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  • World of Warcraft
  • 3,923 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.2
  • 795,477 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/17/2013
  • Created 08/19/2009
  • 328 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: BSD License
  • Newest File: RazerNaga v2.6.4

About RazerNaga

RazerNaga is an AddOn designed exclusively for Razer Naga, the ultimate Massively Multiplayer Online Gaming mouse.

This AddOn presents the Razer Naga multi-button thumb grid in-game and allows you to easily bind your skills and spells to it.

Note: The Razer Naga AddOn is an Actionbar AddOn. If you prefer to keep using a different Actionbar AddOn, you are able to use that with the Razer Naga. If you install the Razer Naga AddOn however, this will replace your current Actionbar AddOn.

For more info, please visit the Razer Naga website:

For support and enquiries:

1. Now compatible with the latest game patch 5.4.2.

2. Removed temporary fixes from v5.4.1 for frame-related errors because they are no longer needed with the latest game patch.


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  • #520

    There shouldn't be an issue with the number of profiles you have.

    Bacon is a cheese.

  • #518

    I have each character set up specifically. I save and name the profile "ToonName-Server" but the other characters still reset. I have a lot of saved profiles, could it be I have too many? Or does that not matter?

  • #512

    Is there any kind of "how to" guide for this add on?  At all?  

  • #519

    When I first purchased my Naga, I watched videos on "how to" set it up and the various functions. I thought I had gotten the link from the Razer site but you might find some videos on YouTube if the Razer site doesn't have any linked.

  • #514

    There's not really a guide, but tooltips exist in game, and you can ask questions here.

    Bacon is a cheese.

  • #511

    in the "addon packs containing this..." it shows someone with SpartanUI that is also using this addon.  However, when i log on it tells me that your addon is not compatible with bartender, which is "required" for SpartanUI.

  • #513

    You could probably use razernaga with spartan by simply disabling bartender4 from the addons menu.

    Bacon is a cheese.

  • #509
    Issue with bar dissapearing

    Just a small issue. When I am in mid raid (casting many spells with my naga buttons and razer anansi keybord) sometimes all of my spells on my bar 1 will dissapear. I know there is a combo between the keyboard and mouse that causes this, but I can not remember the combo to save my life! So, can you please tell me the combo that I have to press to make my bar 1 alternate? If you need more details just ask!

  • #510

    Are you pressing shift + mousewheel, or shift + number?

    Bacon is a cheese.

  • #507

    I'm having a problem with the addon not showing the exit vehicle button. Any idea why it would be doing that? everything else seems to work fine. Just when I enter a vehicle for a quest I have no exit vehicle button. Forces me to log out every time or turn the addon off for certain quests.

  • #508

    You should be able to right click your portrat and select Exit Vehicle, or bind a key to Exit Vehicle via the Blizzard keybindings menu.

    Bacon is a cheese.

  • #505

    When i try to scale down or change the size of my bars it goies into decimal numbers making it impossible to make th same and look right. Anyone know how to fix this?


  • #506

    That sounds like an issue that was fixed a while ago.  Make sure you're using the latest version on Curse.

    In case that doesn't work: try using your mousewheel on the slider.

    Bacon is a cheese.

  • #503

    I have an issue with the razer naga addon were box 7 and 2 copy one another. And in box 7 i have the letters acs= that are always visible and i can't get rid of them. If i can reset the addon to default settings that would be great. At this point i have removed the addon, deleted the wtf folder and the interface folder and the same thing keeps happening.  Thanks in advance

  • #504

    For ACS=, its probably the keybinding for the key.  You can disable that  via hiding bindings on the options menu for the addon.

    For bar 7 and 2 acting as copies:  Have you adjusted paging settings for those bars in the right click menus for each?  One is probably set to mirror the other.

    Bacon is a cheese.

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