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REFlex - Arena/Battleground Historian

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 1,240 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.0
  • 142,484 Total Downloads
  • Updated 09/27/2013
  • Created 01/10/2011
  • 170 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: REFlex
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About REFlex - Arena/Battleground Historian


  • Record statistics of played BGs (Both normal and rated) and Arena matches.
  • Record complete roster of both teams participating in the Rated BG match.
  • LDB plugin with summary of today PVP activity.
  • Show small customizable bar (Separate frame or LDB) with current scores when player is in BG.
  • Generate summary after each BG.
  • See daily PVP statistics of other guild members who use REFlex.
  • Monitor attendance on Rated BGs.
  • Export data to CSV.
  • Detect enemy spec on Arena.
  • Allow to send various data summaries to guild/party chat.


  • Hold Shift when browsing Arena matches/Rated Battlegrounds to access extended tooltips.
  • Hold Alt to hide any tooltips.
  • Shift + Ctrl + Alt + Left mouse button will delete clicked table row.
  • Shift + Left mouse button allow sending group invite directly from Attendance tab.
  • Ctrl + Left mouse button will send REFlex Query directly from Attendance tab.

Slash commands:

  • /reflex - Show main REFlex window.
  • /reflex RBGWipe - Remove all Rated Battlegrounds from database.
  • /reflex UNRBGWipe - Remove all Unrated Battlegrounds from database.
  • /reflex 2v2Wipe - Remove all 2vs2 Arena matches from database.
  • /reflex 3v3Wipe - Remove all 3vs3 Arena matches from database.
  • /reflex 5v5Wipe - Remove all 5vs5 Arena matches from database.
  • /reflex OldSeasonWipe - Remove from database all Arena matches and Rated Battlegrounds that was played in old PVP season.
  • /reflex FullWipe - Remove all recorded Battlegrounds and Arena matches.
  • /reflex Query <Name> - Get daily PVP statistic from <Name>. If no character name will be provided query will be send to entire guild.


  • Allow sending single BG/Arena Match to guild/party channel.
  • Syncing data between Arena Team members.

Used libraries:

Help with localization is appreciated: >>> HERE <<< - 27.09.13

  • Fixed display of rating for season 14 arena matches. Only new matches will show it! - 25.09.13

  • Fixed display of season 14 arena matches. No data is lost.
  • From now on only arena matches with complete teams will be recorded. - 10.09.13

  • 5.4 update.
  • Translations update. - 22.05.13

  • 5.3 update.
  • Fixed Temple of Kotmogu and Silvershard Mines tooltips.
  • Translations update. - 06.03.13

  • 5.2 bump.
  • Translations update. - 05.12.12

  • Taint fix. - 04.12.12

  • 5.1 bump.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Translations update.

0.9.8 - 28.08.12

  • WARNING! This version work only on 5.x clients!
  • Tons of small tweaks to add support for 5.x clients.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Translations update. - 06.05.12

  • From today REFlex use local - not server time when saving the match time stamp. That should definitively end the problems with them.
  • Translations update.

0.9.7 - 19.02.12

  • RBG Rosters! Old entries will have only simple player list. But new ones will contain much more data.
  • Search option in Arena tab is not longer case sensitive and support search by team name.
  • Tooltips will show now after brief delay. Additionally holding Alt key will hide them completely.
  • Added enemy realm name to extended Arena/RBG tooltips.
  • Added column with win percentage to Attendance tab.
  • Now Ctrl + Left mouse button on guild member in Attendance tab will send him a REFlex Query.
  • Improved handling of Arena match draw.
  • Small database optimization.
  • Fixed CSV export.
  • Optimization of GUILD_ROSTER_UPDATE handling.
  • Made some tweaks that hopefully increase compatibility with Asian clients.
  • Fixed bug that caused errors on character that not had access to BG yet.
  • KR translation by kdw112.
  • Minor bugfix. - 30.11.11

  • 4.3 bump.
  • Minor bugfix. - 04.08.11

  • Fixed (I hope -.-) LDB initialization bug that haunted some players.
  • Fixed bug that broke attendance tab for Alliance players.

0.9.6 - 01.08.11

  • Added function to see daily PVP statistics of other guild members who use REFlex.
  • Attendance tab was improved.
  • Performance and memory usage fixes.
  • Translations update. - 13.07.11

  • Important hotfix of yesterday update.
  • Removed tracking of HK on Rated Battlegrounds. - 12.07.11

  • Added new option: "Use only records from current season to calculate statistics".
  • Minor bugfixes - 06.07.11

  • Disabled MMR tracking due to API changes.
  • Updated LDB plugin to support new CP cap.
  • Added slash command to wipe all databases.
  • Fixed slightly bugged composition reports in arena stats tab. - 29.06.11

  • 4.2 Bump.
  • Minor bugfixes and cosmetic changes.
  • Libraries update.

0.9.5 - 10.05.11

  • Attendance tab for Rated BG.
  • Major bugfix of recording the cross-faction Rated BGs.
  • Few minor bugfixes.
  • Locale updates.

0.9.4 - 30.04.11

  • Proper 4.1 release. AFAIK everything working now. Arena matches recorded by version will appear but without information on which map they was played.
  • Support of new MMR.
  • Fixed table sorting. - 28.04.11

  • 4.1 Bugfix. Sometimes Twin Peaks and Warsong Gulch games saved in database wrong map name. That caused some Statistics tab errors. All entries with wrong map name must be manually deleted.

0.9.3 - 26.04.11

  • 4.1 bump

0.9.2 - 16.04.11

  • Added option to delete single database entry.
  • Major bug fixes.
  • Updated/New locales.
  • Internal changes for future RBG support update.

0.9.1 - 03.04.11

  • New functionalities of LDB plugin.
  • CSV export.
  • Optimization of memory usage.

0.9 - 27.03.11

  • LDB Support.
  • New slash commands.
  • MiniBar settings now support dual spec.
  • Some internal tweaks.

0.8.8 - 19.03.11

  • Filtering by name in arena database is now possible.
  • Users can now disable unused modules - unrated battlegrounds, rated battlegrounds and arena support.
  • Cosmetic changes of arena matches tab.
  • Translations update.

0.8.7 - 20.02.11

  • Freezes on arena/battleground loading should be fixed.
  • Expanded tooltip in Arena tab now contains sum of damage and healing.
  • Translations update.

0.8.5 - 15.02.11

  • Arena tab tooltips have been improved. Hold shift to access them.
  • Detected spec message now can be hidden.
  • Bugfixes, Bugfixes, Bugfixes...

0.8.1 - 04.02.11

  • Fixed bugs in race detection caused by non-English clients.
  • RU translation by D_Angel.

0.8 - 02.02.11

  • Bugs in spec detection are fixed.
  • Tracking of BG specific actions is implemented.
  • Improvement of arena matches statistics.

0.7 - 24.01.11

  • Details of BGs and Arenas is now available.
  • Saving position of MiniBar is fixed.
  • Another batch of tweaks and small fixes.

0.6 - 21.01.11

  • Preliminary Arena support. Not all (e.g. Specs) recorded data is currently available to view.
  • As part of Arena support enemy spec detector is now included
  • DE translation by Gixx
  • Another batch of tweaks and small fixes.

0.5 - 17.01.11

  • Battleground MiniBar is now customisable
  • Code tweaks and cleaning

0.4.2 - 10.01.11

  • Critical bug in critical bug fix was fixed :-)

0.4.1 - 10.01.11

  • Critical bug that can cause freezes on arena loading was fixed.

0.4 - 10.01.11

  • Keybind to show main window.
  • New statistic tab.

0.3 - 08.01.11

  • Support of dual specialization.
  • Main window now support specialization filters.

0.2.1-beta - 08.01.11

  • Recording of active talent specialization. Currently not used - but will be in future versions.

0.2-beta - 07.01.11

  • First public version.


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  • #258

    If any EXPERIENCED addon author want to takeover this project - contact me.

  • #257

    Salovia's fix doesn't seem to work for arena. No games get logged.

  • #256

    downloaded Salovia's link from below - scan'd it - safe go figure - and open'd my reflex folder cleared it out and pasted the contents from there download file into reflex and it looks to be working like a dream - if i could +rep you for that i would ..  maybe Acidweb could get with you on getting this up to date or find someone like you to add to the project so it can get updates still

    Last edited by gothictiger on 12/18/2014 8:34:32 AM
  • #255

    Dont support Dreanor? I no have icon on minimap.

  • #252

    I looked into some of the issues that REFlex was having and it seems to be working with these changes:

    diff --git a/REFlexFunctions.lua b/REFlexFunctions.lua
    index 6bd6ff0..cc8bc04 100755
    --- a/REFlexFunctions.lua
    +++ b/REFlexFunctions.lua
    @@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ end

    function REFlex_GUISaveInternal(Field)
    local REButtonCheck = _G["REFlex_GUI_" .. Field]:GetChecked();
    - if REButtonCheck == 1 then
    + if REButtonCheck == true then
    if REFSettings[Field] == false and (Field == "ArenaSupport" or Field == "RBGSupport" or Field == "UNBGSupport" or Field == "OnlyNew") then
    RE.NeedReload = true;
    diff --git a/REFlexMain.lua b/REFlexMain.lua
    index f22c83e..7eddd88 100755
    --- a/REFlexMain.lua
    +++ b/REFlexMain.lua
    @@ -3440,7 +3440,7 @@ function REFlex_BGEnd()
    local REArena = IsActiveBattlefieldArena();
    local _, REZoneType = IsInInstance();
    local REBGRated = IsRatedBattleground();
    - if REWinner ~= nil and RE.SecondTime ~= true and REArena == nil and REZoneType == "pvp" and ((REFSettings["UNBGSupport"] and REBGRated ~= true) or (REFSettings["RBGSupport"] and REBGRated)) then
    + if REWinner ~= nil and RE.SecondTime ~= true and REArena ~= true and REZoneType == "pvp" and ((REFSettings["UNBGSupport"] and REBGRated ~= true) or (REFSettings["RBGSupport"] and REBGRated)) then
    SendAddonMessage("REFlex", RE.AddonVersionCheck, "INSTANCE_CHAT");


    The important parts are these:

    1. In file REFlexFunctions.lua, "if REButtonCheck == 1 then" becomes "if REButtonCheck == true then"

    2. In file REFlexMain.lua, "REArena == nil" becomes "REArena ~= true"

    You can download the addon with the fix here:

    Note: After you install this update, go into your addon prefs for reflex and change a setting, then hit OKAY and things should start working.

    Some notes:

    • I only play random BGs, I don't know if the Arena stuff is working.
    • I don't care about exporting or sharing data with guildies, so I don't know if that stuff still works.
    • I wiped all my existing data during testing since I only care about current season, so I don't know if that had anything to do with it.
    • I only play Alliance, so I don't know if anything is broken on Horde side.

    I don't own anything about this addon, just trying to help.

    edit: and curse comments look like shit

    Last edited by salovia on 12/16/2014 11:09:29 PM
  • #254


    Thanks for your effort. As I used the AddOn mainly for tracking my Arenafights I'll give it a try. Meanwhile to anyone interested I just discovered this newly started project which sounds promising:

  • #251

    Please someone take this over!

  • #250

    Anyone used Broker_PvPinfo? looks like it could be a good alternative

  • #253

    That addon looks like it just displays stats from your Achievement stats - do you know if this displays seasonal stats or just the raw stats from the achievements panel?

  • #249

    Can't you get someone else to take over this addon? One of my favourites!

  • #248

    Would absolutely love an update to this addon! One of my absolute favorites for PvP

  • #247

    possible update in the future?

  • #246

    Anyone know if there is a similar addon to this that is working?

  • #245

    Considering I have not played WoW for over 2 years 6.x update of this addon is highly unlikely.

  • #243

    Does not seem to be working on 6.0.2.

    The addon does not collect my battleground stats. Haven't tried arenas.

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