for the now while i wait for an update

    more annoyingly for me is the lack of cast bar and lootwindow, my lootroll window is now right at the bottom of my screen in the blizz default style, across my action bars, cant get the darn thing to move at all, and razer naga in config mode doesnt even have a loot box :(

    and also i have no razer naga cast bar at all, and the blizz default one wont show up cos it thinks razer naga is dealing with it

    really looking forward to an update for this, as ive even been considering another action bar ui as a stop gap and i hate most of them
  • #49
    How do we work around the razernaga being broken for the time being, ppl are telling me about the default UI but i can't find it at all? I can't use my "call of", it only sets down two totems and i can't change which at the moment, ty in advance.
  • #48
    Yes please update asap.
  • #47
    After today’s pre-cat update this add-on is broken:(

    On my shamans there is no totem bars any more. Looking at bugstack its captured errors pertaining to this :(

    Please update asap:)
  • #43
    I use this adding on and am not a success.
    Because the reason is because placement is reset by a default when I do a zone and restart a game.
    The placement returns by UI setting, but it is troublesome to do this at every reset.
  • #46
    set your PROFILES under the Razer Naga addon in the Addon interface panel of the game ... and save your profile... log another alt and set the profile to your saved one ...
  • #42
    Hello, I have just bought this mouse. It's great response.

    The number pad is great as you can add so many bindings, But the real issue I have is as a healer I use Clique and cast on a raid frames ui, so now I cant use any spell by just mouseover casting and I've had to make a whole load of [target=mouseover] macro's. is there no other way to just bind the mouse pad to the Clique mod?
  • #51
    the only way i ever found to use the 1-12 on the side of the mouse for hovercasting was with mouseover macros.

    i use vuhdo which has an in built version of clique (if clique is still like it used to be) in that you type in the skill name as per the mouse button you use then just hover over and use said mouse button

    sadly tho alot of these addons support only a few mouse buttons, like left, middle, right, 4 and 5, and we have an epic amount just not supported by them :(

    would be interested to know if anyone else managed to do this without tons of macros tho
  • #40
    Everything is almost perfect. I really like this addon with the mouse, but I cant tell by looking at the mod if I'm out of range. Am I missing something? It's a dealbreaker for me. Bartender icons are red until you are in range of your target, and I can't use this mod if I can't figure out how to make this happen here as well.
  • #41
    I had the same problem. You can still use Bartender with the mouse and use the numbers on the Razer Naga. Just bind whatever you want to your numbers 1-9(or whatever number it is that you can go up to) and everything should work out. I just bought one today and came across the same problem and thought that it would be a deal breaker for me. But I keybinded a spell to "1" (not on the number pad to the right side of a keyboard but to the "1" that goes across the the top of the keyboard) and prssed "1" on the Razer Naga and the spell shot of just fine. Good Luck
  • #39
    Ok, I'm a dunce..seems since re-installing wow on the new cpu, a setting that i just need to find, is basically the combo of me hitting SHIFT+up arrow and that is changing my main bar to flip over to the next set which happens to be bar 6. So once i disable that i'll be golden.
  • #38
    Im having a simular problem since updating to to a new cpu with windows 7 and updating the addon to 3.3.0

    At random times, usualy right at the second I pull the boss, or right as I go into combat, all my buttons on bar 6 start sharing with bar 1. So any buttons/macro's that I have on bar 6 which are usualy manually clicked are now replacing all my mouse button macro's.

    This wasnt an issue on my old CPU with xp and 3.2.0

    Just to give you an example of how painful : I switched to bear form ran at the boss and didnt notice my buttons had changed, next thing you know I dropped out of bear form, buffed myself and equipted my fishing pole..opps those buttons wasnt supposed to be there.

    So far the only way to get this to stop was to log out and back in. Ive been unable to spot exactly what is causing it, but I know it happens just as I go into combat and usualy causes my and my groups death.
  • #36
    This is a great mouse, but the addon needs to allow for functionality with other bar mods. I like the idea of using this mod, but it lacks the features of other bar mods such as bartender that I use now. Perhaps if there was a way to create a "lite" version that only did the basic bars and allowing other bar mods to do the rest. I am no mod maker so I dont know what is possible and what is not.
  • #37
    Just to clarify things, you can use any bar mod with the Razor Naga. This addon is not required to enable functionality of the mouse.

    This bar mod however conflicts with other bar mods and therefore you must disable them if you want to use *this* one.

    For example: I did not have this installed and bartender4 functioned perfectly.
  • #35
    My current Razer Naga issue is I can't get it to have the same functionality of it's totem bars as the standard UI. All it does is adds more bars for your totems without allowing you to place more than one totem simultaneously or giving you a drop down option as the regular game does. Has anyone else experienced that problem or found a solution (if there is one)?
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