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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 5.0.5
  • 63,530 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/16/2012
  • Created 12/18/2006
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: Version 0.28
Support development! **

About RecipeKnown

Ever have a problem going through a merchant's list of recipes, schematics, or patterns, and trying to quickly figure out which ones you already know and which ones you don't?

Well, fret no more, cause RecipeKnown is here!

RecipeKnown will send out brilliant little Gnomes* with a magic crayonbox, and color all the recipes you already know! It'll even color recipes your alternate characters know!

  • Note: These Gnomes are not intelligent. You must open your tradeskill windows at least once before they'll know what recipes to color!

To access the command-lines, simply type /recipeknown or /rk!

All of my Addons can now be downloaded from one convenient spot!
Visit to get the latest versions and even updates that haven't been released!

Please hit the donate button to keep me in the game! I also accept WoW tokens! Message me on Battletag Kjasi#1526 to arrange a meet-up!

Current TODO List:

  • Add Inventory/Bank support
  • Add Mailbox support
  • Add Trade Window support
  • Add Loot support
  • Color not-yet-learned recipes that you loot, if already have one sitting in your bank.
  • Add Guild Member/Friend support! Yes, find recipes for your guild members and your friends!

- 5.0.x TOC support.
- Added 4.3-5.1 Pets.
- Lockbox Tooltips will now state the profession/skill the person uses to open the box.
- Lockbox Tooltips will now list people who can learn recipes that will open the box.
- People with multiple skills that can open Lockboxes will now have all their skills shown. So Rogue Engineer Blacksmiths will have 3 listings on the Lockbox tooltips.
- Fixed a lockbox bug that wouldn't list anyone unless at least 1 person could unlock the box.
- Fixed a bug that would think the Rope Pet Leash was actually a pet.
- Update and Scan functions will now properly update Cooking and First Aid.
- Fixed a scanning bug.

- 4.2 Update
- Tooltips now work with Pets! (No coloring yet.)
- Updated Database.
- RecipeKnown now works in the zhCN locale, thanks to simshi on WoWInterface!
- Lockbox tooltips now list Blacksmiths and Engineers who can fashion keys or explosives that can open them.
- Fixed some coloring issues. Recipes will now color the way they were meant to!
- Fixed a bug where Recipes for pets would think they ARE pets.
- Fixed a bug that would spam the unknown pet message. These messages will now display only once.
- Removed Keys and their functions.

- Offical 4.0.x release.
- Reenabled Rogue Lockpicking. (Still testing...)
- No longer Beta release.


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  • #132
    any news on getting this addon to work? would really lovev this one to be repaired
  • #131
    please can we get this lovely useful addon updated? I have already accidentally bought 2 cooking recipies.. beacuae i didn't see it coloured in. :( I think not all the cata ones are working... some updated... but recently it all stopped colouring in new ones.
  • #130
    I dont have any other recipe addons, but as Miranda mentions it seems to have stopped working.

    Several times I have thought I needed something on an alt and bought it only to found out that RK didnt show an update.

    So what to do?
  • #129
    läuft nicht bei mir habe SavedVariables/RecipeKnown.lua gelöscht, öffne mein kochen und scroll einmal durch, gehe zum Kochrezept händler und der sagt mir ich kann das rezept lernen obwohl ichs kann, andere sagt er hab ich schon, obwohl ich diese nicht kenne
  • #128
    RecipeKnown seems to have stopped updating all my professions. I can't get it to refresh them, and I blew away the data it did know by clearing my SavedVariables trying to fix it. I started using Skillet tradeskill window replacement around the same time... is it possible that there is some kind of conflict between the two?
  • #127
    FYI, If you have auctioneer compact UI, this addon does not color the recipes.
  • #124
    Hey, first of all thanks for this addon, it's really helping me sort my alts!

    Secondly, a query: is there any way to get RecipeKnown to stop listing a character which has been deleted? Do I have to reinstall the addon again, or is there a file I can meddle with? It's a little confusing wondering who a character is and then remembering I deleted her. ^^;
  • #126
    Yeah, I need to add a "delete character" function... That'll probably be part of the UI I'm working on.

    For now, you can open WoW/WTF/account/(account name)/SavedVariables/RecipeKnown.lua, and remove all the tables with your deleted toon's name.
  • #123
    Could you consider changing to Red as a Known color. The game defaults to red for stuff we can not learn, and it would just be following that scheme to let us "ignore" anything red. Use Green for anything that an alt can learn, and keep it clear for recipes learnable for the current toon. RecipeBook used to additionally use Yellow to color recipes that that you(or an alt) could learn once you skill up.
  • #125
    One of the things that I'll be adding with the UI is the ability to change the colors to whatever you want. The defaults will stay as they are, but you'll be free to change them to whatever you want.
  • #120
    Just check the "usable" checkbox in the AH ui and it skips reciepes you allready know.
  • #122
    This add on is meant for those players who make use of a bank character to purchase their patterns/etc,for their many alts.
  • #117
    So yea, not to be dense, but am I missing something? Others seem to be using the addon, but after a clean install (no saved variables, no other addons activated) the addon simply doesn't do anything. Says it's loaded, but there's no coloration of any kind, and no config or obvious way to enable it.
  • #121
    Getting the same problem. I actually get a tooltip on the side saying that an alt has that pattern but no coloration of any kind.
  • #118
    After you do the install, you have to open ALL of your professions. That will load the RecipeKnown database so that it knows what to color. To see correct colors for your alts, you will have to open all of their professions as well.
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